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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Art of Blissful Parenting by Sharon Ballantine

I was approached a few months back about this book and whether or not I'd be interested in reviewing it. I was a bit unsure at first if I wanted to only because this isn't the type of book I normally would review on here.
As most of you know I'm a mom to an incredible baby boy - who just turned one by the way - so I was interested.
I was sent the book by FireTalker PR so shout out to them for being awesome and sending me a copy. 
What I really like about this book is the energy. I know that probably sounds crazy but if you pick it up you'll understand exactly what I'm saying.
Basically the overall gist of the book is about following your IGS aka your Internal Guidance System.
The author explains that by following your "gut" you actually make the best choices for yourself. If you listen to what your IGS tells you then you'll go down the right path. She also tells you how to not only follow your own IGS but how to show your kids to follow theirs. 
One of my favorite things she says is, "As a parent, we don't have to create our children's IGS. We must help them recognize and use it wisely." I agree with that because we're born with gut instincts. We just sometimes don't know how to follow them and as a mom I want to encourage my son to listen to himself to make the right decisions.
I also really liked how she talked about "The Law of Attraction" which pretty much says if you send out good vibes then you will get good vibes back.
I 100% agree that the more positivity you put out into the world the better your chances are of getting the things you want. 
I want my son to grow up knowing how to think on the bright side of things and how to be kind to others and to follow his heart.
There are some chapters about teenagers which isn't something I can really use yet since my son is so young but I do find it interesting and I'm sure it will be helpful to others who pick this book up.
The author also shares stories from her life as examples for the things she's trying to explain and I enjoyed that as well.
Overall I think this is an interesting read and it's something I would recommend. 

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