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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book Buying Tag

1. Where do you buy your books from?
Lately I've only been buying books on my Kindle. But when I buy physical books I mostly get them at Barnes & Noble. I'm also a HUGE fan of Amazon. My FAV place to go is a new and used bookstore a few hours from my house.

2. Do you ever pre-order books, and if you do, do you order online or in store?
The only book that I've ever pre-ordered was Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I've had good intentions on pre-ordering other books...It just doesn't happen.

3. On average how many books do you buy a month?
Oh geez. It actually really depends. Sometimes I go crazy and buy WAY TOO MANY BOOKS! But lately I really haven't bought many. In fact I haven't bought a physical copy of a book since...uh...it's been a while.

4. Do you use your local library?
YES! I'm a huge fan of libraries!

5. If you do borrow from your library, how many books are you allowed to borrow/how many do you borrow?
I think that you're allowed to borrow as many as you want but I'm not positive. I've had up to 8 out at a time.

6. What is your opinion on library books?
They be cool peeps.

7. How do you feel about charity shops/secondhand bookstores?
I'm in love with used bookstores! They are my faves! Buying books full price is my least favorite thing to do.

8. Do you keep your read and TBR piles on a shelf together?
Ha. No.

9. Do you plan to read all the books that you own?
Ha. No.

10. What do you do with all the books that you own that you'll never read/didn't enjoy?
Well...I was planning on keeping them all. But then I watched an episode of Hoarders that scared the heck out of me and since then I've decided to get rid of the books I don't enjoy or probably won't ever read.

11. Have you ever donated books?
I've given books to the library before but I don't think I've ever donated books to Goodwill or something like that.

12. Have you ever been on a book buying ban?
That's hilarious. I don't like banning myself from doing anything...when I do my rebellious side comes out and I don't follow my rules. For example if I tell myself "Self you aren't allowed to buy any books for 3 months" I then laugh and say "Oh please. Guess what? We're going to go buy 15 new books. What'cha gonna do about it punk?"

13. Do you feel that you buy to many books?
Absolutely not. I don't have a problem. Not even close. Nope. None at all. LEAVE ME ALONE! Geez!

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  1. Was it that episode of Hoarders with the couple who had a housefull of books? I saw that and it was crazy.
    I never preorder because when I do, Amazon decides to take weeks to ship the book. I can get it faster buying it on release day. Weird.