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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise

"In order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy." -Theodor Reik
Well Ella Maise has to be the happiest damn person in the world because I don't know how one person couldn't be happy after reading The Hardest Fall.


I've read To Love Jason Thorn and To Hate Adam Connor by Ella and I loved them both as most of you know. Because of my love for those books I had no doubt that I'd be a fan of this one. What a freaking understatement.

I'm in love. Like Sandra Dee singing in her nightgown, smiling into the night, hopelessly devoted, LOVE.

Zoe and Dylan meet one night when she's dared to go to him and kiss him. After the most awkward meet cute ever written Zoe leaves Dylan after he declines her kiss because he's dating someone. Flash forward and the two meet again when Zoe crashes into another students architecture project and Dylan goes to assist her. After exchanging names the two part just to meet again a year later after discovering they're now sharing an apartment.

Zoe is awkward, beautiful, funny and one of the best female characters I have ever read in my entire life thus far.

Dylan is gorgeous, kind, witty, and oh that's right he's also the star wide receiver of their college football team.

I read a couple reviews before going into this - which I don't often do - and a lot of people described it as a slow burn romance. Boy were they right. Now those of you who've been reading my reviews for a while know that I don't really have a problem with insta love - if it's done right - but the sexual tension slow burn of The Hardest Fall was addictive. The friendship between Zoe and Dylan was exciting. The plot was intriguing. And the book as a whole was like finding a unicorn. Unique, rare, and magical.

I never wanted to put The Hardest Fall down and while reading it had a range of emotions. I smiled, I laughed, I teared up - for good and bad reasons - and I felt content. It was everything I hoped it would be and so so much more. After finishing it I was lost without it and wanted to reread it that moment.

Ella Maise you are a literary genius and I am so thankful to you for letting us love Dylan and Zoe.

I without any sort of doubt recommend this book.

I'm giving The Hardest Fall 5/5 Donuts!!

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