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Thursday, February 14, 2019

125,000 Ways To Say I Love You by Pia Frey

Happy Valentine's Day fellow book lovers!!

Today I wanted to share a book with you that I was sent and am currently obsessed with!!

125,000 Ways To Say I Love You is an interactive flip book that you have complete control over! There are 3 sections with multiple phrases or words and you get to combine them any way that you want. You can make it say pretty much anything. It can be something super sweet or something a little bit salty ;)

It's the perfect book to give someone for Valentines Day - or really any day. I also think it's a fun book to buy for yourself. I've been having so much fun changing what it says and literally laughing out loud at some of them.

If you'd like to buy this book for you or your special someone click any of the links below! :)

Barnes & Noble
Books A Million

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