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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wild Open Hearts: Bluewater Billionaires Book 3 by Kathryn Nolan

Have you ever cried because you're so happy?

Like when Shadow comes up that hill at the end of Homeward Bound? Yeah, I know, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Or when Cher announced that her final final final farewell tour wasn't actually her final tour? I know! I ugly cried too.

That's how I felt when I read Wild Open Hearts. My heart was so full of love that I was skipping around my house and smiling as big as I would if I just entered a donut shop.

I knew going into this that I would love it. No, that's not just being an optimist, it's because I loved Luna the second she was introduced in The Price of Scandal. I fell more in love with her in The Mogul and the Muscle and I knew with absolute certainty that I would be silly happy when I read this book.

Luna is a total free spirit. She's a vegan who loves animals more than most things, she's an eternal optimist, beautiful and incredibly caring. Unfortunately a scandal threatens her company and everything she's ever worked for. To help the public see her for her true self she volunteers her time at a local non profit called The Lucky Dog. There she hopes to not only fix her current image but to mostly help the dogs as well as the workers who give everything to the dogs.

The owner of Lucky Dog is not as sun shiny as Luna though. He's moody and grumpy and comes from a family that is involved with Miami's most notorious biker gang. Even though Beck knows that Luna's presence and connections could help The Lucky Dog tremendously, he's hesitant to work with her. Not trusting her is at the top of his concerns, followed closely by a fear that she will make them look like a pathetic charity case. He doesn't want her pity and boy oh boy does he give her a run for her money. And she has like a lot of money.

As their partnership continues you get to watch the two of them grow into something amazing. Beck begins to let Luna in and the love begins to grow. Fireworks. ;)

It was so fun to see Cameron, Daisy and Emily again and watch them interact with Luna and Beck. Bluewater itself is so fun and the way these books are written you really feel like you're there.

I absolutely adored this book. I smiled so much when I read it that my cheeks hurt. I teared up in parts and I laughed out loud in others. It is everything that I hoped it would be and more. So much more. I 100% recommend this book to you, as well as the others in the Bluewater Billionaire's series.

P.S. Anyone know where I can buy a flower crown?

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Claire Kingsley Interview

I've gotten to do some pretty cool things in my life so far. I've given birth to a really cool little man. The giving birth part wasn't that cool but, you know, the after part was. I acted in a Shakespeare play in middle school, I thought I was the next Meryl Streep. And this year for my birthday I went to see Air Supply with my mom and best friend and got to rest my arms on the stage while they sang Making Love Out of Nothing At All...to me. However, I must tell you that getting the chance to interview Lucy, Claire, Kathryn and Pippa is by far the coolest thing to happen to me not only this year, but possibly ever.

Thank you so so much Claire for taking the time to answer all of my questions!!

1. How did you create Cameron and Jude?

When the four of us authors decided to write this series, I started thinking about concepts, tropes, and themes I might want to incorporate. I went through a few ideas before I landed on one that really spoke to me - a bodyguard story. I've never written a story about a heroine and her bodyguard, and it sounded like it would be a ton of fun. I love a protective hero and the push and pull of a relationship that's supposed to remain professional.

Cameron took shape as I chatted with the other Bluewater authors (sadly not at DQB) and learned more about their characters. I knew I wanted Cameron to be a CEO and to have earned her fortune. And putting her in charge of an aerospace empire seemed unexpected in a way that really spoke to me. Jude has a lot of my writer catnip traits. He's big, powerful, extremely skilled and competent, and also has some very poignant vulnerabilities.

2. If you could be the CEO of a multi billion dollar company, what would the company be?

That's tough because honestly, I wouldn't want to do anything other than what I already am doing. And if I was a CEO of anything, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have time to write books.

3. There are 4 authors in the book that the girls love to listen to when they go to Drag Queen Brunch. If you could go to a DQB with 4 of your favorite authors within ear shot, who would you pick?

Do I have to stick with four? My fellow Bluewater authors are honestly some of my favorite authors as a reader, but maybe it's cheating to pick them. I'd love to eavesdrop on Mariana Zapata, Melanie Harlow, T.S. Joyce, and Tessa Dare.

4. Speaking of DQB, do the 4 of you write together like the authors in the series?

I wish! Sadly, we don't live close enough for that. I live on the west coast, so I'm the farthest from the rest. Lucy Score and I have been able to get together in person a few times, both at writers conferences and just for fun. And me, Lucy, and Pippa Grant were just at a conference together in September. I get to meet Kathryn in person for the first time at Indies Invade Philly and I'm SO freaking excited. The four of us will all be together and it's going to be amazing.

5. Jude is total book boyfriend material. Who is your favorite guy out of the 4 books?

Gah! I couldn't possibly decide. Derek is so swoony and charming, Jude obviously has a special place in my heart. Beck is delightfully grumpy and deep and wonderful. And West is so hot and protective and growly. I love them all!

6. Out of the 4 girls, Emily, Cameron, Daisy, and Luna, who would you say you're the most like?

I'm probably a bit of Cameron and Emily. Cam's sarcasm comes easily to me and although I don't work myself into the ground like Emily does, I have my moments.

7. If you lived in Bluewater with Pippa, Lucy, and Kathryn, and you were in charge of an activity for the community, what would you choose?

I'd be all over throwing 80s night (and heck, how about 90s night!) at the Bluewater Disco!

8. What is your favorite part of Bluewater?

I absolutely love the idea of creating a little micro community and being neighbors with my best friends. My husband and I did live next door to our long-time best friends for about nine years. We didn't build an entire community, just neighboring houses, but that in and of itself was amazing. Job changes meant we're no longer neighbors (but still close friends) and the four of us keep trying to figure out how we can make it happen again.

9. What was your favorite part of your book?

My favorite scene to write was the rescue scene at the end, particularly the juxtaposition of what they're doing (escaping bad guys), and their conversation. It was a keystone scene for me- something that was in my head in quite a bit of detail from the beginning. I could envision the whole thing and when I got to that part, it turned out exactly like I hoped it would.

10. If the Mogul and the Muscle had a theme song, what would it be?

Are you ready for the glorious cheesiness? Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Largely because of Cam's love of 80s music and it plays when she honks the horn on her tricked-out golf cart.

I also have a playlist for The Mogul and the Muscle, including the songs that appear in the book and some that were on my playlist while I was writing.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Mogul and The Muscle: Bluewater Billionaires Book 2 by Claire Kingsley

After finishing The Price of Scandal, I couldn't wait to pick up The Mogul and The Muscle because I couldn't wait to see more of Cameron Whitbury. This girl makes my 80s music loving heart happy.

As someone who has seen Rick Springfield - and cried - I'm here to tell you that anytime a character in a movie or a book loves 80s music or movies I'm instantly on board with them.

Aside from her great taste in music, Cameron is crazy smart, gorgeous, and an aerospace mogul. However, after a sex tape that could be released and an attempted mugging, Cam's friends - specifically Emily - decide that her safety is too important for her to brush off. Derek - who we met in the first book - is friends with Jude who is basically a walking security system and he's now Cameron's bodyguard.

You getting Kevin Costner vibes? Oh guys trust me, it's even better.

Jude is instantly taken by Cam - whether he wants to admit it or not. He is without a doubt one of the sexiest characters I've ever read about. His protectiveness and the way his gut reacts to situations is intriguing. The way he touches Cameron and the things he does to her, my God. I'm blushing. Watching the two of them banter is actually pretty hilarious and the thoughts the two of them have about each other...not so hilarious but oh so hot.

I really loved how in this book it wasn't just the love story between Jude and Cameron. It was also the love of her friends - that is always present - that I think is so wonderful to see. There are a lot of books out there where our main character has a best friend but I'm not sure I've ever read anything quite like this series. The way these girls have each others back is really amazing. No matter what, the four of them can conquer anything together and they are always always there for each other. I love that.

I also loved that there was actually quite a bit of action. It wasn't like watching Die Hard or anything but it did get your heart racing. For many reasons. The question throughout is who is trying to harm Cam? Why are they trying to hurt her? It brings another level to the story and I really enjoyed it.

Jude and Cameron are fo sho added to the top of my favorite couples ever in the history of books now. I without a doubt recommend you all pick this one up.

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lucy Score Interview

This is the second time I've had the opportunity to interview the very fabulous, Lucy Score. How lucky am I??

Thank you again to Lucy for taking the time to answer my questions and dealing with my fan girling. You the real MVP. Are the kids saying that anymore? Am I old? Hmm....anyway, I hope you all enjoy the interview!!

1. How did Bluewater Billionaires come to exist?

My author friend Pippa Grant went on a hilarious rant saying she was tired of men getting to have all the zeroes in the bank account. She then hypothesized about what kind of a man would be secure enough and awesome enough to fall in love with a lady billionaire!

2.  If you could be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, what would the company be?

Something that involves martini tastings, mattress testing, or reading books for a living. Preferably all three.

3. There are 4 authors in the book that the girls love to listen to when they go to Drag Queen Brunch. If you could go to a DQB with 4 of your favorite authors within ear shot, who would you pick?

I'd love to be at Drag Queen Brunch eavesdropping on Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan, Pippa Grant and whoever they tried to replace me with. Then I'd pop up over the back of the booth and yell, "Does she even like tacos?" before hurling a Bloody Mary at Replacement Lucy and storming out. Hypothetical Lucy is very dramatic.

4. Speaking of Drag Queen Brunch, which Drag Queen would be your favorite?

My favorite drag queen would be one who could help me master contouring and highlighting, I keep failing the YouTube tutorials. Also, I'm a HUGE fan of the movie The Birdcage. So if a Nathan Lane's Starina is an option, I choose her!

5. Derek is total book boyfriend material. Who is your favorite guy out of all 4 books?

I'm un-apologetically biased. Derek Price is my swoony, pocket-picking, dirty-talking, hair-cutting favorite man in Bluewater!

6. Out of the 4 girls, Emily, Cameron, Daisy and Luna, who would you say you're the most like?

I think I'm a really messy combination of Emily and Daisy. I love being completely absorbed in work, but in the rest of my life I'm the inappropriate, unapologetic, fun-seeker with a Bloody Mary in the cupholder of the stair climber.

7. If you lived in Bluewater with Claire, Pippa, and Kathryn and you were in charge of an activity for the community, what would you choose?

All you can eat tacos and margaritas block party. Last one standing wins.

8. What is your favorite part of Bluewater?

I love the idea behind these women deciding they wanted to create their own home. Not just the houses they live in, but an entire community where they can be themselves safely and without judgement. Also, I love Frank the a$$hole parrot and Steve the three-legged alligator. Steve was named by Claire Kingsley's daughter during the brainstorming process.

9. What was your favorite part of your book?

I have a LOT of favorites. The meet-nude. Emily trusting Derek to cut her hair and the change in her character that signaled. The first kiss in the "science closet". And that *ahem* up-against-the-door scene. Also, Jane finally getting to use her stun gun!

10. If The Price Of Scandal had a theme song, what would it be?

Ooooh. This was a thinker! I'm going to go with "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers. I think it embodies how Derek falls for Emily.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Price of Scandal: Bluewater Billionaires Book 1 by Lucy Score

I've read 9 of Lucy's books now and I have to tell you guys a secret.

Have you seen Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt? You know how they go on that ship and get sent away to another planet? I think Lucy came here on that ship from a planet far far away. A planet known for their comedy, ability to write (like really freaking well), and for their extreme love of tacos; not just on Tuesday but literally every second of every day.

The Price of Scandal had me laughing out loud.

Emily is a gorgeous and intelligent CEO who is also a billionaire. While she prefers to spend her waking moments focused on work she agrees to go out on a blind date with a man her coworker sets her up with. Oh boy. Big mistake. After a tad misunderstanding with law enforcement that paparazzi captures on film, Emily finds herself messed up in quite the scandal. Enter Derek Price who makes a living helping the rich and famous clear their image and generally make people like them again. Oh and did I mention he's naked in a tub when the two meet?

Ha, gotcha now, don't I?

Watching the two of them bicker and then begin to care for one another made my life happy. I mean it, my whole entire life was made happier because of them. Not only did I love Derek and Emily but meeting Emily's BFFs and watching their friendship got me so excited to continue on with the series. 

Basically I'm telling you guys that you have to read this. It's that simple.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Bluewater Billionaire's Month on A Book Lovers Playlist

What do you get when you put four authors together that also happen to be best friends? A damn good series about 4 lady billionaires who happen to be best friends.

This month I'm going to review each one of these books and then interviewing the author that wrote that book. Tuesdays will be review day and Thursdays the interview will come out.

I absolutely love this series and I have to tell you guys, these ladies are some of the nicest people EVER.

I am so excited to share these reviews and interviews with you all!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What's Next?

Hey all! I hope you've been enjoying my Lucy Score month as much as I have. I'm also hoping that you all have checked out some of the books I've been recommending to you - because if you haven't been able to tell I LOVE THEM.

While the month is winding down I want to tell you that I have something very exciting in store for next month as well. So I hope you all continue to check back on my blog to see what I have for you next. ;)