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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Bookish Goals

My 2015 Goals Were:
-Read 50 Books
-Continue To Post Two Times a Week
-Reach 25,000 Pageviews
-Interview 5-10 Authors

I'm super proud to say that I achieved some of my goals and surpassed one of them.

I have only read 38 books this year so I did not meet that goal, however I did have a baby and that's the best thing to ever happen to me so I'm not about to feel bad for not meeting my reading goal.

I have posted two times a week for almost the whole year except for when I first had my baby. I did prewrite a lot of posts for around the time he was due because I wanted to have something for you all to read but once those ran out I didn't have any for a bit.

I have only interviewed 4 people this year. Two authors, a booktuber and a musician. I'm very happy with all of the interviews I did do though so again I'm not disappointed.

As far as reaching 25,000 pageviews though, well my friends that's the one I surpassed. As of right now I have 49,616

My Bookish Goals For 2016 Are:
-Revamp My Blog (Whick I've already done)
-Read 30 books
-Interview 5-10 People
-Continue Posting 2 Times a Week
-Reach 60,000 pageviews
-Re-Read 3 Books
-Read at least 1 autobiography/Non-Fiction