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Thursday, January 28, 2016

25 Bookish Facts About Me

I was scrolling through YouTube yesterday and saw that JesseTheReader uploaded a video called 25 Bookish Facts About Me and it looked like a lot of fun.
If you want to check out Jesse's video click HERE

1. I have never had a full sized bookshelf
2. I have books on two small bookshelves, but most of my books are put away in totes - yes it's heartbreaking.
3. My favorite book as a pre-teen was Are You There God, It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume
4. Twilight was the first book I ever bought off of Amazon
5. Breaking Dawn was the first (and only) book that I've ever pre-ordered
6. The Twilight saga is the only book to movie franchise where I've seen every film in theaters
7. Sometimes I get addicted to my kindle and only want to read on there
8. I once bought about 30 books for under $10 at my library and my local thrift store
9. My favorite book to movie adaptation is The Perks of Being a Wallflower (TFIOS is second)
10. Nicholas Sparks was the first adult author I remember reading (I was in 8th grade and I read A Bend in The Road)
11. I saw The Hunger Games movie 3 times in theaters
12. Perks of Being a Wallflower is the first movie (aside from Titanic) that made me cry in the theater
13. I love to listen to music while I read, preferably John Mayer
14. I used to have a YouTube channel where I did bookish videos but I took it down after about 2 videos
15. I almost went to an author event where I could have met Jay Crownover and Cora Carmack but I made plans to see a boy instead. Worst decision ever.
16. I was a beta reader for Sarah Billington and I'm in the acknowledgments in Over It (so freaking cool)
17. This is my third year doing my blog and everyday I love it more
18. I started writing a book when I was 17ish but I never finished it
19. I have so many books on my kindle I can't download any more
20. I used to wish I was Belle from Beauty and The Beast because not only does she get Beast but she also gets that huge library
21. I once read TFIOS in one night
22. I've never read Harry Potter
23. My book collection started when I was very young courtesy of my mom who would buy me a golden book every time we went to the grocery store (as long as I was a good girl) ;)
24. I have a library card for 3 different libraries
25. My son is only 5 months old and I've already taken him to the library :)


  1. I tried to listen to music while I read when I was younger, but got annoyed when I got too invested in the story and didn't hear the music.

    1. Sometimes if I'm not really into the story it becomes a problem. But that's why I usually play John Mayer because his music is pretty relaxing and it doesn't distract me much. I've also gotten a bit better at choosing books.

  2. You haven't read Harry potter?
    Read it!!!

    1. Hahaha I know!! I need to get on it. I think I've been putting it off because I don't want it to be over. Silly, huh?

  3. So many people were into Harry Potter when it came out, I didn't start to read it until the 4th or 5th movie, and that was only because I had no idea what was going on

    1. I know!! I've seen most of the movies and love them all. I know the books are supposed to be incredible, I just don't want that experience to be over.

  4. Your bookish facts are awesome! But I do agree with you about the facts that you have never had a full sized bookshelf because me either. How I wish I could buy and make my house full of shelves with books on them, just like Sasha Alsberg. By the way, do you prefer The Hunger Games in the books or movies? :)

    1. Gahh that's such a hard question!! I absolutely loved the books but the movies were awesome because I felt like I got to see on screen what I imagined in my head. What about you??