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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nicole French Interview

Before I start the interview I have to thank Nicole SO much for answering my questions. When I read books like hers and get so wrapped up it's hard for me to believe that the author will be interested in talking to me. So when they not only agree but they are as nice as Nicole French is it really makes me love their books even more. Thank you again Nicole <3


1. Did you know from day one that this would be a trilogy?

I did. I love series, so when I set out to write this story, I knew it would be long. I like to live with characters for a long time, multiple books, so I wanted to deliver that to readers as well.

2. Which book was your favorite to write?

I really enjoyed writing the second book in the series, Legally Mine. It was my second novel, so the process was a little faster, and I just enjoyed taking them to France. That was fun. But I think the book that was the most enjoyable to write out of all my books was True North. That story came very quickly, and it was also very cathartic because of how close those characters were to me.

3. I'm overly attached to these characters - thank you for that. Which characters in this series are you the most attached to?

Thank you so much! Obviously, I love Skylar and Brandon because they are my first pair. But I also love Eric and Jane, who sort of popped out in the second and third books with their own story in the background. Their personalities and chemistry were so much stronger than your average secondary characters, so it was pretty much inevitable that they would get their own book.

4. Brandon has been through so much in his life, was it hard to write those scenes?

It was, and it wasn't. I really enjoy writing characters with rich interior lives, and that inevitably means some heartache. But that's what makes the good stuff feel good, you know? So, sure, I definitely cried while I wrote because you feel the pain right along with your characters. But there is catharsis in that too, and I think that's what good stories do anyway.

5. Skylar is strong willed, kind, beautiful and pretty badass. What traits would you say are the most like you?

Well, I don't look anything like Skylar, but we have a lot in common. I speak French like she does, I attended NYU (and nearly became a lawyer myself), and I am also a trained pianist. I also share her penchant for old jeans. I'm pretty stubborn too, but I've never slapped someone for giving me a present. I put a little of myself into all my characters, but she certainly takes more than her fair share.

6. Skylar and Brandon are both lawyers, if you were to go to law school what would you want to practice?

I actually did consider a career in law at multiple points of my life and seriously considered going into family law, specifically women's advocacy. So, similar to the work Skylar ends up doing at the Family Law Clinic, especially the cases where she helps victims of domestic violence. I'm pretty passionate about that issue.

7. The more I read the more I wanted to read, seriously I couldn't get enough! What was the last series you could NOT put down?

That's a great question! I really enjoyed L.M. Halloran's Art of Sin and Sin of Love duet. Her writing is sharp and addictive. This isn't a series, but I thought Ella James' last release, Covet, was also very beautifully written. Really lush. And this is an old one, but Giana Darling's Evolution of Sin was also lovely.

8. I'm in love with Brandon, there, I said it. He's wonderful. Definitely a new book boyfriend for sure. Who are your book boyfriends?

Hmm, that's a hard one. I'm a big fan of Miller Hart, from Jodi Ellen Malpas's One Night trilogy. I'll pretty much read anything she writes. It's a weird thing to say, but I also just like my own books. I write them and then find myself reading them a year later, often having forgotten those small details. It's fun to watch the characters fall in love again. So, Brandon, Nico from Bad Idea, Will from Discreet, and now Eric from The Hate Vow. All my forever boyfriends.

9. If someone wanted to start this series what would you say to them before they dig in?

I'd say, be prepared to get sucked in.

10. If the Spitfire series had a theme song, what would it be?

Well, it's got to be a Springsteen song, obviously. Probably Tougher than the Rest. After all. isn't that what the series is about? How they both have to gut it through a whole bunch of trials to last together? Eve the problems they bring to the table themselves?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Legally Yours (Spitfire #1) by Nicole French

Skylar Crosby is kind of a bad ass.

She's graduating from Harvard Law, takes care of her family, has a neurotic absent mother, a smart mouth, gorgeous face, and now she has the attention from a seriously swoon worthy guy.

Brandon Sterling is kind of a bad ass.

He's an incredibly successful entrepreneur, has a massive house,  he's sexy, crazy smart, somehow found his way after a terrible childhood, and is now crazy about a certain redhead.

After a night at the bar with friends Skylar goes with one of her closest friends to a house she's never been so she can wait for a ride home. However when she gets there she realizes her man whore of a friend is there to meet a girl who works at the house - not a girl who owns the house. Leaving the servants quarters Skylar heads to the main room to call for a ride when Brandon Sterling walks in. The chemistry is instantaneous and ooh boy could you feel it. Due to weather and a turn of events she ends up staying the night at the house with Brandon - nothing happens ya dirty pervs. Flash forward and Brandon invites her to his office - oh wait did I forget to tell you that he's her BOSS at the place she's interning?!?! Once she arrives he pretty much lays it all out there for how much he wants her but she leaves.

The two end up finding their way to each other after some - well, many - miscommunications and it's so so freaking good.

I thought that Skylar was a really great character. I appreciated that even though she cares so much for Brandon she didn't want him to take care of her. She wanted to make her own way in the world without the help of a man and I think that's really admirable. A lot of times in books you see the hot alpha man taking care of the damsel in distress and even though there were times Brandon saved her she also saved him.

Brandon is a total book boyfriend character. There were times where I was like "what the f were you thinking dude?" But honestly, those moments kind of made me love him more. He is so in love with Skylar and such an amazing man that it's impossible not to fall for him.

Legally Yours was exciting and delicious and I seriously couldn't put it down. The second that I finished it I downloaded the next two and read until my eyes hurt. After I finished the series I was felt a loss without them. Yep, I really did.

I definitely recommend the Spitfire series!

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