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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas At Twilight by Lori Wilde

   The other night after my son went to sleep I decided it was time to start reading my Christmas books for the month. Now I did have one sent to me - which I will review maybe next week - but I didn't want to start with that one, even though I'm crazy excited for it. I grabbed up the little collection I've acquired and decided that Christmas At Twilight sounded like the perfect book to kick things off.
   I made it about 4 pages in and reconsidered. I thought now just wait, this is not cute and happy like the books I read last year. You know, the books that are like Hallmark Movies? The ones that are so darn cheesy that they're actually enjoyable?
  This one starts off with Brian "Hutch" Hutchinson basically being booted from the military. He's missing a finger, took shrapnel to the throat - making him unable to speak, and is majorly suffering from PTSD. Switch on over to the other side and we have Meredith who has changed everything about herself including her hair length and color, weight, and her name. Now she goes by Jane the common girl with a cute little boy.
   Meredith "Jane" moves into a house with a woman named Ashley and her little girl Kimmie when six weeks later Ashley meets a man and takes off, leaving Meredith to care for not only her son Ben, but also Kimmie.
   Now here's where it takes on that aww Hallmark factor; Hutch returns home. Which is also the home Meredith is residing in. Yep, Ashley is his sister and he let her live at his home. So now we have hunky military man and beautiful and kind mother. I mean, we know where this is going right?
   I have to tell you guys while the book did throw me off at first I am so happy that I kept reading. The more I read the more I wanted to know what was going to happen. We find out that Meredith is on the run from her psychotic ex husband who also happens to be a police detective. We also get to see Hutch move passed some pretty hard moments and watch their entire relationship evolve.
   There were parts that reminded me a lot of Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and if you've read it or watched the movie then I'm sure you know why it would. It wasn't anything like the Christmas books I read last year but that's what makes reading fun.
   I really enjoyed the sweet moments, loved watching Meredith and Hutch with the kids, got sucked into the action and gasped at the horror. All in all it was a very good read and I'm happy this is the book I started with.
   My ONLY complaint is that Meredith is supposed to be around my age - if I remember correctly - and both her and Hutch sometimes talk as if they're in their 40s or even 50s. It doesn't make much sense some times and honestly kinda made me roll my eyes on occasion.
   Now that I've finished being a brat I can go back to telling you all that I recommend Christmas At Twilight. :)

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