"What do you want to be?" "Happy," she says with a smile. - Colleen Hoover

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Reputation Book Tag

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1. ...Ready For It? Your favorite first book in a series. I think I've answered this before and said Twilight but now because I've been thinking about it I'm going to go with Rule - have I picked that before? ;P
2. End Game The biggest endgame you've ever rooted for. Ever?? Geez way to make me pick. You know what? I'm going to go with Edward and Bella cause they're OG.
4. Don't Blame Me The most embarrassing/unlikely book you were crazy for. Fifty Shades hehe.
3. I Did Something Bad A book you spoiled for someone. I honestly don't think I've ever spoiled a book for someone. Maybe on here I have but I don't know.
6. Look What You Made Me Do A character that rose up from the dead. (like figuratively. Like they came back 2.0) I'm not really sure how to answer this question. Oops. Umm, Simon from The Mortal Instruments I guess.
5. Delicate A book you fell in love with from the first page. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.
8. Gorgeous A character so gorgeous they make you want to sink and drown and die. Currently Cable from Recovered by Jay Crownover.
7. So It Goes... A series that made everything else disappear. The Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines.
9. Getaway Car A book or series you abandoned. Uh, The House of Night series, is that what it was called? I really loved the first couple but then so many came out I just stopped reading them. I also quit reading the Pretty Little Liars series because hello there are like 354 books.
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied A character you would stick by through an avalanche. Augustus Waters <3
10. King of My Heart Your OTP. (One true pair) Forever Augustus and Hazel Grace!!
12. Dress Characters you don't want to be best friends. (wink wink) I've been reading The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen -review to come- and I honestly love Morris who is the best guy friend in the book.
15. New Year's Day A book-related memory you will always hold on to. The moment Twilight came in the mail from Amazon. It was my very first order and I couldn't wait to get my package. I remember opening it up and starting the book and it felt like my world changed. Don't laugh!!
13. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things A book you physically ripped or damaged. I through Dear John by Nicholas Sparks when I finished it and I also threw Allegiant by Veronica Roth and left it laying there for a while.
14. Call It What You Want A book you finally finished this year. Well we're only in April guys, and I don't know if I've read anything I've been waiting a long time to finish.


  1. I love this tag. Thanks for sharing your answers. I think I slammed Allegiant on the ground once I'd gotten to the end, I hated that book. I still need to read Dear John, but I have seen the movie and I was screaming at the characters.

  2. I haven't spoiled a book for anyone, but I think I spoiled Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for a friend. I'm not sure since she didn't say anything, but afterwards I wasn't sure if she had seen the movie yet or not.