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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Samantha Garman Interview

On Tuesday I shared my review for Queen of Klutz and if you've read it then you know how much I adored it!

I was doing backflips - my nose just grew, I don't know how to do backflips - when I wrote Samantha Garman and she agreed to do an interview with me!

Thank you so much Samantha for answering all of my questions and for letting me go on and on about my love for your books.


1. What was the first story you remember writing?

Is it terrible if I say I can't remember.

2. When writing Sibby's story did you know that you wanted it to be more than one book?

No. It was only supposed to be one book. But then my husband and I went on a real road trip across the country and camped for six weeks and I was miserable for a large portion of the trip. That spawned the questions: How would Sibby handle camping and nature? So a lot of what happens in Sibby Slicker is based on my own real life experiences.

3. Aidan is literally the perfect man. Which celebrity or fictional character do you think is the perfect man?

McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy. He is everything.

4. In one part of the book Sibby says she laughed out loud while writing her book - did you laugh while writing Queen of Klutz?

Constantly! When I make myself laugh during the writing process I know people are going to love the book.

5. What characteristics do you and Sibby share?

The clumsiness and the snark. That's all me.

6. A lot of the book takes place inside a restaurant and all the shenanigans that take place there. What job did you have the most fun at?

My first restaurant job ever was a blast. I worked at a BBQ joint called Jim 'n Nick's in Charleston, South Carolina. I worked there the year after I graduated college. I was saving money to move to New York and it was just so much fun.

7. Sibby and Aidan are couple goals, who are your favorite fictional couples?
Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander. Mac and Barrons from the Fever series.

8. If you could hang out with one of the characters from this book for one day, who would you choose and why?

Well, I get to hang out with them any time I want because I created them, so they never really leave me. ;)

9. What can readers look forward to with Sibby and her crew?
If I told you that, it would spoil all the surprises! But you can always count on shenanigans and snark!

10. If Queen of Klutz had a theme song what would it be?

Eye of the Tiger. That's more Sibby's anthem than anything else.

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