"What do you want to be?" "Happy," she says with a smile. - Colleen Hoover

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Summer 2019 TBR

I haven't done a Top Ten Tuesday in a hot freaking minute. I have no excuses as to why not, I just haven't. And for that I am deeply apologetic. So to make up for lost time I'm going to do one today. This Tuesdays topic is Books on my Summer 2019 TBR.

10. Once and For All by Sarah Dessen
Is it really summer if you don't read a Sarah Dessen book? Me thinks not.

9. Choice by Laikyn Meng
I just got this book in the mail and I'm not so patiently waiting to get into it!

8. Dirty Like Dylan by Jaine Diamond
I HAVE to continue on with this series. It's. So. Good.

7. Mother Shucker (Sibby Book 3) by Samantha Garman
I'm not going to lie to you guys, I've already started this. But it was on my list before I knew I'd be actually typing out a list. So that counts, right?

6. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
I recently began binging this show and I'm obsessed. Like almost shamefully obsessed. Like Perry with Celeste obsessed.

5. Downfall by Jay Crownover
It's been a minute since I've read my beloved Jay Crownover and I'm so ready to get back into her stories.

4. Parallel by Elizabeth O'Roark
I was just sent this book. I must finish this post so I can go read it.

3. I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella
I adore this woman. I have not EVER read one of her books that I did not enjoy and it's about damn time I read another. I'm so excited.

2. The Worst Best Man (And basically every book she's written) by Lucy Score
Guys, I think I've made it very clear how much I adore this woman. Now I must read everything she's written.

1. The Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines
Why yes, I have read this entire series. And yes, I would like to read it again. It's been a while and they're the perfect summertime reads.

The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Alright guys, I saw this tag online and thought it sounded fun. I'm trying to only pick from books I've read this year. Lets go.

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook

Indie from the book Rhett. She has her own bakery, wait, does that count?

2. One character who has money to fund the party

Brandon Sterling from Legally Yours. That dude's loaded.

3. One character who might cause a scene

Skylar from Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist. I don't think she'd cause one to be rude, she just tends to have a lot of things happen around her lol.

4. One character who is funny/amusing

Sibby from Queen of Klutz. She is hilarious!!

5. One character who is super social/popular

Hmm, I'm going to invite Aiden - Sibby's fella because he's super social and I can't invite one without the other. That would just be rude.

6. One villain

Okay so I'm going to choose Seth from Dirty Like Seth. He is no villain but he is to the band at a certain point in time.

7. One couple - doesn't have to be romantic

Marley and Jake <3

8. One hero/heroine

Will from Waking Olivia. He certainly was a hero to Olivia!!

9. One underappreciated character

This one has stumped me. I seriously cannot think of one damn person.

10. One character of your own choosing

Olivia from Waking Olivia lol. I have to invite her for Will people, come on.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lucy Score Interview

I've interviewed some great authors and for that I am so crazy grateful. They've all been so kind to me and I'm thankful to all of them for taking time to answer my silly fan girl questions.

To date this is my favorite interview. I had an absolute blast talking to Lucy, who can I say is the coolest lady on the planet? Seriously guys, she's not only really sweet but SO. FUNNY.

So thank you Lucy for answering my questions and putting up with me. ;)


1. Have you always known you'd write my favorite book in the history of ever? Ahem...I mean, did you always know you wanted to write?

I remember it so clearly. I was in third grade working on my multiplication tables and I stopped in the middle of the sevens - because they were hard - and said "Someday I will write Kayleigh's favorite book in the history of ever." And here we are! Also, yes, I always wanted to be a writer. Especially once I discovered writers often don't have to wear pants or talk to people.

2. Marley coaches soccer and is a gym teacher. If you had to teach and coach any subject/sport what would it be?

I'd definitely teach creative writing because I think I could make it somewhat fun for students. As for coaching, is yoga a team sport? Because I would coach the hell out of that.

3. How do you pick characters names? I'm just throwing it out there that Kayleigh is a great name and I totally give you permission to use it.

*adds Kayleigh to character name list*
 I keep a running list of names that I like in a Word document and when it comes time to start a new book I go to the list and think about the main characters. I don't like names that are too over-the-top like Montague Floofyfence IV or anything that makes a character sound like an adult entertainer unless of course they are one. So I trend more toward normal people names. Kayleigh seems pretty normal.

4. I LITERALLY laughed out loud while reading RBG. So much so that my son frequently asked me what was so funny. Did you laugh while writing it?

That's the best compliment! I think I'm hilarious. I laugh out loud at myself at least four times a day. I was snort-laughing (it's more adorable than it sounds) during the Marley meets "Morticia" and the meet-puke scenes in Rock Bottom Girl. Those two scenes ended up being favorites for readers, too!

5. I wish I wrote Rock Bottom Girl. Seriously, from the depths of my soul. Which book have you read that you wish you had written?

"The Obsession" by Nora Roberts. To me, it's a perfect story and I've re-read it several times. Also "The Husbands Secret" by Liane Moriarty. She has this really delicate way of giving readers a complete picture of a character in one little tiny sentence. It's so good it makes me want to barf.

6. After reading your About The Author and some other tid bits here and there, it sounds like you and Marley have some things in common. What 3 things are exactly the same?

Marley and I are soul sisters for sure. We both had terrible experiences playing soccer in high school. We both are completely ambivalent about our hair and are unable to do make-up properly (after writing RBG I actually went and paid for a a make-up lesson!) And we both share this unwavering belief that there is something big and important in store for us. Even when things are falling apart, Marley and I both know that there's something out there for us.

7. Jake. He's perfection. He's also the love of my life. Which book holds your dream guy?

GAH! Okay so I have a couple of favorites. First of all Jake, of course, because he's so confident and present and he is really there for his "people". Beckett from Fall Into Temptation (Blue Moon #2) is based loosely on Mr. Lucy. So of course I adore him. He's got this good heart and always tries to do the right thing, but sometimes a stubborn streak gets in the way. And then Aiden from The Worst Best Man. I love that he had it all together, but he was still lonely. His bromance with Frankie's brothers made me legit tear up on a couple of occasions. He just wanted to be loved, you guys! *Sobs*

8. Marley and Jake are the best. Will we ever see more of them? Please???

I plan to write a short, sexy bedtime story about them but that's it. Rock Bottom Girl is a glorious, glorious standalone that will, well, stand alone.

9. Who was your favorite character to write? I know, I know. There are so many to choose from.

I think Franchesca Baranski was the easiest main character I've ever written. She arrived fully formed in my head and I still have a girl crush on her. As for secondary characters, I have this rat-tailed hippie in my Blue Moon series named Fitz. He's named for thriller writer Matthew FitzSimmons. The real-life Fitz and I had a good-natured author battle for #1 on Amazon several years ago and as part of our feud we named characters after each other. He killed of Lucinda in an epically violent death. But I kept Fitz alive and he is now a part-time exotic dancer.

10. If Rock Bottom Girl had a theme song, what would it be?

"High Hopes" by Panic! At The Disco! That's been my lady jam for the last several months and I think Marley would approve.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Rock Bottom Girl by Lucy Score

Without questions.

Hands down.

No joke.

Fo shizzle.

I no mess around.

Seriously though.

This is my favorite book on the planet.

While perusing the Amazons for my next read I stumbled upon this bad lad. After reading the plot I'm like heck yeah and I one clicked so hard I got a finger cramp.

Then I didn't read it. What? Yeah for real. I didn't read it. I got distracted by the Teen Mom OG marathon that MTV aired and my dislike for Ryan consumed me and there Rock Bottom Girl lay without being touched inside of my Kindle. A few days later when I went to relax after my son went to sleep I thought to myself, "Self? You should read." I thought that sounded like a good idea so I grabbed my kindle to see what she had to offer. Yes she's a she. Karina the Kindle I like to call her.

Anywho I saw Rock Bottom Girl and started reading. Then I kept reading. Then I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. Was that TMI? Listen guys, I've given birth, I don't have much bladder control anymore.

Basically the gist is that Marley is hilarious and Jake is a fine piece of man meat. Do you need more than that?

*Dramatic eye roll* fine.

Marley lost her job, house and boyfriend. Yeah, she's definitely seen better days. So now she's moving back to her hometown where she was informally banned from a stunt she pulled at her Senior homecoming. When she returns she finds that Miss Popularity is still just as dreadful, The Teen Dream Boy Next Door is...well...now literally living next door. And the hot mysterious dude you kiss under bleachers is a teacher at the school that she is now working at. Thanks mom.

Alongside teaching gym Marley is also coaching the girls soccer team which she is less than thrilled about as she wasn't really bending it like Beckham back in her day.

Let me give you a little snippet from Goodreads:

"When the school rumor mill sends Marley to the principal’s office to sign an ethics contract, the tattooed track coach, dog dad, and teacher of the year becomes her new fake boyfriend and alibi—for a price. The Deal: He’ll teach her how to coach if she teaches him how to be in a relationship. Who knew a fake boyfriend could deliver such real orgasms? But it’s all temporary. The guy. The job. The team. There’s too much history. Rock bottom can’t turn into a foundation for happily ever after. Can it? "

Oh yeah. It goes there.

I could not ask for more from a book. I smiled basically the entire time I read it. I swooned hard for Jake and I'll be honest, the last time I swooned that hard over a Jake he was standing in front of his car waiting outside of a church for Molly Ringwald.

Marley is so wonderful and I want to be her best friend. The moment I finished reading Rock Bottom Girl I legit almost started reading it again. That's how much I loved it people.

If you're looking for something that will make you shake with laughter, smile like Jake Ryan is sitting on top of a table with you, and feel all the feels then look no further. I am your genie and I shall grant you your wish.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Elizabeth O'Roark Interview

I have to tell you guys, when I reached out to Elizabeth about doing an interview with me and then actually got a message back from her....I freaked out.
Like I said in my review for Waking Olivia it's one of my favorite books of the year (definitely one of my all time favs as well) so to actually be able to interview the woman who wrote it, well, it was pretty damn exciting. So thank you Elizabeth for not only taking the time to answer my questions but also for writing such an incredibly beautiful book.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoy :)

1. When doing some research I saw that you used to be a medical writer, how did you make your way to writing romance instead?
I quit work to stay home with my kids. When I realized I was going to be getting a divorce, I knew the clock was ticking...that I'd be going back to work and between that and the kids I'd never have the energy to write a romance, which had always been a goal. So I cranked out Undertow right after I left.

2. Waking Olivia is the first book I have read from you and I recently finished Undertow. (I LOVED both.) Out of all that you've written which would you recommend the most to new readers?
Of all the ones that are published, Waking Olivia. But to be honest, I really think my book that comes out in June (Parallel) is by far the best thing I've written.

3. I went crazy for Will and Olivia from WO, which book couple makes you swoon?
That's so hard. All the couples from question #7. Plus every couple Megan Hart writes, Aiden and Alex from Jennifer Armentrout's Covenant series. Tris and Four from Divergent, Grace and Jack from Alice Clayton's RedHead series.

4. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Make friends with other authors! They're going to be, hands-down, your best source of advice and support when you publish. Read books about writing, especially plotting, I'm still learning too, and just sent 50 pages to this big-time editor solely in order to learn...her criticism was a little painful but I learned so much from it.

5. If someone approached you and said one of your books could be turned into a movie, which book would you want it to be?
Parallel - it just has a crazy, trippy plot and lots of suspense.

6. Okay okay, so the book is becoming a movie now, who's starring?
For the new book, Theo James (the guy who played Four in Divergent)  and Alicia Vikander (Tomb Raider). For every other book, still Theo James, lol.

7. The moment I started WO I knew that it was going to be one of my favorite books - the kind I can read over and over again. What are 3 books that you can repeat read?
I read these three books repeatedly: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, The One Who Got Away by Bethany Chase and Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren. And if I can sneak in a fourth, The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simmons...that one is crazy long so it's not an annual read, but I've definitely read it at least three times.

8. If you could hang out with one couple from your books and date another character who would you choose?
Hmmm...the couple I'd hang with is probably Maura and Nate, from Undertow. Because they'd be chill and Maura's the character I feel is the most like my friends. To date? It would probably be Nick from the book that's coming out...he's smart and funny and he was a college swimmer, which is a personal weakness of mine.

9. What is the best thing a reader has said to you?
People have said lots of nice things, but the one that stands out because it's awful and still makes me laugh years later is "If she checked her grammar as often as she uses the F word I'd have given this more stars."

10. If Waking Olivia had a theme song, what would it be?

That's easy! "Figure You Out" by Citizen. I was really struggling with the end of this book and as soon as I heard that song I felt like I had it. I was on a date and all i wanted to do from that point on was go home and write.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O'Roark

"That girl isn't just trouble of the not-a-team-player, not-a-reliable-runner variety. She's trouble of the devious, manipulative, too-f***ing-hot-for-her-own good variety. She's the kind of girl who causes trouble merely by existing, and then makes sure to cause more. And the last thing I need right now is more trouble."

That's the first thing I read when I looked this book up on Goodreads. The second I finished it I started reading Waking Olivia.

Hands down, one of my favorite books of the year.

And yes, I know it's only May.

Olivia is a runner on her college track team with a seriously dark past that she can't seem to remember. Almost every time she wakes up it's in a different location because she basically sleep runs.

Will is the hot track coach who has plenty of his own baggage. He came home to help his mom on their family farm after his father passed and is struggling pretty bad.

Right away the two of them are at each others throats. Olivia can't keep her mouth shut and Will instantly doesn't like her. When she keeps showing up tired and not performing at her potential Will practically forces her to admit that she's running throughout the night. Not sure if he believes her he sits outside her place and sure enough, off she goes. Thus begins her sleeping at his home with him and his mother. What starts off as a coach trying to help his athlete turns into some serious sexual tension - which to be honest is heavy through the entire book.

I'll be honest, I don't always like characters who push things the way Olivia does but I LOVED her. I wanted so desperately for her to let Will in because I felt like she deserved it. I felt like she needed to know that it was okay to actually need someone and let them help you. I also have a massive crush on Will. He is by far one of my favorite male characters I've read this year and probably ever. Watching the two of them navigate their relationship was at times stressful but also really exciting.

I also adored Will's mom and brother and many other characters in Waking Olivia. There really is not one thing I can say I didn't like and that rarely happens.

Without a doubt I recommend you read this book!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nicole French Interview

Before I start the interview I have to thank Nicole SO much for answering my questions. When I read books like hers and get so wrapped up it's hard for me to believe that the author will be interested in talking to me. So when they not only agree but they are as nice as Nicole French is it really makes me love their books even more. Thank you again Nicole <3


1. Did you know from day one that this would be a trilogy?

I did. I love series, so when I set out to write this story, I knew it would be long. I like to live with characters for a long time, multiple books, so I wanted to deliver that to readers as well.

2. Which book was your favorite to write?

I really enjoyed writing the second book in the series, Legally Mine. It was my second novel, so the process was a little faster, and I just enjoyed taking them to France. That was fun. But I think the book that was the most enjoyable to write out of all my books was True North. That story came very quickly, and it was also very cathartic because of how close those characters were to me.

3. I'm overly attached to these characters - thank you for that. Which characters in this series are you the most attached to?

Thank you so much! Obviously, I love Skylar and Brandon because they are my first pair. But I also love Eric and Jane, who sort of popped out in the second and third books with their own story in the background. Their personalities and chemistry were so much stronger than your average secondary characters, so it was pretty much inevitable that they would get their own book.

4. Brandon has been through so much in his life, was it hard to write those scenes?

It was, and it wasn't. I really enjoy writing characters with rich interior lives, and that inevitably means some heartache. But that's what makes the good stuff feel good, you know? So, sure, I definitely cried while I wrote because you feel the pain right along with your characters. But there is catharsis in that too, and I think that's what good stories do anyway.

5. Skylar is strong willed, kind, beautiful and pretty badass. What traits would you say are the most like you?

Well, I don't look anything like Skylar, but we have a lot in common. I speak French like she does, I attended NYU (and nearly became a lawyer myself), and I am also a trained pianist. I also share her penchant for old jeans. I'm pretty stubborn too, but I've never slapped someone for giving me a present. I put a little of myself into all my characters, but she certainly takes more than her fair share.

6. Skylar and Brandon are both lawyers, if you were to go to law school what would you want to practice?

I actually did consider a career in law at multiple points of my life and seriously considered going into family law, specifically women's advocacy. So, similar to the work Skylar ends up doing at the Family Law Clinic, especially the cases where she helps victims of domestic violence. I'm pretty passionate about that issue.

7. The more I read the more I wanted to read, seriously I couldn't get enough! What was the last series you could NOT put down?

That's a great question! I really enjoyed L.M. Halloran's Art of Sin and Sin of Love duet. Her writing is sharp and addictive. This isn't a series, but I thought Ella James' last release, Covet, was also very beautifully written. Really lush. And this is an old one, but Giana Darling's Evolution of Sin was also lovely.

8. I'm in love with Brandon, there, I said it. He's wonderful. Definitely a new book boyfriend for sure. Who are your book boyfriends?

Hmm, that's a hard one. I'm a big fan of Miller Hart, from Jodi Ellen Malpas's One Night trilogy. I'll pretty much read anything she writes. It's a weird thing to say, but I also just like my own books. I write them and then find myself reading them a year later, often having forgotten those small details. It's fun to watch the characters fall in love again. So, Brandon, Nico from Bad Idea, Will from Discreet, and now Eric from The Hate Vow. All my forever boyfriends.

9. If someone wanted to start this series what would you say to them before they dig in?

I'd say, be prepared to get sucked in.

10. If the Spitfire series had a theme song, what would it be?

Well, it's got to be a Springsteen song, obviously. Probably Tougher than the Rest. After all. isn't that what the series is about? How they both have to gut it through a whole bunch of trials to last together? Eve the problems they bring to the table themselves?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Legally Yours (Spitfire #1) by Nicole French

Skylar Crosby is kind of a bad ass.

She's graduating from Harvard Law, takes care of her family, has a neurotic absent mother, a smart mouth, gorgeous face, and now she has the attention from a seriously swoon worthy guy.

Brandon Sterling is kind of a bad ass.

He's an incredibly successful entrepreneur, has a massive house,  he's sexy, crazy smart, somehow found his way after a terrible childhood, and is now crazy about a certain redhead.

After a night at the bar with friends Skylar goes with one of her closest friends to a house she's never been so she can wait for a ride home. However when she gets there she realizes her man whore of a friend is there to meet a girl who works at the house - not a girl who owns the house. Leaving the servants quarters Skylar heads to the main room to call for a ride when Brandon Sterling walks in. The chemistry is instantaneous and ooh boy could you feel it. Due to weather and a turn of events she ends up staying the night at the house with Brandon - nothing happens ya dirty pervs. Flash forward and Brandon invites her to his office - oh wait did I forget to tell you that he's her BOSS at the place she's interning?!?! Once she arrives he pretty much lays it all out there for how much he wants her but she leaves.

The two end up finding their way to each other after some - well, many - miscommunications and it's so so freaking good.

I thought that Skylar was a really great character. I appreciated that even though she cares so much for Brandon she didn't want him to take care of her. She wanted to make her own way in the world without the help of a man and I think that's really admirable. A lot of times in books you see the hot alpha man taking care of the damsel in distress and even though there were times Brandon saved her she also saved him.

Brandon is a total book boyfriend character. There were times where I was like "what the f were you thinking dude?" But honestly, those moments kind of made me love him more. He is so in love with Skylar and such an amazing man that it's impossible not to fall for him.

Legally Yours was exciting and delicious and I seriously couldn't put it down. The second that I finished it I downloaded the next two and read until my eyes hurt. After I finished the series I was felt a loss without them. Yep, I really did.

I definitely recommend the Spitfire series!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Twenty Questions Book Tag

1. How many books is too many books in a book series?
Hmm, that's tricky. Sometimes I wish that books had an infinite amount in a series because I love the characters so much. However, I hate watching the characters I love so much constantly get messed with. So I think 3 is a safe number. Any more than 5 can be a bit much. (Except for the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines which has like 800 books and I love them all.)

2. How do you feel about cliffhangers?
I hate them.

3. Hardcopy or paperback?
I like big floppy paperbacks.

4. Favorite book?
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

5. Least favorite book?
I recently read Hold on To Me by Taylor Holloway and was not a big fan.

6. Love triangles, yes or no?
I am not the biggest fan honestly, but sometimes they can be done well.

7. The most recent book you just couldn't finish?
I can't remember the last book that I stopped reading.

8. A book you're currently reading?
I just finished Undertow by Elizabeth O'Roark and LOVED it.

9. Last book you recommended to someone?
Um, you guys should read Undertow by Elizabeth O'Roark. ;)

10. Oldest book you've read? (Publication date)
Gosh, um, I haven't really read a lot of "older" books completely. Did Are You There God, It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume or The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton come out first?

11. Newest book you've read? (Publication date)
I'm currently reading an ARC for Lisa Suzanne so that one.

12. Favorite author?
Colleen Hoover.

13. Buying books or borrowing books?
I really love to buy books but recently I've been insanely in love with Kindle Unlimited. I've been able to read so much this year and it's been a blast.

14. A book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?
I started to read A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and I couldn't get into it. Now that doesn't mean I don't like it, it just means I wasn't in the mood for it at the time.

15. Bookmarks or dog-ears?
Bookmarks. How dare you dog ear a book you absolute savage.

16. A book you can always reread?
The Fault in Our Stars, Beautiful Disaster, Rule....

17. Can you read while hearing music?
Yes I sure can, that's how this blog started. ;)

18. One POV or multiple POVs?

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?
It really depends. I have a 3 year old so I can't just sit there and read for hours. Sometimes after he goes to sleep I read...and stay up to finish.

20. Who do you tag?
Just Another Bookish Blog

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Jaine Diamond Interview

On Tuesday I freaked and told you guys just how much I love the book Dirty Like Me. Well today I am so freaking thrilled to be interviewing the author, Jaine Diamond!!

I have to tell you that she is super nice which makes me love her books even more.

Thank you so much Jaine for taking time to answer all of my questions and for being so kind in the process.

1. What is the first thing you remember writing?
I was ten years old and my school teacher taught us about poetry and assigned everyone in class to write a poem. It was the first time the concept entered my mind that writing wasn't just something that magically existed in books; that it was something I could do. I wrote an overly idealistic poem about world peace, as only a ten year old can, and I was hooked. I was a writer from that day on.

2. What is the hardest part of being an author and what is the best?
I can only speak about being a self published author, as that is my experience, and I would say the hardest part is actually making a business out of being an author, in other words, making a living. I am incredibly fortunate that my partner in life is also my business partner, and he helps run the business end of things. He's brilliant at marketing the books - so readers find them. The best part is twofold: that I get to live my passion, which is writing books, and that I get to be in business with my man.

3. I've only read Dirty Like Me and Dirty Like Brody so far but I can't wait to read more about my new favorite boys! Who is your favorite male and female you've written in the series?
Thank you! So excited that they're your new faves. Seriously, every one of them is my new favorite while I'm writing them. They're all so different, and they're so real to me when I'm writing their story. All I can say is that Jude has always had a special place in my heart, for some reason I can't quite explain. I probably admire Katie the most, and not just because she has Jesse; because of who she is. But I truly adore every one of them, flaws and all. If I didn't, I couldn't write their story.

4. How did you come up with the concept for the series?
It began with Jessa and Brody, who are featured in the second book. I knew nothing about the rock star romance genre. I just wanted to write a love story and I had the kernel of an idea to write this book about a girl whose older brother was a guitarist in a band, and his close friend was the band manager, and she had a complicated history with him and a dark secret that was keeping her from being with him. But as I played around with the idea, her brother just kept getting louder and sexier ;) and insisted on his own story being told first, so he got the first book. As I wrote Jesse and Katie's book, the series really started to take shape in my head.

5. The band is familiar with fan girls and boys, what band do you fan girl over?
Well that's an interesting question. My first thought was, "My fangirling days are way behind me," lol. However. I'm pretty sure if Johnny Stevens or Alex Turner passed me on the street and asked to borrow my pen or something, I'd probably do something super smooth like walk into a pole.

6. There isn't a short of steamy moments in this series - is it hard to write these scenes?

No, actually! It's fun, but I'd say the biggest challenge is keeping those scenes fresh, interesting, and engaging. I can't just write sex over and again the same way, for the sake of throwing in a sex scene. It's like any given scene in a book: it has to keep moving the story forward or reveal something new.

7. Dirty is headlining a major world tour, which two bands are opening?

I"m assuming you mean if Dirty was in the real world? In that case, the lineup would be: Highly Suspect, Arctic Monkeys, Dirty. Dream concert!

8. I can't tell you how many times I smiled, laughed, got upset, or felt all warm and tingly while reading these books! Have you ever cried, gotten angry or laughed while writing this series?
That's so wonderful to hear and the highest compliment to me --when readers FEEL while reading what I've written. I don't think I've gotten angry. I've definitely cried and laughed out loud -- every book. I have this standard: I always say if I cry, laugh and get horny while writing the book, I'm doing it right.

9. Out of the entire series, which book was the most difficult to write and which one was the easiest?
Honestly, they were all difficult for different reasons. I definitely don't make things easy on myself and simply write "boy meets girl and sexy things happen...HEA". I would get bored so fast. But I have definitely cursed aloud at myself at the beginning of many of these books, like "what have I done to myself?" because I've set up really complex, difficult situations and then had to figure out how the hell to write them. Overall, though, Dirty Like Jude was probably the most difficult for me. For one thing, I wrote it under a too compressed timeline, and wrote around the clock, days, evenings, weekends, which was hard on me and my family, and not something I want to do again. Besides that, the story had challenges; I was daunted by weaving Jude's motorcycle club life into the book in a way that worked (but didn't take over) and did justice to it; that was extremely important to me as a fan of both Jude and MC romance as a genre. Plus, the timelines in that book (and all the past/present scenes) had to be diligently tracked and worked out so that everything lined up right. As for the easiest book, I'd have to say A Dirty Wedding Night was the least difficult to write. It was so much fun writing that collection of four stories of behind the scenes hookups on Jesse and Katie's wedding night, and the stories flowed really fast. I'm really thrilled with how that book adds so much to the series and sets things up for later books.

10 If Dirty Like Me had a theme song, what would it be?
R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys, and for the HEA specifically, Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay. (Each of the books has a full playlist on Spotify to go with it! You can find them in the back of each book or on my website - linked below - just click on whichever book you want, and you'll find the playlist widget on the book page, where you can sample songs or click through to Spotify where you can hear the entire playlist.)

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dirty Like Me by Jaine Diamond

The other day I was looking at the books I've read over on Goodreads and I realized I've had a pretty great reading year and it's only March!

Now I'll be honest, there have been a couple of books that I've been like wtf was that - one that I can think of clearly. But overall I've been pretty lucky.

Some of these books have stuck with me and I was sad to see them end but guys this book? This book!

Dirty Like Me is the first in a series by Jaine Diamond and I literally do not have the words to express how much I f'ing loved it!

So far I've read the first two in the series and I can tell you that - scouts honor - they are pure gold.

Dirty Like Me is about Katie who goes to visit her talent agent friend one day and runs into the hottest man she's ever seen. Turns out this gorgeous piece of man meat is also the lead guitarist for the popular band Dirty and is now doing a solo album. He's getting ready to shoot his first music video and guess what? They cast Katie to play his girlfriend. Even though the two are acting for the video the chemistry is insane and the video skyrockets and blows up the charts. Because of the crazy good reaction Jesse makes Katie an offer.

To be his girlfriend for 6 weeks on tour.

To promote his album.

The plan is to make out and pretend to be in love for the cameras and just be friends when they're alone. But let's be honest, that's not happening.

This book was hot. Like real hot. Jesse is the quintessential rock star and boy oh boy was I swooning. I've read a lot of books where I loved the male but the female drove me nuts sometimes - in fact that's happened a few times this year - but I LOVED Katie. She was so cool with her skateboard and funny with her Bohemian Rhapsody covers. She is the perfect girl because she's true to herself. Together these two were epic romance worthy and I could not love them more than I do.

You know those books you read that once you finish it actually makes you feel a little empty? But it's also an amazing feelings because you feel that way because you loved it that much.

I felt empty and whole after this. That's a conundrum.

I felt empty because it was over. I would miss them. But I felt whole for the same exact reason. I would miss them. They made me so happy to read and I'm thrilled that Jaine wrote a series about the other band members and people associated with the band because now I get to not only learn more but I also get more time with Jesse and Katie.

Obviously I definitely recommend this book!!

Buy Dirty Like Me on Amazon by clicking HERE

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Lisa Suzanne Interview

I reviewed A Little Like Destiny on Tuesday so you all know how I felt about it.

Literally minutes after I finished the 3rd book I wrote Lisa Suzanne and asked her if she would be interested in doing an interview with me.

Guys, she was awesome!! She wrote me back instantly and she was so stinkin' nice. She let me fan girl forever and I have to tell you, it meant the world.

So thank you Lisa for not only taking the time to answer my questions but for also being such an awesome human.

1. How old were you when you knew you wanted to be an author?

I always loved to write, but I never wanted to share my writing with anyone. It wasn't until I had my husband read something I wrote back in 2012 that he encouraged me to look into publishing. I finally got up the courage, and now I've published 21 books in under six years!

2. You've said you created these characters over 20 years ago, what made you decide to release them to the world?

I started writing what eventually became A Little Like Destiny when I was back in college. I actually just found a notebook the other day with some of the original story in it! At some point I typed up what I had started on yellow legal pads and in notebooks, and I kept adding to it and adding to it. Every time I finished writing a different project, I'd open the file and read through the story, but it got to the point where it was so long, it was overwhelming to even think about editing it. So in 2017, I decided to start over from scratch, use the characters I knew (and loved) so well, and drop them into a different time and setting, I couldn't stop and was beyond happy with the finished product.

3. Is there any advice you have for aspiring writers?

If you love to write, make time to do it every day. When I tell people I'm an author, the first response is almost always, "Oh, I've always wanted to write a book!" If you want to write it, make the time to write it! For any writers aspiring to become full-time authors, my advice would be to understand that there's so much more that goes into this career than just having fun writing a book. I've learned so much in the past six years, but maybe one of the most important lessons is that being an author means running your own business. Only about 25% of this career is actually writing the book.

4. Vail is Reese's favorite band EVER, who is your favorite band?

Matchbox Twenty, with Maroon 5 as a close second!

5. I am not the biggest fan of love triangles and I'm usually set in my ways. I don't think I've ever swayed once my mind is made up. However you stumped me with this book, lol! Did you know all along who you wanted Reese to end up with?

Yes! This was always meant to be Reese's story with the man she ended up with (I'm trying to avoid spoilers, haha!). I always knew it would be him and it was always his story.

6. If you could put on a festival with Vail as the headliner, who else would you have play?

Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons. OMG, that would be an awesome show!

7. Why did you decide to write 3 books instead of one?

The story was too long to fit into one book. Somehow I always knew it was going to be a trilogy. To me it always had three distinct parts: Reese falls in love, fights her feelings for both men, and then the conclusion. But the original story took place over a summer, and the books were divided into June, July, and August.

8. I have to ask it, which celebrities do you think could portray your characters in a film?

Oooh that's hard! Obviously some really hot men for Mark and Brian! I feel like the models I chose for my covers really represent exactly how I picture the characters, so Mike Chabot for Mark and Forest Harrison for Brian.If we're talking Hollywood, that's super hard for the men. no one has the exact right look, but someone like Adam Levine comes to mind. For Brian, maybe Zac Efron. For Reese, someone like Evangeline Lilly or Victoria Justice would work.

9. How did you feel when you finished the trilogy?

Part of me felt a little sad because I knew I was finally letting these characters I'd known for so long out into the world. It's scary to let them go for them to be judged when I've held them so close to my heart for so long. But the other part of me was really excited. I could feel it in my bones that this series was different, that this one was going to be important and special for my career.

10. If A Little Like Destiny had a theme song what would it be?

It's funny because nearly every book I write, I have one song I listen to on repeat as I go. For this book (and series), though, I don't have just one. I think because it came from such a huge span of time, it's hard to pinpoint one song. As I rewrote the version I ended up publishing, two songs that I played over and over are "Heavy" by Linkin Park a lot as well as "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed. I don't think either of those necessarily represent the story all that well, but both have pieces in them that remind me of parts of the characters.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Little Like Destiny by Lisa Suzanne

Last month I downloaded this book with Kindle Unlimited. (I'll save you the speech on it because I already told you how wonderful KU is in my previous reviews) I picked it up a couple weeks ago and read all 3 books.

Like within a couple days.

I could NOT put them down.

Teacher Reese Brady goes with her best friend to see her absolute favorite band.

And then goes home with the lead singer. The literal man of her dreams. Mark Ashton.

The next morning she sneaks out of his penthouse, refusing to be "one of the many" who lingers in hopes he wants more than one night with them. Naturally once she reaches the lobby she drops her bag, spilling out its entire contents. While putting everything back in her bag an unbelievably attractive man starts to help her. He asks her for coffee but she passes.

Flash forward and she's now in an office building ready to meet someone who she's hopeful will donate money to her school. Turns out its the hot dude from the hotel who was helping her with her bag. Conversation happens and Reese finds herself attracted to the young businessman named Brian Fox. So she agrees to go out with him.

The two of them spend more and more time together and she begins to fall for him - however the entire time she's been with him she's not stopped thinking about her one night with Mark. Things begin getting more and more serious between the two and one night Brian takes her with him to a party at his brothers house to meet him and their sister. However when they get to the house it's a little familiar. Scratch that. A whole helluva lot familiar.

It's Mark's door.

Her boyfriend is the brother of her favorite rock star.


I'm going to start with my negative comment just to get that pesky little bugger outta the way. Sometimes Reese made me a little loony. She went so back and forth on things sometimes that I actually wanted to slap her to get her to focus. I'm not sure I've ever loved a character more that also drove me so crazy.

Okay now that that's over let me tell you more.

I am not the biggest fan of love triangles - they can drive me a bit wild sometimes - however I will say that never have I ever swayed once I pick a team. I love Jacob but girl, I'm team Edward. I love Peeta but no I'm team Gale. Whether the character ends up with the person I like most or not I still do not sway.

Until now.

I was totally team Brian. Nothing was going to change my mind and I mean nothing. When Mark was reintroduced and we go to learn more about that night and more about him I told myself, "Self, you will not change your opinion. You love Brian. You choose Brian." Then before I realized it I told myself, "Self, you have changed your opinion. You love Mark. You choose Mark."

The moment that I finished this book I began book 2 (which I finished in a day and a half or so) and then picked up the third. I couldn't stop reading. I needed to know what was going to happen. I had to know who she'd pick and how they would react.

I loved these books so much that now that I've finished I actually feel like a piece of me is missing. Yeah, it's that good.

So in case you can't tell I DEFINITELY recommend this book - and this series.

Buy A Little Like Destiny by clicking HERE

Thursday, February 14, 2019

125,000 Ways To Say I Love You by Pia Frey

Happy Valentine's Day fellow book lovers!!

Today I wanted to share a book with you that I was sent and am currently obsessed with!!

125,000 Ways To Say I Love You is an interactive flip book that you have complete control over! There are 3 sections with multiple phrases or words and you get to combine them any way that you want. You can make it say pretty much anything. It can be something super sweet or something a little bit salty ;)

It's the perfect book to give someone for Valentines Day - or really any day. I also think it's a fun book to buy for yourself. I've been having so much fun changing what it says and literally laughing out loud at some of them.

If you'd like to buy this book for you or your special someone click any of the links below! :)

Barnes & Noble
Books A Million

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Samantha Garman Interview

On Tuesday I shared my review for Queen of Klutz and if you've read it then you know how much I adored it!

I was doing backflips - my nose just grew, I don't know how to do backflips - when I wrote Samantha Garman and she agreed to do an interview with me!

Thank you so much Samantha for answering all of my questions and for letting me go on and on about my love for your books.


1. What was the first story you remember writing?

Is it terrible if I say I can't remember.

2. When writing Sibby's story did you know that you wanted it to be more than one book?

No. It was only supposed to be one book. But then my husband and I went on a real road trip across the country and camped for six weeks and I was miserable for a large portion of the trip. That spawned the questions: How would Sibby handle camping and nature? So a lot of what happens in Sibby Slicker is based on my own real life experiences.

3. Aidan is literally the perfect man. Which celebrity or fictional character do you think is the perfect man?

McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy. He is everything.

4. In one part of the book Sibby says she laughed out loud while writing her book - did you laugh while writing Queen of Klutz?

Constantly! When I make myself laugh during the writing process I know people are going to love the book.

5. What characteristics do you and Sibby share?

The clumsiness and the snark. That's all me.

6. A lot of the book takes place inside a restaurant and all the shenanigans that take place there. What job did you have the most fun at?

My first restaurant job ever was a blast. I worked at a BBQ joint called Jim 'n Nick's in Charleston, South Carolina. I worked there the year after I graduated college. I was saving money to move to New York and it was just so much fun.

7. Sibby and Aidan are couple goals, who are your favorite fictional couples?
Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander. Mac and Barrons from the Fever series.

8. If you could hang out with one of the characters from this book for one day, who would you choose and why?

Well, I get to hang out with them any time I want because I created them, so they never really leave me. ;)

9. What can readers look forward to with Sibby and her crew?
If I told you that, it would spoil all the surprises! But you can always count on shenanigans and snark!

10. If Queen of Klutz had a theme song what would it be?

Eye of the Tiger. That's more Sibby's anthem than anything else.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Queen of Klutz by Samantha Garman

Sibby Goldstein is now one of my favorite characters I have EVER read.

I told you guys a couple weeks ago that I've signed up for Kindle Unlimited and while I was browsing titles Queen of Klutz came up. I instantly loved the cover, yes I judge the book by it's cover no judgey. After reading the plot I had to have it.

Sibby is having a bad day. Like a real bad day.

She's been fired from her job and she comes home to find her boyfriend in bed with someone else. Awkward.

To drown her sorrows and erase the events of the day she goes to a bar with her best friend. There she meets Aidan and ends up going home with him. Whoa calm down ya horndogs, all they do is spoon.

Flash forward and Sibby is now applying for a job at a restaurant as a waitress which is obviously the perfect job for a klutz. ;)

I adored this book so much I can't even explain it. It was a total romcom and it had me smiling and laughing out loud for the majority of the book. Sibby was hysterical and relatable and ooh boy Aidan is now my book boyfriend - Sorry Sibby.

I can tell already that this is one of my favorites of the year - which is insane since it's only January. I've read the second installment, Sibby Slicker, and will probably review that as well. There is also a 3rd one coming out in a few months!

I definitely recommend this book!!

Buy Queen of Klutz Here:

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Tracy Lorraine Interview

Hey all, today I get to share with you an interview I did with Tracy Lorraine! I reviewed her book Falling For Ryan on Tuesday and I'm so excited to now share this with you.

Thank you so much to Tracy for taking the time to answer my questions and for being so sweet.


1. How long have you been writing?

I started writing December 2014. I was going through a rough time and I was reading more and more to escape. I had this crazy idea one day that I'd like to have a go at writing my own story. I never intended for anyone to read it, but I confessed what I was doing to a friend and allowed her to read it. A year and a half later I published it. It was totally unexpected but incredible at the same time. I haven't looked back since.

2. If you weren't a writer what would your dream career be?

Honestly, I have no idea. My background has always been design so as long as I'm being creative, I'm happy.

3. What is the nicest thing a reader has said about one of your books?

I love it every time someone tells me that I kept them awake because they couldn't put one of my books down. But I equally adore it when readers tell me how much I made them cry #sorrynotsorry. It blows me away that readers are so invested in my characters that they cry along with them and feel their pain.

4. I feel like a lot of people hide behind a screen and don't care about others feelings. How do you deal with people who spread negativity on social media or leave bad reviews?

Sadly, it's part of the territory. I try my hardest to walk away from any negativity. I know that not everyone will love my books, just like I don't love every other book out there. It's important to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing and why I love it. Also surrounding myself with supportive readers, bloggers and authors works wonders. There are some really incredible people out there and I've met some incredible friends through it.

5. How did you come up with the concept for this series?

As I mentioned above, I had this idea to write my own book. That was all well and good but I had no clue what my story would be. Then I woke up one morning after having the most vivid dream. That morning I found a notebook and Molly, Ryan and the gang were born.

6. I've always wondered when authors write New Adult/Romance/Erotica if they let their friends and family read their books or if they make them steer clear. How do you feel about it?
I wrote in secret for quite a long time. I was a teacher and I was terrified some of my kids would find out and start reading my steamier scenes. That was not something I wanted to discuss in my classroom. Back then it was only my husband, my mother in law and a book obsessed friend who knew. Once I had my daughter and decided against going back to school, I embarked on writing full time I started to "come out". Now, if my friends and family want to read my books they are more than welcome to, apart from my nan. I've banned her! I can't cope with the idea of my nan reading my sex scenes. Even still, she's my biggest supporter.

7. If Molly and Ryan's story was turned into a television show or a movie, who would you want to portray them?
None of my characters have ever been based on real life people and I really struggle finding people who I'd want to portray them because the details just aren't quite right. So sorry, but I"m going to have to pass that question!

8. Originally the name of the book was Falling For Molly, what made you change the name and update the cover?

I first published Falling For Molly in February 2016 and as time's gone on and I've studied the market more, seen what's popular and I've evolved my books. I was toying with the idea of swapping the names for a while but when I decided to change the covers I didn't feel the female names matched the darker design so I went for it.

9. Falling For Ryan is only the beginning of the Falling series - who was your favorite couple to write about?
I have loved each and every one, but Nicole and Declan are the closest to my heart. Nichole is very much me, from the story with her mum to her sleepwalking antics. I'd planned their story before I even published the first book in the series and I had to wait until book nice to be able to get the story out. It  was emotional to write because I have first hand experience at some of the more painful bits but I love it so hard.

10. If Falling For Ryan had a them song what would it be?

Songs have been a big part of my writing. I planned a lot of them while driving back and forward to work, listening to the radio. My song for Falling For Ryan is the one mentioned in the last chapter of the duet Ed Sheeren's "Thinking Out Loud". Every time I heard it, it just made me think of Molly and Ryan.

If you'd like to follow Tracy Lorraine on Social Media take a peek below :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Falling For Ryan Part 1 by Tracy Lorraine

Good afternoon fellow book lovers!
I'm so excited to tell you all my thoughts on Falling For Ryan Part 1 but before I start I have to give you some back story.

I was wandering around on Facebook and an ad for this book came up. I clicked on it and it took me to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. It was offering a free trial for a month and I figured it was worth a shot to just try it out. You can rent 10 books at a time and then when you want more you just return the ones you've finished or no longer want. It's basically a library but for your kindle which is awesome. It's $9.99 a month after your free trial and I think I'm going to start doing it. I can rent unlimited books for less than $10?! I mean, come on, that's awesome!

Okay, back to the review.

I'm obsessed.

Molly and Ryan are so wonderful I can't take it.

Here's the scoop, Molly's boyfriend cheated on her. Bastard. Worse part is she totally catches him in the act. Bastard squared. She runs to her best friend Ryan's house and he offers to let her move in with him. He's recently bought this big house and has more than enough room for her. They're best friends so what could go wrong? Well the fact that they have scorchin' hot chemistry for starters.

Throughout the book the two try and fight their attraction but it gets the best of them some times. The term "slow burn" is more accurate than ever when describing their relationship. I'm going to be honest, I don't usually like that. I hate reading a whole book waiting for the couple to finally get together the last 80% then something happens, they break up, and then they get back together at the end. I literally hate that. However Falling For Ryan didn't do that to me and I actually enjoyed the suspense of waiting for them to admit their feelings. It was kinda hot. Shhh.

There are two parts to this book and I'm thinking I'll review part 2 at a later date but I can tell you that it was also delicious.

Now here's the part that I never like doing but I am always honest with you all. A drunk driver has changed their life - I'm not going to go into further detail because I don't want to spoil anything - and for people who had to deal with that they sure drink a lot. It bugged me. I've lost a friend and my uncle both to drunk drivers so it's a sensitive issue for me. They are responsible in the book and never drink and drive and I feel like the author really calls attention to that fact but still, they drank way too much for my liking. The other thing that kinda got to be a bit much was the crying. I'm an emotional loon. I cry a lot. Over stupid things. Like really dumb things. But even I sighed a couple times when Molly cried because it was so often. Sometimes I totally understood why she would but eventually it got to be a bit much.

All in all though I absolutely adored this book and the characters! There are more in the series based on couples your meet in part one and two of Falling for Ryan which is one of my favorite things. I also have to point out that it was in dual POV which you all know is my fav.

If you haven't checked Falling For Ryan out yet I definitely recommend you go do that now!!

Buy Falling For Ryan Part 1 Here:

Listen to my playlist for Falling For Ryan on Spotify by clicking HERE

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Top 10 Books I Read In 2018

I read about 34 books last year and all in all I really enjoyed every single one of them - sigh of relief.
However this is a Top 10 not Top 30 so I have carefully gone through my Goodreads to make up my list.

Before I do the list however I have to tell you guys that I reread the Twilight Saga in November and refell in love with all of them. I didn't include them in the list because I've read them so many times before and it wouldn't be fair to the other contenders of course.

Enjoy!! :)

10. Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan
Review: Here

9. The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber
Review: Here

8. Lie To Me by Natasha Preston
Review: Here
Interview: Here

7. The Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Elston
Review: Here
Interview: Here

6. All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover
Review: Here

5. Recovered by Jay Crownover
Review: Here

4. Shelter by Jay Crownover
Review: Here

3. Escape by Jay Crownover
Review: Here

2. Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire
Apparently I didn't review this which is shocking to me because I absolutely ADORED it!! Maybe in the near future you'll see one from me :)

1. The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise
Review: Here

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year fellow book lovers! I hope you all had a great holiday season :)

I have to tell you I'm very happy to put 2018 behind me. To say it was a rough year would be a major understatement. 

I know I have updated you guys with certain things that I'm dealing with but others I've kept to myself. I also want to thank you for the support you've given me through comments and emails, it means the whole universe to me.

Last year I lost my passion for A Book Lovers Playlist. I didn't read as much as I normally do and I wasn't happy.

Every year I do a post on here about my reading goals and another wrapping up the previous year but I'm not going to do all of that this year. With that said, I do plan on doing a Top 10 of 2018 and I did participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, as I do every year, and gave myself the goal of 25 books. I'm done pressuring myself because this is all supposed to be fun and I think I've forgotten that.

I've already completed 2 books this year and have set up interviews with 2 new to me authors which I'm very excited about.

Let's make this the year we make ourselves happy. Cheers!