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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

He's Come Undone by Theresa Weir

I'm pretty sure you all know that I'm a huge New Adult fan. The other day I was browsing the New Adult section on Netgalley and saw He's Come Undone. The premise reminded me of the movie John Tucker Must Die - which uh hello I love - so I requested it.
Netgalley I'm so happy that you love me and approved me for this book!
I loved it!
As I said it reminded me of John Tucker Must Die but really it's not like it at all - aside from the girls seeking revenge aspect.
One of the biggest difference's is that Ellie doesn't become amazing friends with the girls who want revenge. Another huge difference is Julian (our main fella) is WAY better than JT.
Ellie was a child actor who's now broke (Thanks mom for taking all the money.) Since she's broke she responds to an acting job on Craigslist.
When she gets to the coffee shop where she's meeting her new "employer" she finds three girls sitting at the table and instead of wanting to cast her in a play or movie they want to cast her as the heartbreaking heroine that's going to crush a man-whore's heart. Little do the girls know that Julian - said man-whore - is in fact a really great guy.
Ellie reluctantly agrees to the job but starts getting nervous when she actually sees Julian. He's amazing.
The girls change Ellie's wardrobe, hair color, and give her pointers on how to win him over.
Of course they fall for each other - it wouldn't be a very good book if they didn't.
But this is more than just a revenge turns romance type of book. There is SO much more to it than that.
I read this book in just a few hours because I could NOT put it down.
I loved it and I definitely recommend it!
The eBook is only 99 cents on kindle, nook, and kobo right now! You can't freaking beat that people! Hop to it and pick it up!

He's Come Undone Playlist
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