"What do you want to be?" "Happy," she says with a smile. - Colleen Hoover

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bad Bad Book Blogger

I feel like the worlds worst book blogger right now. See I explained in a previous post that I was going through a reading slump and the slump has continued my friends. I don't know what my problem is but I can't seem to get out of it.
Usually when this happens I try to read a book on my kindle because it's easier to read at night or I read a contemporary book. I misplaced my kindle for a hot minute but it has been found safe and once I decide to actually charge my little beauty I'm going to try and read on it.
About a week ago I did pick up "A Torch Against The Night" but I haven't dedicated enough time to it because of the holidays. I will say that just talking about it right now is kind of making me want to read it so maybe I will once I post this.
When I came on here today to write this post I saw that I've been getting a wonderful amount of pageviews and I want to tell you all that I really appreciate you sticking with me even though I've been slacking lately.
I'm going to do my best to try and post more often starting in January. Fingers crossed I don't have major reading slumps in 2017 ;)
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: November 15, 2016

Top Ten Movie Freebie
Favorite Movies of All Time

10. Letters To Juliet
9. 27 Dresses
8. Beauty & The Beast
7. What To Expect When You're Expecting
6. Pitch Perfect
5. Never Been Kissed
4. Funny Girl
3. Almost Famous
2. I Love You Man
1. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: November 8, 2016

Ten Books I've Added To My To-Be-Read List

10. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
9. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
8. Honor by Jay Crownover
7. Confess by Colleen Hoover
6. To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise
5. A Court of Thornes and Roses by Sarah J. Mass
4. Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines
3. The One by Kierra Cass
2. The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead
1. A Torch Against The Night Sabaa Tahir

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: November 1, 2016

Top Ten Book To Read If Your Book Club Likes New Adult Contemporary

10. The Temptation of Lila & Ethan by Jessica Sorensen
I've read quite a few books by Jessica Sorensen and out of all of them this one is by far my favorite. You meet this couple in Ella & Micha and they instantly become a favorite. I loved reading their story.
Book Review

9. He's Come Undone by Theresa Weir
This is one of my favorite books that I was sent for review!! I remember reading this one and devouring it. I saw it on my bookshelf the other day and it made me want to reread it, I think I might do that soon.

8. Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken
Just like the last book I remember reading this book and loving it. I was lucky enough to be sent the entire series and I love it. 

7. All Lined Up by Cora Carmack
Cora Carmack is a freaking genius. Her books are pure gold and I think everyone should check them out, even if you're not normally a New Adult fan.

6. To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise
I read this book this year and it's one of my favorites of the year. Ella is also a sweetheart and let me interview her which made me a very happy blogger.

5. Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire
Beautiful Disaster was one of the first New Adult books I ever read and it really hooked me on the genre. I think if you're a fan of boys with tattoos that make your heart pitter pat then you'd definitely like this series.

4. The Marked Men series by Jay Crownover
Speaking of boys with tattoos. ;)

3. The Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines
I don't feel as if I really need to elaborate much on this. You all know that this series is one of my absolute favorites.

2. The Beaumont series by Heidi McLaughlin
Words can't express how much I enjoyed this series. My Unexpected Forever is probably my favorite, if I had to pick. I think the first one is being turned into a movie which would be AMAZING.

1. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
Everyone should read this book. Enough said.
Book Review

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bedtime Book Tag

1. What book kept you up all night reading?
I remember when I read It Ends With Us I couldn't put it down so as soon as my son would go to sleep I'd pick it up and read it until my kindle was falling out of my hand.

2. What book made you scared to go to sleep?
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and then Anna Dressed In Blood both made me a little scared.

3. What book almost put you to sleep?
Hmm...I can't really think of any. See the thing is I don't want to read during the day because I want all of my attention to be on my son soooo I don't read until night time...when I'm tired...so technically every book I read almost puts me to sleep :P

4. What book has you tossing and turning in anticipation of its release?
Children of Eden got me excited but I think the last time I was like freaking out for a book release was when Breaking Dawn came out. I was going crazy!! I've also gotten super excited for all the books in the Marked Men series and The Rosemary Beach series.

5. What book has your dream girlfriend/ boyfriend?
Ben from November 9.

6. What book world would be your worst nightmare to live in?
Either The Hunger Games or An Ember in the Ashes.

7. What book cover reminds you of nighttime?
Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines!! It's a football field on a Friday NIGHT so hellur.

8. What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?
Um well it wasn't really nightmarish but the ending of An Ember in the Ashes made me crazy because I wanted to know what was going to happen.

9. What book have you actually dreamed about?
I honestly can't say that I remember dreaming about a book but if I have it was probably Twilight.

10. What book monster would you not want to find under your bed?
Ahh what are there names, it's those creepy guys from The Mortal Instruments series. The silent brothers or whatever they were called I forget.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Greek Mythology Tag

I was tagged to do this really freaking cool tag by the lovely Cloe at Mornings & Epilogues so thank you to her for letting be a part of the team :P
I also want to say that after going through this tag and wanting to say The Fault in Our Stars for like almost every one of them, I've decided I'm going to try and not use it in any of my answers. Yep, you read that right, I'm going to try and name some new books. Wish me luck!!

1. Zeus: God of the Sky & Thunder The King of Gods

Your favorite book from any category
My favorite book this year is It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and since it's still fresh on my mind I'm going to go with that one.

2. Here: Goddess of Marriage and Fertility
Cutest Book Couple
I loved Will and Lou in Me Before You.

3. Poseidon: God of the Sea & Earthquakes
Book That Drowned You In Feels
Not to turn this into a Colleen Hoover tag but November 9 (and It Ends With Us) made me cry pretty darn hard.

4. Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, Handicraft, and Strategic Warfare 
Series with the best world building
I'm currently reading Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa and there is a lot of world building. 

5. Hades: God of the Underworld
Favorite book with a dark/ominous plot
Do you guys remember Wither by Lauren DeStefano? It was like the most popular book ever a few years back and I loved it. I don't know if it's the darkest book I've ever read but it dealt with some dark stuff and that's the book that came to my mind when I read this question.

6. Aphrodite: Goddess of Love & Beauty
Most beautiful cover on a 2016 release
Um...I'm drawing such a blank right now. 

7. Ares: God of War & Bloodshed
Most violent book you have ever read
I recently read An Ember in the Ashes and it was pretty darn violent.

8. Hephaestus: God of Blacksmiths & Fire
Most swoon worthy character
I've always loved Adrian from the Bloodlines series. He's so dreamy.

9. Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt & the Moon
Favorite awesome heroine
Laia from An Ember in the Ashes is pretty kick ass.

10. Hermes: Messenger God of Thieves and Commerce
Book with the best message
Ugh guys I'm sorry but It Ends With Us has a really good message. Geesh see what happens when I try not to say The Fault in Our Stars a million times?

11. Hestia: Goddess of Home & Hearth
Book with the most relatable story
Pretty much any Colleen Hoover book, Yep.

12. Demeter: God of Agriculture
Favorite bookish setting
I love the setting in Anna & The French Kiss.

13. Dionysus: God of Wine & Celebration
Most anticipated 2016 release
Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa was probably my most anticipated book this year. I'm a huge fan of his and have been watching him on YouTube for years. When he announced that he'd be releasing a book I freaked out!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reading Slump and other shenanigans

I feel like a very bad book blogger.
I have not been posting and it makes me feel pretty darn sucky.
See I read An Ember in the Ashes a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic. Unfortunately it's made me want to read the second book so bad that I have no interest in doing anything book related until I get my hands on that book!!
I've wanted to get on here and do a Top Ten Tuesday or a Book Tag but I seriously cannot stop thinking about that darn book.
I'm currently reading Joey Graceffa's new book Children of Eden and I plan on doing a book review on it as soon as I finish.
Spoiler I'm really liking it so far.
Anyway I just wanted to make a post apologizing to all of you for not keeping up with this. I'm going to try and do better.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson

I don't know about you but...oh I so badly want to finish that with a Taylor Swift lyric but I will try and resist the urge. I have been a huge fan of Shane Dawson for uh you know to be honest I don't even know how long. I do know it's been YEARS!!
He's been promoting his new book in some of his videos and I knew I had to have it. I decided to reach out to his publisher and I scored a review copy. Yay!!
I thought this book was really great and it made me want to pick up his other one I Hate My Selfie.
As you can see on the cover it's a collection of essays and that's what it is. Throughout the book we get to read about many different points in Shane's life and I loved that.
It was just as funny as I expected it to be but he also shared moments that were probably very difficult to share with the world.
I thought it was pretty brave of him to tell us about these moments.
Shane jokes a lot in his videos about being poor when he was younger and how he was "fat" but I guess I never released the extent of it all.
This book really gives you an inside look into Shane's life and it made me love him even more.
I'm not going to lie and tell you there weren't some parts where I was like oh my that's a bit much but you know what that's Shane. There are plenty of times where I watch his videos and go well that's...gross. However Shane flaunts his occasional grossness and I've learned to love him for it.
All in all I thought this book was really fun to read and I'm glad I got to know more about one of my favorite YouTubers.
I definitely recommend this book!!

Buy It Gets Worse Here:
Barnes & Noble

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Am The Reader Book Tag

I saw this tag going around all over YouTube so since I love tags I decided I had to do it.

1. Choose one word that describes being a reader?
The first word that came to mind was magical but Heather from Bookables said that one so I'm going to go with breathtaking. I know that may sound goofy but guys some of the books I've read leave me breathless. I remember the first time I read TFIOS and I felt like something special just took place. More recently I read It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and I felt like I read something that could change things for people. So yes I choose breathless.

2. What is the first book you fell in love with?
A Bend in The Road by Nicholas Sparks. This by no means was the first book I ever loved but it's the first book I ever remember feeling. I know that probably sounds silly but it's the only way I can describe it.

3. Hardback or paperback?
I like the way that hardbacks look on a shelf but paperbacks are easier for me to read. My son just turned a year old and sometimes he falls asleep on me so I'll read. If I tried to hold up a hardback my arms would fall asleep but paperbacks are just right.

4. How has reading shaped your identity?
I feel like reading has given me an escape. When I was younger if I had a bad day at school it was okay because when I got home I could travel into different worlds and meet characters who made me fall in love. More recently it's brought me to where I am now with my blog and I'm so grateful for that everyday.

5. What book do you read when you need to be comforted?
Twilight. When I see/hear the word comfort I think cozy and content. That book is special and when I read it I feel happy and it brings me back to the first time I read it.

6. Who taught you how to be a reader?
That's an easy one, my mom. She's a reader herself and when I was little she read to me all the time. She's also always been very encouraging about my reading habits and for that I'm extremely grateful. I hope to show my son how to love books the way she's shown me.

7. Describe your dream reading lounge?
Okay so you know the Dragonfly Inn from Gilmore Girls? Yeah that area with all the books and everything, that's like my dream.

8. What book changed the way you act or see the world?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

After You by Jojo Moyes

The other day I did a post on my love for the movie adaptation of Me Before You. I loved the book and the movie so of course I needed to pick up After You. I actually think I told you guys I bought it a while ago and just hadn't picked it up yet.
Well I did.
And you know what? I really enjoyed it.




Alright now that we've gotten that out of the way I can tell you that I thought it was awesome that Jojo Moyes showed us what life is like for Lou after...
...after Will dies.
I remember when I saw the movie A Walk To Remember for the first time - heads up i'm going to spoil the ending for that too in 5, 4, 3, 2 - and after Janie died I wanted to know what happened to Landon. I mean I know they show him later on but I want to know what happened to him down the road. Did he ever get married? Have kids? Did he stay friends with that guy who decided to dive in the lake thingy?
I was excited and nervous all at once when I heard about this book. Part of me was so happy because I wanted to make sure Lou was okay. I wanted to make sure that she was happy and that she could move on from what happened. The other part of me was hesitant because I love Lou and Will. I wasn't sure I wanted to see her move on or read about her story without Will in it.
That's the thing though, Will is still very prominent. I mean no he's not around but he's a part of Lou.
I also have to say that going into this I thought we'd see Lou maybe depressed and then maybe she'd meet a guy and that would be great. While those did happen I never EVER thought that things would take a turn the way they do.
I don't really want to tell you what happens because I feel like it's better to go into the book without knowing much.
With that being said all I can really say is that you should definitely pick this up if you've read Me Before You and you want to see how Lou is.

Buy After You Here:
Barnes & Noble


I'm a Book Depository affiliate so if you'd like to buy a book with free shipping and also put some change in my pocket then click HERE

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Me Before You Movie Review

I have been waiting to watch this movie since the second I saw the trailer.
I had heard a lot about this book and then when I saw it was being made into a movie I knew I had to read it.
As soon as I finished the book I wanted to go see the movie but unfortunately it didn't come out for another few weeks.
I waited and waited and then when it finally came to theaters I didn't get to see it.
Obviously I was extremely bummed so I've been sitting around impatiently for it to be released on DVD.
Well the other day my son went to sleep and I rented this bad boy and cried my eyes out.
It. Is. So. Good.
When I was watching it I posted on my Facebook that there's something magical about reading a book and then watching the movie. These characters that you see in your head are now in front of you and there's something really very special about that.
Since we're talking about the characters lets get into the casting. Perfection. Seriously guys it's perfect. I couldn't imagine a better Will and Lou. Every facial expression or mannerism was exactly how I pictured it.
We've all read books and then watched the movie adaptation and gone, "Seriously?" I'm so happy that when I saw this one I felt the same way I did about the book.
The pacing was wonderful, the acting was fantastic, and the story was perfectly conveyed. I think I read that JoJo Moyes wrote the screenplay so obviously that helped.
I don't know what else to say besides watch this!! 
Disclaimer though if you do please please get some Kleenex. I didn't and I cried like a baby.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Ruler of Books Tag

I was nominated by the lovely Cloe at Mornings and Epilogues to do this tag so thank you Cloe!! If you'd like to check out her answers click HERE

1. What book would you make everyone read?
I will not say TFIOS...I won't.
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.
Oh...and TFIOS.

2. What would you abolish from book construction?
I don't like when chapters are 18,000 pages long. I'm a big fan of short chapters because I read more of the book. I know it may sound silly but it's just how I roll.

3. What author would you commission to write every book ever? OR what author would you commission to write a book for you?
Gosh this tag is going to be all Colleen Hoover but I've gotta go with her. Her books are unbelievably good so I feel like I have to pick her.

4. What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for new books?
Oh goodness I could never demote any books. That's just so mean to do to my old books and they deserve better than that. ;)

5. What cover artist would you commission to paint a beautiful mural?
Whoever did the cover art for The Selection could definitely paint a mural for me.

6. What characters face would you put on a coin?
Adrian from the Bloodlines series. He just sounds so pretty and I'd like looking at his face on a coin. 

7. What book would you give the Ruler of Books award of 2016 to?
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. It is hands down the best book I have read all year and even though it's only August I'm confident in saying it's my favorite book of 2016.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: August 23, 2016

Ten Books That Have Been On Your Shelf (Or TBR) From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven't Read Yet

10. Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Maragret Stohl
I read Beautiful Creatures soooo long ago and as soon as I finished it I had to buy the next books. I bought Beautiful Darkness seconds after I finished the first book and then found the third book at my library for like 50 cents. I had the best of intentions on reading them but...haven't.

9. Bewitching by Alex Flinn
Now this one I think I actually bought right after I started blogging but only by a couple months. I loved Beastly and other work by Alex Flinn and since this is supposed to be about Kendra - I think that's her name - from Beastly I really wanted to pick it up. I bought it...haven't read it.

8. Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice
I picked up this book at a used book place and I couldn't wait to get home and read it. But then I didn't.

7. The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey
The Readables on YouTube talked about this book a very very long time ago and I had to pick it up. I did try to read it but I just wasn't in the mood I guess because I never finished it.

6. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
I actually have a few Nicholas Sparks books that I haven't picked up. I have this weird habit of buying his books whenever I find them. At one time I had about 4 copies of The Lucky One. It's a weird habit, I know. Anyway I just haven't gotten around to reading this one yet but I would like to...eventually.

5. Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham
I bought this because it's Sophie Kinsella and we all know I love her. For some reason I just never read it.

4. The Lying Game by Sara Shepard
I bought this one off of ThriftBooks.com oh so long ago but I didn't ever read it. I think it's because I'm not a huge fan of the Pretty Little Liars books so it kind of made me not want to read this.

3. The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
I read The White Queen and really enjoyed it so I had to pick up this one asap. The thing is these books - while great - are different from what I usually read so it takes me a bit longer to get through them. With that being said I've never been in the mood to put the fort in to read this. I hope I'll want to someday soon..ish.

2. Wicked Lovely by Marissa Marr
I remember watching the ChapterChicks on YouTube, they were actually one of the first bookish channels I subscribed to. They had this series and I remember loving the cover of this one. Barnes and Noble had a sale one day and this was under $4 so I got it of course. Then I lost all desire to read it.

1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rock My TBR Tag

I'm having a really hard time picking up a book after It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover so I'm hoping this tag might spark something.
I read it on Spine and Covers blog and you can check it out HERE

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

A contemporary I want to read
After You by Jojo Moyes. I bought it in July and I haven't picked it up yet.

2. Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon
Most anticipated book you have
Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

3. Centuries (remix) by Fall Out Boy
A twist on a classic or fairy tale
I heard A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J, Mass is supposed to be like Beauty & The Beast so if that's true then I pick that one.

4. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot by The Flaming Lips
A science fiction book or a book set in the future
I still haven't read Across the Universe and I kinda want to.

5. She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
A book with a girl on the cover
The One by Kierra Cass!! I've been wanting to read this for so so long!!

6. Africa by Toto
A book set in a foreign country
You know what it would be kind of fun to reread Anna & The French Kiss again. 

7. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
A book or books that will complete a series
The Ruby Circle
by Richelle Mead which I bought a while ago and still haven't read. Ugh.

8. Someone New by Hozier
A book by an author you haven't read yet
Red Rising
by Pierce Brown.

9. Hello by Adele
A book you weren't in the mood for at the time
Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover. I started it right before I had my son...he's now one.

10. Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue 
A book you bought because of the cover
I honestly don't remember the last book I bought only based on the cover. Sorry.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Art of Blissful Parenting by Sharon Ballantine

I was approached a few months back about this book and whether or not I'd be interested in reviewing it. I was a bit unsure at first if I wanted to only because this isn't the type of book I normally would review on here.
As most of you know I'm a mom to an incredible baby boy - who just turned one by the way - so I was interested.
I was sent the book by FireTalker PR so shout out to them for being awesome and sending me a copy. 
What I really like about this book is the energy. I know that probably sounds crazy but if you pick it up you'll understand exactly what I'm saying.
Basically the overall gist of the book is about following your IGS aka your Internal Guidance System.
The author explains that by following your "gut" you actually make the best choices for yourself. If you listen to what your IGS tells you then you'll go down the right path. She also tells you how to not only follow your own IGS but how to show your kids to follow theirs. 
One of my favorite things she says is, "As a parent, we don't have to create our children's IGS. We must help them recognize and use it wisely." I agree with that because we're born with gut instincts. We just sometimes don't know how to follow them and as a mom I want to encourage my son to listen to himself to make the right decisions.
I also really liked how she talked about "The Law of Attraction" which pretty much says if you send out good vibes then you will get good vibes back.
I 100% agree that the more positivity you put out into the world the better your chances are of getting the things you want. 
I want my son to grow up knowing how to think on the bright side of things and how to be kind to others and to follow his heart.
There are some chapters about teenagers which isn't something I can really use yet since my son is so young but I do find it interesting and I'm sure it will be helpful to others who pick this book up.
The author also shares stories from her life as examples for the things she's trying to explain and I enjoyed that as well.
Overall I think this is an interesting read and it's something I would recommend. 

Buy The Art of Blissful Parenting:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Lovin' Book Tag

 I saw this tag done by GraceWithABookInHerFace on YouTube and thought it seemed fun. If you want to check out her video click HERE

1. Start of Summer: Pick a book with an attention grabbing first sentence?
Ugh I don't have any books right next to me and my brain is not responding to this question. I'm sorry guys but I have nothing for you. Bad book blogger, bad.

2. To hot to go out: Pick a book for a day in?
I bought After You by Jojo Moyes a couple of weeks back and I've really been wanting to pick it up so I'm going to choose that one.

3. Summer Road Trip: Pick a book you'd take with you on the road?
Amy & Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson because it's a must for a road trip.

4. Iced Tea Goodness: Pick a book with a cold setting?
Rule by Jay Crownover takes place in Denver during winter so yeah I'd say that one works for this question.

5. Nasty Sunburn: A book you really dislike (so far) this year?
To be honest I haven't read any books this year that I really disliked. I haven't read much so that's probably why. ;)

6. Sizzling Read: Recommend one of your favorite books?
I don't really want to recommend a book I've talked to you guys about a million times so I'm going to choose a book I read recently - and have only recommended half a million times - and that's It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday REWIND
Go back and do a topic you missed over the years or recently or a topic you really want to revisit

Since it's a topic I'd like to do and it's unbelievably hot I'm going to choose "Books I'd Want a Desert Island"

10, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Shock. Seriously though I would need this book with me because I love it so so much.

9. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
This is one of Colleens semi lighter books so I'd bring this one along. It's funny and makes me happy so it would keep me in a good mood while I'm...you know...on a desert island.

8. Between The Lines series by Tammara Webber
I read these books when I first started my blog and I loved them. They are light hearted, quick, easy reads and they'd be perfect to bring along.

7. Anna & The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
It's a light happy book and sure to keep me happy also.

6. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes 
Now you may think that's a strange choice but this book makes me laugh and get a wee emotional so I think it's a good choice.

5. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Guys come on, if I'm on a desert island for who knows how long I need Twilight.

4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Just to remind me that things could be much worse.

3. Wake by Amanda Hocking
Water. Sirens.

2. Faking It by Cora Carmack
This book made me laugh out loud and I think it would be a fantastic choice to bring with me.

1.The Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines
It takes place on a beach...um it's kinda perfect. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rapid Fire Book Tag

I adore book tags that are quick and to the point. Okay I love book tags that are long too. Alright alright, I love book tags.
Check out the original tag by clicking HERE

E-book or Physical Book?
Eh..Um..Physical..no e-book...no...uh...both. 

Paperback or Hardback?

Online or in store book shopping?
In store.

Trilogies or Series?
Ugh. I don't know. Trilo...eries.

Heroes or Villains?
I believe in good so heroes.

A book you want everyone to read?
I just finished It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and it was absolutely fantastic so that one.

Recommend an underrated book?
To Love Jason Thorne by Ella Maise, go read it!!

The last book you finished?
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.

The last book you bought?

After You by Jojo Moyes.

Weirdest thing you've used as a bookmark?
I don't know if I've ever used anything "weird" for a bookmark. I've used receipts, scrap paper, actual bookmarks...

Used books: Yes or no?
Duh, yes.

Top three favorite genres?

New Adult

Borrow or buy?
I prefer to buy but I did go to the library yesterday and it was wonderful.

Characters or plot?
What? This is silly.

Long or short books?
Honestly depends on my mood.

Long or short chapters?

SHORT. It's easier for me to read more if the chapters are short, I don't know why but it is.

Name the first book you think of...


Books that make you laugh or cry?
It Ends With Us (cry and a little laughter)
TFIOS (equal parts cry and laugh)
Shopaholic series (laugh)

Our world or fictional worlds?
I like to get lost in fictional worlds but I think our world can be pretty great too.

Audiobooks: Yes or no?
Not for me.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?
Ha. Yep.

Book to movie or book to TV adaptations?

I love Vampire Diaries, Army Wives, and Gossip Girl and those are the only TV adaptations I can think of so movie.

A movie or TV show you preferred to its book?
Vampire Diaries hands down, I don't like the books at all.

Series or standalones?
Again it all depends on my mood.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Normally this is where I would tell you that I was sent this book for review and OMG Colleen Hoover is a genius. While that is all true I have to tell you guys that I'm stunned into silence by this book.
I'm not really sure how I'm going to write this review but I'm going to start typing and see where it goes.
Like I said I was sent this book for review and I was incredibly excited. I adore Colleen Hoover and her books so I knew that this would be an easy read and that I'd love it.
I did love this but it was not an easy read. This book was so deep and heartbreaking that it actually has made an impact on my life.
I've read a lot of books in my 26 years but the only book I ever remember making me feel this way was The Fault in Our Stars.
I went into this book completely blind and this is partly why it's hard for me to write this review. I want so badly to tell you all about the plot and some of the things that happened but I truly think you should go into this without knowing anything about it.
I started It Ends With Us on a Tuesday night at like midnight and finished it Thursday. When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it and wishing I could be reading it. I couldn't stop thinking about the characters and what was going to happen next. I was completely sucked into this story so much so that I actually started feeling like everything was happening to me.
The characters in this are some of the best that Colleen has ever written. Lilly our main character is simply amazing and I feel like I know her. I feel like a lot of us can see ourselves in her, in good ways and bad.
It Ends With Us is by far the best book that I've read all year and I'm confident in saying that it's my favorite of 2016.
Everyone says "Oh the feels" when they read heavy books but you guys have no idea. I can't begin to describe the range of emotions I felt while reading this.
I feel terrible because this review isn't one of my finest but I just can't find the words to tell you how stunning It Ends With Us actually is.
I 100% recommend you read this book but please please go into it without reading the plot. Just pick it up and let yourself get sucked into the story like I did.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The "Slumps are for Chumps" Book Tag

It's happened to me again guys, I'm in a book slump. I haven't read anything in over a month and it's driving me crazy. I didn't know what I should post for you all so I went to Google and typed in book slump and this tag game up. You all know how I feel about doing tags and since I'm in a slump I figured hey this sounds like a fantastic idea. Check out the blog I saw this tag on by clicking HERE

1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish?

I started Fallen by Lauren Kate a while back and never finished it. I also picked up Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and got like 4 pages into it before I put it down.

2. Which book is your guilty pleasure?

I feel weird choosing Fifty Shades of Grey because this question has the word pleasure in it which makes me all kinds of uncomfortable but it's true, this book is a guilty read. I love it, don't judge me.

3. Which book do you love to hate?

Hmm, I don't know if there is any book that I love to hate.

4. Which book would you throw in the sea?

Haha, this question makes me giggle. There have been some books that I really really didn't like, but I love books and I would never throw one into the water. That would hurt it and I don't believe in hurting books.

5. Which book have you read the most?


6. Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

I wouldn't really want Isla & The Happily Ever After but I would love it if someone bought me Lola & The Boy Next Door.

7. Which book could you not live without?

I don't want to say the book I'm thinking of because I have to use it later on in this tag...and I don't want to be predictable...or use a book to many times in a tag. I can't not do it...TFIOS. I just don't know what I'd do without that book guys, I'm sorry.

8. Which book made you the angriest?


9. Which book made you cry the most?

The Fault in Our Stars, see I told you I had to use it later on in the tag. But I also cried a lot in The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

10. Which book cover do you hate the most?

I read My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron a loooong time ago and I loved the book and I thought the cover was kind of cute. Then last year or so I saw a different cover for it and it made me so mad because it was cheesy and so not good for the book underneath. Soooo I'm going to have to go with that one.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


This post is my 300th post and I'm not going to lie, that's crazy to me!! I have had this blog for 3 years now and it's one of my favorite things in the world.
When I started A Book Lovers Playlist it was because I wanted to share my thoughts with the world. I wanted to be able to tell people about my favorite books and to review the books I was reading. I also wanted a place where I could fangirl and discuss all things bookish with people who love reading as much as I do.
I think we all have a place in this world and someday we find it. As you all know I'm a mom and I truly believe that is what I was put on this earth to do. I also believe I was meant to do this. Maybe that's cheesy or you're thinking to yourself, "All you do is write about books, it's not like you actually wrote a book." And if you are thinking that then you're right, but it still means the world to me.
I can't begin to find the words to thank you all for subscribing to this blog and for following my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I love reading your comments and I try and do my best to respond to them because I want you all to know just how special you are to me.
I have been incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunities I have because of this blog. I never thought I'd be able to say that I've interviewed some of my favorite writers or that publishing companies would be sending me books to review. Every single time I talk to an author I can't believe it. Every time I get a book sent to me I jump up and down. To be honest I don't think that will ever change.
I don't want to get carried away so I'm going to stop here but I just want to say thank you all. Thank you for making A Book Lovers Playlist one of my favorite things. Thank you for your kind words and for giving me a chance.
I've never done this before but since I'm celebrating I wanted to do my very first giveaway. Please leave a comment below or on twitter using the #ABookLoversPlaylist telling me why you read this blog and something that you're grateful for. If you comment on here please leave an e-mail address for me to get a hold of you with. I'll close the giveaway on July 29th.
What is the giveaway for you ask? Well my friends I'd like to giveaway one of my favorite books. I'm going to write 5 books below and you can choose from that list. This giveaway is only for the United States only because I can't afford international shipping. Thank you all for being so wonderful!!

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Like you didn't know that would be on here)
2. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
3. Rule by Jay Crownover
4. Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines
5. November 9th by Colleen Hoover

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Makeup Tag

As I was pondering the YouTubes I found this tag done by Heather at Bookables and it seemed fun. Before she answered the bookish bits she named the makeup she uses so I thought I would too. Enjoy!!

Pick a book that left a lasting impression Haha, yeah I don't prime. As far as my book answer well guys we're starting it off early, The Fault in Our Stars.

Pick your favorite first book in a series
As far as makeup goes I use Tarte Amazonian Clay but the powder not the liquid. And as far as a book I'm going to go with my beloved Twilight.

Pick a character you wish you could get rid of Well before I read Up In Flames I probably would've said Nan but now that I don't hate her I'll go with Jane from Twilight...mostly because that's all I can think of.

Pick your favorite last book in a seriesNo powder aside from foundation so right onto the book and that's probably...hmm...let's go with City of Heavenly Fire.

A book that you think everyone should readI do not fill in my brows It's au naturel over her my friends. Since I've already said TFIOS I'll go with The Outsiders.

Pick a book that has your favorite colors on the coverI don't usually use eyeshadow but lately when I do I use my Lorac Pro palette and for a book I'm going to go with The Selection because that is the color i'm obsessed with atm.

Pick a dark & mysterious bookI've been using Stila liquid eyeliner in black and I'm going to pick...wow...I don't know. I can't really think of a dark AND mysterious book. Oh wait no no I got it, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

Pick a loooooong bookI use Benefit Roller Lash and i'm going to go with the last couple Harry Potter books because those guys are HUGE.

Pick a book that had some cringe-worthy romance
I don't really use blush anymore so I don't have an up to date fav but a cringe worthy romance I'll say A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers.

Pick a book that brightened your dayWow, do I wear any makeup? Anything I've ever read by Sophie Kinsella has brightened my day especially her Shopaholic books.

Your favorite book kiss
I love Turkish Delight by Nars but it's a lipgloss not lipstick, am I disqualified now? The first book that comes to mind is Rule because the first kiss that him and Shaw have is so freaking hot. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: July 12, 2016...Posted on Wednesday...Oops

Ten Facts About Me:

I think I did something like this a few months back or maybe last year but I love reading posts like this so I thought I'd do it again...plus I can't remember if I in fact did do this before so it's like doing it the first time ;)

10. I have a slight addiction to tennis shoes
9. My current favorite song is Let It Go by James Bay
8. I like watching hockey and have been to see 3 NHL games
7. My favorite colors are raspberry pink and mint green
6. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast
5. I almost lost my eye sight when I was 8
4. I love everything shabby chic
3. I have a dog named Cooper Cohen who was named after Marissa Cooper and Seth Cohen from the OC
2. I can quote almost every line from Friends
1. I'm a mommy and believe me it's the absolute best :)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leslie Welch Interview

Today I'm going to share an interview that I did with the lovely Leslie Welch.
I recently reviewed her book The Goodbyes and if you've read my review then you know that I really liked it.
I'm so grateful for the chance to interview Leslie so huge thank you's go out to her and her team!!


1. What is the first story you remember writing?
Like most writers, I started writing as soon as I could string letters into simple words. My early stories were about my pets. But the first thing I wrote that met the “academic requirements” of a narrative was about my little brother climbing through a portal in our shed and saving our neighborhood from a terrifying monster. Twenty-three years later, it’s still one of his favorites.

2. Are there any authors that you would enjoy co-writing with?
This is a tricky one! Exploring a story with another writer is so much fun, but having different expectations for the direction can add a lot of time to a project. I co-wrote my first novel with my best friend. It took us seven years to finish the first draft. We’re still revising (but thankfully almost done).
I think I work best as a solitary writer because I take off on crazy tangents. I can spend a week rewriting chapters to make a new idea work, then decide not to pursue it. I’d hate to subject another writer to that. As for my BFF, she’s learned to deal with it. 

3. Which authors do you look up to?
I’m a huge Vonnegut fan. Sirens of Titan will always be on my list of favorite books. He taught me how to escape the expectations of a traditional novel while adhering to the conventions of good storytelling.
As for contemporary authors, Rainbow Rowell is a huge inspiration. I love the emotional spectrum she creates for her characters. When it comes to language, Lauren Groff’s prose stuns me. I’d love to be able to write with her intensity.

4. In The Goodbyes Webb wants to be a musician when he's in high school and then later his dreams come true. What was your dream job in high school?
I wanted to be so many things: an actress, a singer, an astronaut. When I was eighteen, I won an acting contest sponsored by Entertainment Weekly. First prize was a trip to Ft. Worth to see the world premiere of 8 Seconds. I thought for sure I was headed to Hollywood, but it never happened.
In college, I chased my dream of being a musician and independently recorded seven albums. I’m still waiting for a chance to be an astronaut. Maybe I’ll be the first author on Mars (hint, hint, Elon). 
5. Bree has a lot of drama surrounding her, have you ever known anyone like her?
I feel like we’ve all known someone like Bree. That friend who doesn’t realize how their words or actions affect people. The person who doesn’t realize they’re in a world full of people.
From a psychological perspective, Bree has legitimate reasons for acting the way she does. But, from a human perspective, she leaves a path of destruction without a glance in the rearview mirror.

6. Webb is in love with Bree even though she isn't the best for him, have you ever 
been in his shoes?

So. Many. Times. I’ve also been the girl who didn’t handle other people’s hearts with care. I had a very skewed perception about love when I was younger. I grew up not knowing my father. I carried this rejection into my teen years and constantly searched for validation through relationships.
It took a lot of work to leave my baggage on the conveyor belt and decide to travel light into love. Now, as an adult (who has been happily married for fifteen years), I’m absolutely grateful for the puffy, white scars these experiences left behind. They gave me a lifetime of feelings to tap into. And those guys? It’s safe to say I dodged some major disasters.
7. Music is an important part of my blog and your book, what music inspires you?
I love music that builds a world around me. I’m a huge Snow Patrol fan. The Lightning Strike is the perfect example of a song that triggers my imagination. Every time I hear it, I see a story. In fact, my next book was inspired by the lyrics.
I’m also a big fan of The XX, Band of Horses, Metric, and Imagine Dragons. They’re all on my writing playlist.

8. Who was the hardest character to write?
It was challenging to write Bree. In early drafts, she was pretty one-dimensional. Originally, this was an intentional choice because that’s how we perceive people in high school. We lack the emotional experience to pick up on nuances. It’s easy to believe that popular kids have a magical life, or that our crushes are perfect. But we all have secrets.

I had to work really hard to find a balance between revealing enough to let the reader “fill in the blanks” while letting Webb continue to see her as an enigma. He might not fully understand what’s happening, but the reader can guess. This might be frustrating for some readers, but it’s the same thing as the top spinning at the end of Inception. Did it fall over? We’ll never really know--just like we will never truly understand any other person beside ourselves.
9. Who was your favorite character to write?
I love Charlotte. If I knew her, she’d be one of my best friends. She doesn’t apologize for who she is, but is still empathetic. I’ve thought about writing the story from her perspective. It would be interesting to see what her journey was like.

10. If The Goodbyes had a theme song what would it be?
The first song that comes to mind is Fix You by Coldplay. I mean, if you really read the lyrics, it’s almost perfect.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Goodbyes by Leslie Welch

It's no secret that I get scared sometimes when I receive a review copy of a book. I've told you all time and time again how I get nervous sometimes because I'm scared I won't like the book - which has happened. Well it didn't happen with The Goodbyes.I really enjoyed this book!!
First of all I have to tell you that the writing to me is like reading poetry, that's how beautiful it is.
The story is about Web Turner and his great love for a girl named Bree.
Web is a really sweet guy from a small town who lives near the girl of his dreams.
Bree is wild and exciting which is basically everything Web is not.
Throughout the story we go back and forth in time. In some chapters we are in present day and Web is in a rush to get to a hospital that is treating Bree. In the other chapters we find ourselves back when the two are teenagers and Web is trying to win her heart.
The gist of the story reminds me of Paper Towns by John Green but while the story is similar the comparison ends there. The thing is this story demands to be told because it happens all the time. Everyone has fallen for the wrong person. You can't help it.
While I was reading this book I felt myself wanting to hug Web and kind of shake him a little bit too. I understand why he loves this crazy girl but my 26 year old heart was saying no no Web you deserve better than that.
Another thing I feel like I have to say is that this isn't your typical contemporary. It's not corny and it isn't predictable.
The only thing I didn't like was Bree. She dealt with some pretty bad things so you end up realizing why she is the way she is but I can't help but not like her. You can't help but love Web so you grow protective over him the more you read but in return you begin to really dislike Bree. It can't be helped.
Anyway like I said earlier I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book that will make you get all those feels everyone is always talking about.

The Goodbyes will be released July 12, 2016Buy The Goodbyes Here:

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm A Duff: Barbra

Today's DUFF story was written by one of the best people I've ever had the privilege of knowing, my friend Barbra. Barbra or as I so very fondly call her - my Barbie Doll - and I have been friends since we were five. I don't know if she's really thought about it but that means that we've been friends for 21 years!!
My dearest Barbie is one of the kindest and most genuine people you could ever know so when I asked her to write this I was honored when she agreed.
I hope you all love her story as much as I do and I hope you love her even half as much as me.
Thank you Barbie Doll, I love you lady :)
"So when Kayleigh first asked me to do this I was like ‘Yeah I'll do that for you no problem.’ Then I realized I have never read the book and I have never really heard about it so I decided to go online and watch a quick clip of what the movie is about. Which by the way makes me now want to watch the movie.
After watching the movie trailer of what a DUFF is I realized that is kind of how I felt through high school and through college. I have never been the outgoing kind of person. I have always been very shy when it comes to people. I am always friendly to people and try to be nice to everyone. In high school I did some sports but I wasn’t super athletic.  I wasn’t the prettiest person in school. I wasn’t one of the popular people but I had quite a few friends. High school was a little rough for me with everything that was going on with my family life. The summer before my junior year of high school my brother and I were put in foster care. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world but adjusting to a new family was a little difficult. The family I moved in with lived outside of town and most of my friends that I hung out with lived in town or had their driver’s license. I wasn’t always allowed to go hang with my friends because they were a protective and kind of religious family. So, I kind of felt like I lost touch with some of my friends at the time because we couldn’t hang out as much.
After living with them for almost a year they decided they no longer wanted to have a foster care. They were wanting to move out of state and because we had not been adopted they needed to have us move to a different home. To me this was devastating; I had just figured out how to fit in with the family and now I was being up-rooted again. Little did I know I would have a little more freedom and be able to hang with my friends more and do more after school activities. We ended up staying with this family and getting adopted in. The family legal adopted my brother and even though they didn’t legally adopt me I’m still considered their child. Thinking about my family and group of friends I am most certainly the DUFF. Even my family members are more outgoing than I am. This includes adopted and biological family. I am the one who tries to keep the peace between everyone. I’m the one who keeps quiet and doesn’t want to bother anyone with my problems or feelings. When it comes to my friends and family I try to make sure to be there for them and do whatever I can for them whenever they need it. I always have an ear to listen and help them through whatever I can. Because, to be honest, without them around I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am.
The one thing that I have to say that I love about myself or that motivates me the most when I need it is how close I am with my family and friends. Like I said before I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without all of them. With everything I have been through my entire life this is what has gotten me through it all. Knowing that I have a support system and people that love me and care for me. Knowing that I have friends like Kayleigh, who I have known since kindergarten, but could still call if I needed someone to talk to any time day or night and knowing that she knows that it goes both ways.
I love that I am able to create relationships with people that will last a lifetime even if I am a quiet and shy person. I love that I am friendly and able to make friendships. I may not be the prettiest or the best looking but I know that my friendship means something to people.
For my song that motivates me I would say Hearbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: June 28, 2016

This weeks T10T is a freebie week so basically you can pick whatever you want - including old T10T. A couple weeks ago there was one that I missed and I wish I would've done it so my friends I'm doing it now.

Top Ten Reasons I Love _____ <- Insert The Fault in Our Stars

Don't roll your eyes at me.
Here we go.

10. The Cast
When I found out this was being turned into a movie I was a bit nervous. All I kept thinking was please don't ruin it. But guys, the cast. Oh. My. Gosh. Everyone is so perfect and spot on as these characters, I literally have nothing to complain about.

9. The Quotes
The Fault in Our Stars is full of so many stunning quotes it's crazy. "It would be a priveldge to have my heart broken by you." "Okay? Okay." "You gave me forever within the numbered days and I'm grateful." And one of my favorites, "I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once." My God those are good.

8. Augustus Waters
Augustus Waters is by far my favorite male character ever. He will always hold a very special place in my heart. Not only is he one of the sweetest characters I've ever read about he is also one of the funniest.

7. Hazel Grace
This girl is amazing. Hazel keeps me laughing throughout the story but she also makes me feel for her. When I read the book or watch the movie I feel protective over her. When she's angry I am too. When she's sad I'm crying with her. When she's laughing I can't quit smiling. I love her oh so much.

6. It's a Metaphor
I LOVE the scene where Hazel sees Gus smoking and has a cow. This part is not only one of my favorites from the book but from the movie also.

5. Isaac
I absolutely adore Isaac and I think he's a fabulous friend. There are many moments in this book that bring tears to my eyes but Isaacs eulogy is one of the saddest things I've ever read.

4. Hazels parents
I think that Hazel Grace has some of the coolest parents around. I love them in the book but the movie makes me love them even more. They are so strong and the love they have for their daughter is beautiful to read about.
3. The Movie
I can't even begin to tell you all how much I love this movie. The other day while my son was napping I decided that I was going to put it in and watch it. From the second it started I was taken back into Hazel and Gus' world and I loved every minute of it. I've read the book 3 times and that was the 3rd or 4th time I've seen the movie and I love it more every time.

2. The Comedy
This book makes me laugh which is strange because of the subject matter. John Green has a way of making you fall in love with his characters that is just fantastic. I laugh so much when I read this which kind of balances out the fact that I'm a sobbing mess by the end.

1. The Love
Hazel and Gus are my favorite couple ever because they're real. They've been dealt some pretty crappy cards but they're still wonderful. They aren't fake, they don't sugar coat, they just are.