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Thursday, February 8, 2018

I'm A Duff: Abby

Hi guys! We're back with a Duff story!
Today my new friend Abby from Abby's Reading Corner shared her story with us. Before we get to the reason we're here I just want to tell Abby thank you so much for writing her story for all of us. She leaves the nicest comments here on a Book Lovers Playlist and I couldn't be more grateful. Also you guys need to check out her blog for real, she's been around since 2010!!
Check out Abby's blog HERE
Without further ado here's I'm A Duff: Abby.

"A time that I felt like I was a DUFF was back in middle school. I had just moved to a new school and was struggling to find friends. There was a girl who lived near me who started to reach out to me, and we started to hang out at school. Later, we started to hang out with her other friends. We didn't have much in common, and I felt like I was only there for convenience. I felt like I couldn't be myself around them, and I tried to pretend I liked the same things they were into. I just didn't feel like myself around them.
Luckily, a girl that was in one of my classes noticed I wasn't really fitting in and she started talking to me. At first, I din't want anything to do with her, but I discovered that she was making an effort to help me fit in. I am so thankful that she helped me feel better about myself, and she's still one of my good friends today. I would probably still be in the other group if my friend never reached out to me. With her help, I've been able to develop my own personality and style that was my own and not me faking it just to fit in. I've discovered that I'm a very good listener and can give good advice to my friends when they need a listening ear. I'm still a shy person, but I'm not afraid to be myself around my friends. I now am comfortable in my own skin and am not afraid to be me.
A recent song that inspires me is This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. It's a song about embracing who you are and not giving up. It's a song everyone should listen to."

Listen to Abby's song choice HERE

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