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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lucy Score Interview

I've interviewed some great authors and for that I am so crazy grateful. They've all been so kind to me and I'm thankful to all of them for taking time to answer my silly fan girl questions.

To date this is my favorite interview. I had an absolute blast talking to Lucy, who can I say is the coolest lady on the planet? Seriously guys, she's not only really sweet but SO. FUNNY.

So thank you Lucy for answering my questions and putting up with me. ;)


1. Have you always known you'd write my favorite book in the history of ever? Ahem...I mean, did you always know you wanted to write?

I remember it so clearly. I was in third grade working on my multiplication tables and I stopped in the middle of the sevens - because they were hard - and said "Someday I will write Kayleigh's favorite book in the history of ever." And here we are! Also, yes, I always wanted to be a writer. Especially once I discovered writers often don't have to wear pants or talk to people.

2. Marley coaches soccer and is a gym teacher. If you had to teach and coach any subject/sport what would it be?

I'd definitely teach creative writing because I think I could make it somewhat fun for students. As for coaching, is yoga a team sport? Because I would coach the hell out of that.

3. How do you pick characters names? I'm just throwing it out there that Kayleigh is a great name and I totally give you permission to use it.

*adds Kayleigh to character name list*
 I keep a running list of names that I like in a Word document and when it comes time to start a new book I go to the list and think about the main characters. I don't like names that are too over-the-top like Montague Floofyfence IV or anything that makes a character sound like an adult entertainer unless of course they are one. So I trend more toward normal people names. Kayleigh seems pretty normal.

4. I LITERALLY laughed out loud while reading RBG. So much so that my son frequently asked me what was so funny. Did you laugh while writing it?

That's the best compliment! I think I'm hilarious. I laugh out loud at myself at least four times a day. I was snort-laughing (it's more adorable than it sounds) during the Marley meets "Morticia" and the meet-puke scenes in Rock Bottom Girl. Those two scenes ended up being favorites for readers, too!

5. I wish I wrote Rock Bottom Girl. Seriously, from the depths of my soul. Which book have you read that you wish you had written?

"The Obsession" by Nora Roberts. To me, it's a perfect story and I've re-read it several times. Also "The Husbands Secret" by Liane Moriarty. She has this really delicate way of giving readers a complete picture of a character in one little tiny sentence. It's so good it makes me want to barf.

6. After reading your About The Author and some other tid bits here and there, it sounds like you and Marley have some things in common. What 3 things are exactly the same?

Marley and I are soul sisters for sure. We both had terrible experiences playing soccer in high school. We both are completely ambivalent about our hair and are unable to do make-up properly (after writing RBG I actually went and paid for a a make-up lesson!) And we both share this unwavering belief that there is something big and important in store for us. Even when things are falling apart, Marley and I both know that there's something out there for us.

7. Jake. He's perfection. He's also the love of my life. Which book holds your dream guy?

GAH! Okay so I have a couple of favorites. First of all Jake, of course, because he's so confident and present and he is really there for his "people". Beckett from Fall Into Temptation (Blue Moon #2) is based loosely on Mr. Lucy. So of course I adore him. He's got this good heart and always tries to do the right thing, but sometimes a stubborn streak gets in the way. And then Aiden from The Worst Best Man. I love that he had it all together, but he was still lonely. His bromance with Frankie's brothers made me legit tear up on a couple of occasions. He just wanted to be loved, you guys! *Sobs*

8. Marley and Jake are the best. Will we ever see more of them? Please???

I plan to write a short, sexy bedtime story about them but that's it. Rock Bottom Girl is a glorious, glorious standalone that will, well, stand alone.

9. Who was your favorite character to write? I know, I know. There are so many to choose from.

I think Franchesca Baranski was the easiest main character I've ever written. She arrived fully formed in my head and I still have a girl crush on her. As for secondary characters, I have this rat-tailed hippie in my Blue Moon series named Fitz. He's named for thriller writer Matthew FitzSimmons. The real-life Fitz and I had a good-natured author battle for #1 on Amazon several years ago and as part of our feud we named characters after each other. He killed of Lucinda in an epically violent death. But I kept Fitz alive and he is now a part-time exotic dancer.

10. If Rock Bottom Girl had a theme song, what would it be?

"High Hopes" by Panic! At The Disco! That's been my lady jam for the last several months and I think Marley would approve.

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