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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

I'm not sure Abbi Glines is human. I mean I don't know any other human who consistently writes epically incredible books.
Whether she is in fact human life form or not she's amazing.
It's no surprise that I'm
A) A HUGE Abbi Glines fan
B) A HUGE fan of the Rosemary Beach series
I'm not going to lie I was pretty pissed at Bethy after one of the books in this series. I have since seen the light and I no longer harbor any hard feelings.
We meet Tripp in Twisted Perfection (Woods and Della's story in the series) If it weren't for this beautiful man Della and Woods would've never started dating and that would've been a damn shame.
Bethy and Tripp fell in love when they were 16 and 18 years old. Tripp was the older rich boy who fell in love with the poor young innocent girl.
Of course it's not all peaches and sunshine because Tripp leaves and breaks Bethy's heart. We aren't mad at him for leaving though because he didn't want to. He left to get away from his shitty parents with the intention of coming back for Bethy once she was 18.
Years go by though and Bethy begins dating Jace (Tripps cousin) which you know if you've read the rest of the series.
Things happen--which I won't tell you in case you're just plain silly and haven't read the rest of the books yet--and Bethy and Jace are no longer together.
You know what? It's really hard to explain things when I can't tell you what happened.
Since I don't want to be a spoiler I'll just say that this book is about Tripp and Bethy finding their way back to each other.
It's beautiful and heartbreaking as are most of Abbi Glines books are. I was highly impressed with this book and I DEFINTELY recommend it.
P.S. Tripp is my new favorite out of the Rosemary Beach boys.

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