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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

Before I start you all know I like to tell you when I receive a book for review...so now's where I tell you I was sent this book ;)
Even when I am sent a book my opinion is 100% honest because I need you guys to be able to trust me. Luckily for me a lot of the ARCS I'm sent I really do enjoy.
Except for Beastly Lights...we all know that one didn't become my favorite.
I loved Until It Fades. Like really genuinely enjoyed my time reading it.
In the beginning we are in the past which sometimes I don't like. I feel like it's not always well done and unnecessary. However I really liked it this time around. I felt like we needed that background to understand our main character Catherine.
Speaking of our main character I think she's absolutely wonderful. She has dealt with some pretty not fun things in her life but she's not annoying about it like some characters can be.
She seems real and I love that.
As far as our love interest Brett, yeah I love him too.
The rundown of the story is that Cath had a baby when she was pretty young and is now a single mom working for a truck stop diner. One night on the way home from a terrible blind date she sees a car that has hit a tree and she stops to call the police. During her phone call to them she sees that the driver is deceased but the passenger -while he has some serious injuries- can be helped. The car catches on fire and through serious super human strength and a little help from the half conscious man, Cath is able to get him out of the car. Once the police show up - one officer is her best friend - she begs them to keep her name out of report. Remember how I said she's had some not so fun things happen? Yeah that's why she doesn't want her name out there.
Anyway it turns out that the man she saved is a NHL star and his mother is a huge movie star. He ends up finding out her name and showing up on her doorstep.
I don't really want to tell you much more because then I'll start gushing and end up giving you every detail. If you guys are looking for a book that is extremely well written but also easy to read you seriously don't need to look any further.
I loved the characters, the writing, everything. I definitely recommend Until It Fades!!

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