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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Friends Book Tag

The other day I did the Gilmore Girls book tag after seeing a YouTube video of it. Today I have created the Friends book tag.
Yes, you read that correctly.
I created a book tag dedicated to my love, Friends.
This is my favorite show (One Tree Hill is right alongside) and I watch it almost every night before bed. Friends means a lot to me and so do books so it's kind of the perfect combination. I hope you like it!! :)
I would like to tag Bookables, Ermahgerd Berks, Book Movie GuyJust Another Bookish Blog and Mornings and Epilogues.

The one is who super smartOh Ross, how I love you so. He can be such a bonehead sometimes but he really is one of the best guys around. As for my answer I'm going to go with AnnaBeth from Percy Jackson.

The one with the great styleRachel and Chandler are tied as my ultimate favorite but let's be honest, they're all kind of my favorite. As soon as I wrote this question I thought of Lola from Lola & The Boy Next Door. Now her style is a bit more eccentric than Rachel's but I love it nonetheless.

The one who is sarcasticChandler Bing is my soul mate, I love absolutely everything about him. He cracks me up and never fails to put a smile on my face. Another character that makes me laugh is Ben from November 9. Yes this book deals with some serious things but he really makes me laugh sometimes.

The one who is a uniqueI adore Phoebe because she's just so...Phoebe. She's so sweet but blunt and I love that about her. As far as the answer goes I'm choosing Cora from Marked Men. She's super spunky and she's not like any character I've ever read.

The one that is super loveableJoey is perfect. He is really funny and so very nice to look at. I wish there were more guys out there like him. I'm sure you won't be surprised when I tell you who I picked for this...ready? Augustus Waters from TFIOS.

The one who can drive you crazy but you love nonethelessMonica drives me crazy sometimes, especially when she's playing a game, but I really do love her. The book character I'm going to go with for this is Clary from The Mortal Instruments.

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