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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Pippa Grant Interview

Have you ever started to talk to someone and can instantly tell that they're a good one? Like a genuinely good human? That's how I felt when I first started talking with Pippa.

I loved Crazy For Loving You so much, so when I emailed her the final questions I was smiling  and giggly, and basically as silly as I was the first time I ever got kissed. Which btw happened while I was on the phone with my mother. Not exactly a romantic first kiss but that didn't stop the giddiness.

Thank you Pippa for answering all of my questions and for letting me be giddy.


1. How did West and Daisy's story come to you?
I knew I wanted Daisy paired with her polar opposite, but it took me four false starts before I found West. I wasn't sure if he was her ex-boyfriend, if he was famous too, if they grew up together, met later in life, or were total strangers, but once he finally begrudgingly told me he was a military man looking to settle down with a family, I understood why he was in Daisy's life.

It would've been nice if he'd been more forthcoming about 80,000 words earlier, but I'll forgive him. He had good reason to be nervous.

2. If you could be the CEO of a multi billion dollar company, what would the company be?
I'd be the CEO of a company that made happy, fun products for adults. ANYTHING that would make grown-ups, especially moms and businesswomen, smile, would be where I'd spend my days. (I'd also happily run a billion-dollar publishing empire specializing in romantic comedies...just putting that out there.)

3. There are 4 authors in the book that the girls love to listen to when they go to Drag Queen Brunch. If you could go to DQB with 4 of your favorite authors within ear shot, who would you pick?
Ahh! What a great question! And I know it's great because it's hard to answer, lol. For starters, Janet Evanovich - her humor is amazing, so I know I'd laugh listening to her. Then I'd toss in Jennifer Barnes - my son LOVES her books, and she's an amazing teacher for writers. Julia Kent would be a must too, because she's also very funny, and also so very nice. And then I'd round out the group with Alexander Dumas, whom we'd have to bring back from the dead, just because it would crack me up to have someone who wrote my favorite classic ever sitting there between some of the most brilliant and hilarious minds in the romance world today.

4. In each of the books the girls meet the author who wrote their story. If the 4 girls in the books, and the 4 of you who wrote them, could hang out for a whole week on vacation, where would you want to go?
We'd go to a private Caribbean island and soak up the sun and drink margaritas and Pina Coladas and watch Lucifer and plot books and world domination while someone else did all of our laundry and cooked us fresh seafood, and it would be amazing, and I'd never want to leave.

5. West is totally the guy you add to your book boyfriend list. He's already been added to mine. Who is your favorite guy out of the 4 books?
You know I'm totally biased here and have to pick West!! I'm a sucker for a military man who takes care of people. BUT, if you held my toes to the fire and told me I had to pick someone else, I'd pick the love child of Derek, Jude, and Beck, where said love child got Beck's heart, Jude's protectiveness, and Derek's pick-pocketing skills.

6. Out of the 4 girls, Emily, Cameron, Daisy, and Luna, who would you say you're the most like?
I'm a mix of Emily and Cameron, believe it or not! I went to college for an engineering degree, and I LOVE supporting women in STEM fields.

7. If you lived in Bluewater with Claire, Kathryn, and Lucy, and you were in charge of an activity for the community, what would you choose?
I'd make us all spend a night at the pottery wheel! It's an art form that's fascinated me since I was little, and I'm actually about to start taking some classes to learn how to actually do it without making bowls that look like artistic poop.

8. What is your favorite part of Bluewater?
Ah, another hard question!!! If I were to live in Bluewater, I'd spend every morning and evening on the beach (I love sunrise and sunset colors!!), and I'd probably spend my days in the little village writing at the coffee shop that I'm sure in in there somewhere, and talking to all the residents during my breaks.

9. What was your favorite part of your book?
It's a spoiler!! Can I say the black moment? That horrible all is lost, how will they ever survive this? moment? Because that was definitely a big moment...and hard to write, but one of my favorite black moments that I've ever written. I know I should say the cats on the trampoline, or one of the moments with Daisy and West in her bedroom, or the bromance scene between all the heroes (I gigged the whole time I was writing that!!), but...yeah. The black moment.

10. If Crazy for Loving You had a theme song, what would it be?
"I get knocked down," aka "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba.

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