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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

   I wanted to start this year off right so I decided to pick up a book that I've read before and loved. I don't know about you but if I stop reading for a little bit it's hard for me to get back in to it sometimes. I don't want the dreaded book slump to come over me anytime soon so I want to read anything and everything that I can.
   As I was perusing my shelves I came across this bad lad and thought to myself, "Self, I think this is an excellent choice to start off the new year." So I grabbed it and started reading. Honestly 10 pages in and I was brought back to when I read this book the first time.
   When I read Beautiful Disaster back in 2012 I reviewed it on Goodreads and then the following year I reviewed Walking Disaster which is basically the same book but in Travis's POV. (Both reviews will be found linked below)
   Because I never properly reviewed this one and it's fresh in my mind from reading it the second time I wanted to come on here and tell you all my thoughts.
   For starters this book is about Abby and Travis who are one of my top 10 favorite couples ever. Actually they're probably top 5. Abby has an interesting past and she moves away to college with her best girl friend in hopes to forget her previous life and forge a new path for herself. Travis is the schools sexy, bad ass, man whore who also happens to participate in underground fights to put him through college.
   The two of them meet one night when Abby's best friend drags her to a fight. See her best friend, America, is dating Shepley who is Travis's cousin. From the moment they meet the two have a connection and quickly become friends - even though Abby is kind of a witch with a b at first. The girls end up staying with the guys because the hot water is out at the school and in the weeks they're there Travis and Abby get even closer. When their stay is coming to an end Abby and Travis make a bet. If he can get through a fight without being hit then Abby has to live with him for one month. She loses and now she's living in his apartment sharing his bed. Platonically of course. Mhm. Right.
   After dates with other people and a lot of drama the two finally get together and my gosh is it wonderful when they do. I absolutely loved watching their relationship grow and I also really enjoy their friends. The first time I read this story I finished it in two days...this time it took me one day. If you're in the need of a love story with some serious action - like fighting not sexy time action...geesh pervs - then this is the book for you!

5/5 donuts!

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