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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

This is hard for me to admit to you my lovely readers but I, Kayleigh, have been in a book slump.
I know, it's true, and it's been awful.
The year started off great but then BOOM nothing was interesting. Nothing caught my eye. Nothing made me want to read during every free second I had. Until I found To Love Jason Thorn.It was a cold winters day when I was fed up with being in my slump so I decided to check out the bookish heaven that is Amazon. I knew I needed something that was fun and easy otherwise I'd go back into my deep dark hole of a slump. In my perusal I found this bad boy and after reading the description I one clicked that mother and downloaded it to my kindle.
I started reading it that night and didn't ever want to stop!
It's so GOOD!
So so good.
The story is about Olive who has been in love with her brothers best friend, Jason, since she was a kid. He came to their home one day to hang out with her brother but left with her heart. Flash forward to present day and Olive is now a best selling author and her book is becoming a movie. Every girls dream right? She hasn't seen Jason since she was a young teenager and his father moved him away to L.A. but she still hasn't lost her feelings for him. Which is good considering he's going to play the lead in her freaking movie!
When the two come face to face again for the first time in years it's obvious that they're perfect for one another.
Unfortunately Jason is somewhat of a..well..man-whore and that sucks. Because of his whore type antics he's beginning to get a horrible reputation and his publicist comes up with an idea to clean up his image. What is it you may ask? She wants him to get married. Yes, you read that correctly.
She gives him a list of all these up and coming actresses who would be great but he wants nothing to do with any of them.
Actually he thinks the whole thing is ridiculous until they tell him that they've found the perfect girl and it's Olive.
They've been friends forever. She's beautiful. Surely she's the best candidate.
Olive being the good friend she is agrees to help him and agrees to marry him.
Throughout the story we get to see their relationship develop and it's amazing. It's also told in dual POV which you know I love.
To Love Jason Thorn made me laugh out loud and I'm not ashamed to admit that it even made me get a bit misty eyed at some points.
It's an absolutely fantastic book and I would most definitely recommend it!!

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