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Friday, December 21, 2018

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Do you guys like Hallmark Christmas movies? You know the ones that are half funny, half sweet, and a whole lotta cheese? But like the best cheese ever?
Yeah. Me too.
Reading The Perfect Christmas was like watching one of those movies.
I flew through this book because it was so stinkin cute!
Cassie is in her 30s and she's still single. She wants a husband and children to go along with a job she has and loves.
Problem is she can't seem to meet a man.
One day her friend/coworker tells her to try this matchmaker that she'd actually seen once.
While Cassie is hesitant she decides that right now a matchmaker is her best shot at finding love.
$30,000 later she's meeting Simon Dodson matchmaker extraordinaire.
And he's a dick.
Like a really big one.
He doesn't smile, he's critical, he's...abrupt to say the least.
Even with his oh so charming personality Cassie enjoys talking with him.
Before he will set her up with the man of her dreams he gives her three challenges.
1) She has to be a charity bell ringer
2) Be an elf for Santa at the mall
3) Make a Christmas dinner for her and her less than pleasant neighbors
Cassie obviously agrees to everything in her desperation for a husband, however things don't go as simple as she had planned. Through a whole series of comical mishaps Cassie finds herself getting closer to Simon and less interested in meeting the mystery man he's going to set her up with.
I absolutely adored this book. It was everything that I was looking for and more and I would without a doubt recommend it to you all.

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