"What do you want to be?" "Happy," she says with a smile. - Colleen Hoover

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Walk The Edge by Katie McGarry

I want to start out by saying that I was sent this book for review. While I do love getting books sent to me, sometimes I get a bit...nervous. I would say 8 out of 10 times I love the book I'm sent but there are those other 2 times that I don't like the it at all. I personally don't enjoy doing reviews on books that I don't like, which is why you don't find a lot on here.
The hard part about being sent a book is I don't really have much choice, I have to review it whether I like it or not.
The other thing I'd like to say is I've read 2 other Katie McGarry books and I'm split down the middle. I didn't like the first one I read at all but I really enjoyed the second one. Because of that I went into this with mixed feelings.
I'm an idiot.
This book is fantastic!!
First off it's told in dual perspectives so yay!! I really wish more authors wrote their books this way because it really helps you get attached to the characters.
The story follows Thomas/Razor and Breanna who are so different they're almost the same.
Bre is the middle child of a large family and she's a super genius. She's known for being the smart good girl and she's looking to shed that image. Not by going all Sandra Dee in black leather and smoking a cigarette - think a bit more subtle. Unfortunately things aren't off to a great start because a classmate named Kyle is trying to get her to write his papers for him and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get her to agree.
Razor is a member of a notorious motorcycle club. People are scared of him because they believe this "club" is actually a gang.
He carries a gun.
He's bad.
He's intimidating.
He's gorgeous.
In the beginning of the book Razor is approached by a police detective who tells him that he doesn't believe Razor's mothers death was an accident. This sets Razor off and he starts to doubt the integrity of the club that he calls family.
One night Bre is waiting for a ride home and finds herself alone with Razor. The thing is he's actually really protective and he goes to sit with her until her ride arrives so she's not alone. Breanna doesn't want Razor to know that while she finds him attractive she's also frightened of him and his reputation. She decides to throw him off by telling him she'll pay him to be her bodyguard.
Flash forward a few days and Bre tells Razor she's going to a bar with her friends and as her bodyguard he decides to go for her protection. Turns out it's a good idea he goes because Bre runs out of the bar crying after Kyle approaches her again.
That night the two of them get close and talk. The chemistry is undeniable but nothing happens.
What we don't see until later is that while the two were together Kyle snapped a picture that insinuates a lot more happened than just talking. Because he's an ass he blackmails Bre.
Razor promises Breanna that he won't let the picture get out but he asks her to help him solve a code dealing with his mothers death. Throughout the story we get to watch their love get stronger for one another but we also get taken on a wild ride.
Walk the Edge isn't your typical contemporary romance. When I wasn't reading it I found myself thinking about it. I wanted to know what was going to happen with Breanna and Razor. I wanted to know if his mothers death was an accident or if Bre was going to be humiliated. This book is equal parts romantic and suspenseful.
If you're looking for something that's got the romance you desire and the suspense that will keep you turning the page then you've found it. I definitely recommend Walk The Edge.Buy Walk The Edge Here:
Barnes and Noble

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I'm A DUFF: Jay Crownover

It is absolutely no surprise to you all when I say I love Jay Crownover. She was my very first interview and she's the author of one of my favorite series, The Marked Men.
As you know I started a series in January called I'm A DUFF where I have people tell their stories on why they're a DUFF.
The first month was my story, February belongs to my new friend Cloe and this month I talked to Jay.
I wrote her and first asked if she had read The DUFF.  
"I do love that book. Wes was one of the first book boyfriends I ever loved."
I also approached her with my idea to which she said, "Awww....that's a sweet idea however...I totally dig myself fully and wholly. Lol...I'm not the girl that ever questions what I'm doing or how I'm going about it. I'm not the DUFF and I would never allow anyone to classify me as such. Not in a bad way...it's just not who I am as a person. Keep inspiring others and having a huge heart....the world needs more of that ♡♡♡♡"
I loved what she said so much that I asked her if I could share it with you guys.
Because she's the fabulous Jay Crownover she said yes. ;)
I think it's incredibly inspiring to know who you are and love yourself. That's my whole point for doing these posts. When I said this to her she wrote back quite possibly the best two sentences I've ever read.
"Well I've learned the hard way in life that no one else will ever care as much about you and yours as YOU do. I'm never ashamed to be my own biggest fan."
Not only is she a fantastic writer she's an amazing and empowering women and I think we all could learn a thing or two from what she had to say.
Of course before our conversation came to an end I asked her if there was a song that I could include that inspired her, Below you'll find her answer as well as a video of the song she chose.
"How about My Best Girl by Lucero? He's singing about his guitar but it sounds like he's singing about a girl that he loves. Really the music is the one thing that he's always had and has never let him down...books and words is kind of that way for me...Books are my best girl...lol"

If you'd like to share your story please e-mail me at abookloversplaylist@yahoo.com


Friday, March 25, 2016

Gilmore Girls Book Tag

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned it before but in case I haven't, I AM A HUGE GILMORE GIRLS FAN!! I have rewatched this stinkin' show so many times that I've actually lost count. Lorelei Gilmore is my spirit animal, Rory is the reader I aspire to be, Sookie is the chef I am in my dreams. It's just so wonderful.
When I found out that they are doing the revival I about wet my pants out of excitement. Seriously?! We get our beloved Gilmore Girls again?! Yes!
Another person who is excited about the revival is Heather from the YouTube channel Bookables. I've mentioned her quite a few times on my blog because she's muh fav and I love her. I saw that she did a video called The Gilmore Girls Book Tag and I had to do it. If you'd like to watch the original tag created by Pucksandpaperbacks you can do so by clicking HERE
If you'd like to watch Heathers video then click HERE
On with the questions! Enjoy!

A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor
"I don't know if she ever realized that the person I most wanted to be was her." - Rory Gilmore
  Literally any Sophie Kinsella character.

Your favorite classic
"Ugh, I need a taco." - Rory Gilmore
 As for classics though I must say I haven't read a lot. I'm not sure if it counts but I'm going to go with The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit.
  "Lorelai, this thing we're doing here me, you I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in." - Luke Danes
I don't thing there are any books that I'm afraid to admit that I love. Sorry.

A musical character
"I'm afraid that once your hearts involved, it all comes out in moron." - Lorelei Gilmore
Ridge from Maybe, Someday by Colleen Hoover!!

Your first book love
"I love you, you idiot." - Rory Gilmore
I remember having a thing for Kostas from Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, which ironically is Alexis Bledel's/Rory's love interest in the movie.

A book you’ve devoured
"Super cool party people bid you super cool adieu" - Sookie St. James
To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise!! So good guys, so good.

A book you love, that gets the most hate.
"What makes you think I care about you?" - Jess
Twilight was the first book to come to my head when I read this. It's funny because it seems like everyone loves this book but everyone also hates it. Bizarre.

Miss Patty
A book that was ruined by the hype
"I'm so glad I had all the sex." - Miss Patty
I don't know if it really ruined it - something else did - but Allegiant by Veronica Roth.
Emily Gilmore
An expensive book
"Oy with the poodles." - Lorelei Gilmore
Harry Potter
books are pretty darn expensive.

An uptight charcter
"Have a ever been mistaken for a patient person?" - Paris
Alec from The Mortal Instruments.

Richard Gilmore
A character death you will never get over
"Cranking Metallica? If that's some sort of drug reference it isn't funny." - Richard
Augustus Waters.

A character who has gone through the most development
"People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute." - Logan
Since I just watched Mockingjay: Part 2 -and it's fresh in my mind- this question makes me think of Peeta.

This tag left out some important people so I'm adding:

A book with a character who has an accent
"People are particularly stupid today, I can't talk to any more of them." - Michel Gerard
Does St. Clair have an accent? Don't hate me, I don't remember. I should re-read Anna & the French Kiss soon...

A character who is part of a "Team" fandom Ex. Team Jacob or Team Edward
"If you're going to throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle." - Lorelei Gilmore

A loyal character
"Today mother nature has bowed down to me!" - Jackson
Percy Jackson.

A character who always has something to say
"There's no use for a lava lamp unless you're on drugs." - Taylor
Nan from the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines.

A quirky charcter
"I'm so damn lonely not even Animal Planet does it for me anymore." - Kirk
Patrick from Perks of Being a Wallflower

Babette and Morey
A couple you couldn't imagine not being together
"Gnome kicking says a lot about a person." - Babette
Augustus and Hazel. Yep you got two TFIOS answers, you're welcome.



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: March 22, 2016

Ten Books I Really Love But Feel Like I Haven't Talked About Enough/In A While

10. House of Night series by P.C. & Kristin Cast
It has been a very very long time since I've picked up these books! I believe I've read the first 2 or 3 but I don't think I've read any after that. I loved the first 2 and I had to order the rest online because I wasn't able to find them in stores at the time I was looking for them. A lot of booktubers talked about this series because they said it wasn't that good the further the books went so it kind of turned me off from the series. I do own almost the entire series now so I would like to get back into it at some point.

9. Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs
I read this book probably 5 years ago or so and  loved it. It's such a cute and light book about mermaids that you kind of can't help but enjoy it. I did read the second installment in the trilogy(series?) but I haven't picked up the third. I do however own it now so I do plan on reading it soon.

8. Wake by Amanda Hocking
I love this book! I read the first 3 but have yet to read the final book in the series. I picked it up around 3 years ago and just never talked about it much. I do know that I've mentioned it before but I have not given it the love it deserves.

7. Slammed by Colleen Hoover
I have talked about this book before but I don't give it enough attention. The reason for that is since this book was released Colleen has written Maybe, Someday, Ugly Love, & November 9 and because I love those books so much they're all I ever talk about. Slammed is fantastic though, so if you haven't picked it up you should!

6. Existence trilogy by Abbi Glines
Funny enough I have the same thing to say about these books as I did Slammed. The only difference is I read these books after I read The Rosemary Beach series and it's because I couldn't get enough Abbi Glines. I talk about The Rosemary Beach books all the time so I don't ever give this series enough love- though it does deserve it.

5. The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine
I think I saw Jessica from Chapter Chicks talk about these books fooooorever ago and then I picked up the first 4 bind ups. I've only read the first 2 bind ups - so the first 4 books - and I loved them. I don't believe I've ever talked about them on my blog before and that's partly because I don't remember to much about them. I'd kind of like to find the time this summer to pick them up again and maybe do some reviews.

4. Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen
Along For The Ride and This Lullaby are my two favorite Sarah Dessen books and I don't think I have ever talked about them on here. It's been an incredibly long time since read them and to be honest I don't remember much aside from my love for them.

3. Lola & The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
I talk a lot about my love for Anna & The French Kiss and my dislike for Isla & The Happily Ever After but I never really talk about how much I adore Lola & The Boy Next Door. I read this when it first came out and I thought it was the cutest book ever. I kind of want to reread it.

2. The Mortal Instruments
I've talked about The Mortal Instruments in a few tags but I don't think I've really expressed how much I love these books. I wasn't a huge fan until I read City of Ashes but once I did read that one I was in love.

1. A Bend in The Road by Nicholas Sparks
This is one of the first books I ever remember loving. I think I've talked about it a couple of times but certainly not enough. This is a great book by the way so if you haven't read it before you should get one that.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Allure of Julian Lefray by R.S. Grey

If you're looking for a light read that will entertain you throughout the entire length of the book then this is what you've been searching for.
This book is so fun!!
When I first saw the cover the font drew my attention but sometimes books with covers like these end up being cheesy and not worth the time you have to put into them. Not the case with The Allure of Julian Lefray.
If you look at the top of the cover you'll see that it says "a romantic comedy" and that's exactly what this is. I felt like I was watching a romcom the entire time I was reading, which I love. I think it's fantastic when you read a book and see it playing in your mind like a movie.
The book follows Julian and Josephine and is told in dual perspectives which hello I love!!
Josephine is from Texas and she's a fashion blogger who has recently moved to the big city of New York. Fellow blogger *raises hands in the air like a dweeb*
Julian is handsome, loaded, and is helping his sister start up her fashion line while she's in rehab...ahem...on vacation.
Josephine ends up getting to go to this party the first week she's in New York and it's there that she meets Julian. The two instantly hit it off and when she finds out who he is she tells him that she's applying for a job at his sisters company.
Long story short she interviews with him and he hires her. Duh.
The two begin working together at his hotel - oh yes, his hotel - and they begin to realize that not only do they genuinely enjoy each others company they also are crazy attracted to each other.
It does take a hot minute for the two to finally get together but there are moments where they come so excruciatingly close.
Josephine is hilarious and I absolutely loved her. She was super relatable and I found myself loving her even more throughout the length of the book. Julian is one of my new crushes. He is so funny and the chemistry that Josephine and him share is amazing. I loved the way the two played off of each other and while I was reading it I kept thinking, "I hope I find someone like that someday."
I also loved the supporting characters as well but mostly Dean. As soon as I found out that R.S. Grey wrote a book about him I had to download it - I'm currently reading it btw and it's AWESOME!!
The Allure of Julian Lefray is fast paced and so much fun to read. I definitely recommend it to you all.

Buy The Allure of Julian Lefray Here:
Barnes & Noble

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

If I Could Turn Back Time: Books I'd Read Again

Jamie from Ermahgerd Berks and Jesse from JesseTheReader each did a video where they talked about books that they wish they could re-read for the first time. I thought it sounded like a really fun topic so I decided to do a post about it.
If you'd like to watch Jamie's video then click HERE
If you'd like to watch JesseTheReaders video click HERE

5. The Outsiders
I read this book for the first time when I was about 17 years old and I absolutely loved it. It's such an incredibly written story and I would love to read it for the first time again.

4. Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella
I think I was probably around 18 when I read this book but don't quote me on that. What you can quote me on is that I love this book. This book made me laugh so hard and at that point in my reading life I hadn't really laughed out loud while reading.

3. The Hunger Games
I remember my desire to finish Catching Fire but I can't really remember reading The Hunger Games. I do remember that I binged the trilogy because I couldn't get enough of them. I'd love to have that experience again.

2. The Fault in Our Stars
I suppose I don't really need to give you all a reason for choosing this book but I will anyways. This is my favorite book. Of all time. I remember how bad I wanted to buy it and then when I finally found it at my library I completely devoured it. This book is magical and beautiful and I so desperately wish I could read this for the first time again.

1. Twilight
I don't really want to say that this book got me back into reading because I never really stopped, but this book made me passionate about books again. You can make fun of me all you want but this book is important to so many of us and I'm so grateful for it. I can vividly remember the day I got it in the mail from amazon. I went straight to my room, turned on some music and opened up the book. I couldn't put it down! It was so wonderful and everything that I had hoped it would be. It would be really fun to feel that way again.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ella Maise Interview

I posted up my review for To Love Jason Thorn yesterday so you all know by now how much I loved it.
I decided to reach out and contact Ella Maise who is the author and she was nice enough to write me back.
I've been lucky enough to talk to her for a couple of weeks now and she's wonderful. I've been lucky enough to talk to and interview some great authors but I have to say she's one of the nicest.
Thank you so much Ella for taking the time to answer my questions!!

1. How long have you been writing?
Hmmm... I think I've been writing for a little over a year now. My first book came out on December 2014 and I'd started writing a few months before that.

2. What's the best part of being an author?
For me, the best part is hearing from readers, bloggers and occasionally other authors who have read my book. That was actually something I'd told my friend (only one of my friends knew I was writing a novel, I didn't tell anyone until after I published) before I even published my first novel. I just wanted to interact with readers and gush over fictional characters or hopefully the ones I'd created.
Also, I have to mention that I love the writing part, too. I always have a smile on my face when I'm writing a scene I'm %100 happy about. It's a weird feeling. Weird, but good. Simply put, it makes my heart happy and I can't tell you what a great feeling that is; to do something you absolutely love, and call it your work.

3. It seems like being a book nerd is kind of the thing to be now and book blogging is like being prom queen. What are your thoughts on book bloggers?
First of all book nerds rock! Their excitement over a book they loved is contagious. Also I think you're very right at what you said about book bloggers. They have become a very important part of the book world. Most of us wouldn't be where we are right now without them. I used to follow certain blogs before I actually became an author and as a reader when you find a blogger who loves the same books as you, magic happens :) Seriously though, I love the book blogger world, I'm always so giddy when a blogger sends me a message through Facebook, saying how much they enjoyed reading my book. It hits the right spot in my heart every single time. And considering how many amazing books they read every week, it means the world when they pick up your book and read it. So, Kayleigh, if I haven't thanked you already, THANK YOU so much for that smile you put on my face when you first contacted me.

4. What made you want to write To Love Jason Thorn in dual POV? Was it difficult writing from a man's perspective?
What made me write it in dual POV... To be honest, I can't picture Jason and Olive's story any other way. My first book 'I'm Your's' was not a dual POV book and I found it limited the story I wanted to tell. With dual POV stories you get to hear the story from both sides, and I think it makes for a more satisfying read. Was it difficult to write? Not as much as I thought it would be. That first chapter where I jump from the heroine to the hero is a bit difficult, but when or if the story flows the way I want it to flow, I get over that pretty quickly.

5. How do you come up with names for your characters?
Oh the names... I'm actually very picky about this. I check out those baby names websites, but I rarely find anything I absolutely love lol Or when I randomly come across a name I like, I write it down somewhere, just in case I can use it one day. Sometimes it can take days to find the right ones because I can't start writing if I'm not happy with the names. If it doesn't feel right, it's not happening. It has to suit my character's personality. Like Olive... I think the name is perfect for her. It's quirkly, unique, fun, cute. So...I guess when it clicks it clicks. But, yeah, if the name doesn't click with the character, I can't move forward. Weird, right? I know...

6. Do you ever base your characters on people?
So far I haven't done that. I do add small things from people I know or met I guess, but not a full-on character. Sometimes I add bits and pieces of myself in there too.

7. I have to say that Jason sounded delicious. Not only was he super sweet he was a talented actor. Which actor would you want to marry?
This is a tough question. Have I mentioned that I'm weird? lol There are certain periods of my life where I fall in love with an actor, like full on heart racing love when I see them on screen, but then suddenly it all goes away :) Right now I'm crushing on Henry Cavill and Idris Elba (to be fair, I'm always crushing on Idris Elba). Before that I was crushing hard on Ian Somerhalder, before that Josh Duhamel. So if I'm gonna get to keep him forever, I'd want to marry Henry Cavill. If you can make that happen, I'd be forever grateful :)

8. If To Love Jason Thorn was being turned into a movie who would you want to play your characters?
That I can't answer because I have no idea. No one seems good enough, I guess :)

9. Who did you have the most fun writing?
Olive and Lucy! Especially when they were together! I seriously love their energy.

10. If To Love Jason Thorn had a theme song, what would it be?
Definitely, Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth. Everytime I hear that song, I'm in that bar with Lucy and Olive. Of course, Jason is also there "keeping an eye" on them.

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I wanted to start including a song with interviews and this one is from a great scene in To Love Jason Thorn. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

This is hard for me to admit to you my lovely readers but I, Kayleigh, have been in a book slump.
I know, it's true, and it's been awful.
The year started off great but then BOOM nothing was interesting. Nothing caught my eye. Nothing made me want to read during every free second I had. Until I found To Love Jason Thorn.It was a cold winters day when I was fed up with being in my slump so I decided to check out the bookish heaven that is Amazon. I knew I needed something that was fun and easy otherwise I'd go back into my deep dark hole of a slump. In my perusal I found this bad boy and after reading the description I one clicked that mother and downloaded it to my kindle.
I started reading it that night and didn't ever want to stop!
It's so GOOD!
So so good.
The story is about Olive who has been in love with her brothers best friend, Jason, since she was a kid. He came to their home one day to hang out with her brother but left with her heart. Flash forward to present day and Olive is now a best selling author and her book is becoming a movie. Every girls dream right? She hasn't seen Jason since she was a young teenager and his father moved him away to L.A. but she still hasn't lost her feelings for him. Which is good considering he's going to play the lead in her freaking movie!
When the two come face to face again for the first time in years it's obvious that they're perfect for one another.
Unfortunately Jason is somewhat of a..well..man-whore and that sucks. Because of his whore type antics he's beginning to get a horrible reputation and his publicist comes up with an idea to clean up his image. What is it you may ask? She wants him to get married. Yes, you read that correctly.
She gives him a list of all these up and coming actresses who would be great but he wants nothing to do with any of them.
Actually he thinks the whole thing is ridiculous until they tell him that they've found the perfect girl and it's Olive.
They've been friends forever. She's beautiful. Surely she's the best candidate.
Olive being the good friend she is agrees to help him and agrees to marry him.
Throughout the story we get to see their relationship develop and it's amazing. It's also told in dual POV which you know I love.
To Love Jason Thorn made me laugh out loud and I'm not ashamed to admit that it even made me get a bit misty eyed at some points.
It's an absolutely fantastic book and I would most definitely recommend it!!

Buy To Love Jason Thorn Here:

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pay It Forward

Normally on this page I only write about books, music, book boyfriends, interview authors and other things equally bookish. Today however we're going to do something a little different.
I'm sick of the hate that people are spreading in our world.
Every time I see a news article -whether it be about politics or pop culture- somebody has something negative to say. I'm not talking a simple "Ew I don't like Kanye West." I'm talking about mass hate and it's ridiculous.
It takes literally one second to say "You're wonderful."
Instead of insulting people and making them feel like they are the lowest form of scum how about we lift one another up. How about a "Good job," or a "You're great."
I'm so sick and tired of looking at comments on articles where the only things people have to say are hateful.
This is why I think we as a community need to start "Paying it Forward" I know some people do this by paying for someone's gas or by giving them food. I believe that you can pay it forward without it costing you a cent. How? Say something nice. Do something nice. If you see someone fall, help them up. If you go to see a local band play a bar tell them they did a great job. Just do something nice.
I really do believe we can change the world but we all have to join together to do it.
From this point on I'm going to be the best version of myself that I can be. Not just for me or for my son but for everyone.
So my friends if you're feeling down just know that you're wonderful. ☮✌

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: March 1, 2016

Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For Love

10. Anna & The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
9. He's Come Undone by Theresa Weir
My Review
8. Between The Lines by Tammara Webber
My Review
7. Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin
My Review
6. Rule by Jay Crownover
5. Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines
My Review
4. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
3. To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise
2. November 9 by Colleen Hoover
My Review
1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Movie Review