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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lucy Score Interview

This is the second time I've had the opportunity to interview the very fabulous, Lucy Score. How lucky am I??

Thank you again to Lucy for taking the time to answer my questions and dealing with my fan girling. You the real MVP. Are the kids saying that anymore? Am I old? Hmm....anyway, I hope you all enjoy the interview!!

1. How did Bluewater Billionaires come to exist?

My author friend Pippa Grant went on a hilarious rant saying she was tired of men getting to have all the zeroes in the bank account. She then hypothesized about what kind of a man would be secure enough and awesome enough to fall in love with a lady billionaire!

2.  If you could be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, what would the company be?

Something that involves martini tastings, mattress testing, or reading books for a living. Preferably all three.

3. There are 4 authors in the book that the girls love to listen to when they go to Drag Queen Brunch. If you could go to a DQB with 4 of your favorite authors within ear shot, who would you pick?

I'd love to be at Drag Queen Brunch eavesdropping on Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan, Pippa Grant and whoever they tried to replace me with. Then I'd pop up over the back of the booth and yell, "Does she even like tacos?" before hurling a Bloody Mary at Replacement Lucy and storming out. Hypothetical Lucy is very dramatic.

4. Speaking of Drag Queen Brunch, which Drag Queen would be your favorite?

My favorite drag queen would be one who could help me master contouring and highlighting, I keep failing the YouTube tutorials. Also, I'm a HUGE fan of the movie The Birdcage. So if a Nathan Lane's Starina is an option, I choose her!

5. Derek is total book boyfriend material. Who is your favorite guy out of all 4 books?

I'm un-apologetically biased. Derek Price is my swoony, pocket-picking, dirty-talking, hair-cutting favorite man in Bluewater!

6. Out of the 4 girls, Emily, Cameron, Daisy and Luna, who would you say you're the most like?

I think I'm a really messy combination of Emily and Daisy. I love being completely absorbed in work, but in the rest of my life I'm the inappropriate, unapologetic, fun-seeker with a Bloody Mary in the cupholder of the stair climber.

7. If you lived in Bluewater with Claire, Pippa, and Kathryn and you were in charge of an activity for the community, what would you choose?

All you can eat tacos and margaritas block party. Last one standing wins.

8. What is your favorite part of Bluewater?

I love the idea behind these women deciding they wanted to create their own home. Not just the houses they live in, but an entire community where they can be themselves safely and without judgement. Also, I love Frank the a$$hole parrot and Steve the three-legged alligator. Steve was named by Claire Kingsley's daughter during the brainstorming process.

9. What was your favorite part of your book?

I have a LOT of favorites. The meet-nude. Emily trusting Derek to cut her hair and the change in her character that signaled. The first kiss in the "science closet". And that *ahem* up-against-the-door scene. Also, Jane finally getting to use her stun gun!

10. If The Price Of Scandal had a theme song, what would it be?

Ooooh. This was a thinker! I'm going to go with "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers. I think it embodies how Derek falls for Emily.

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