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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bump In The Night Book Tag

1) Which are your favorite supernatural/horror/scary characters to read about? (e.g. vampires, werewolves, witches, monsters, serial killers, murderers etc).
Vampires, fo sho.

2) Which scene from any book would be your ultimate nightmare to have been part of?
Oh gosh that's a horrible question, there are so many choices! Umm okay so this is probably lame but the part in New Moon when Bella is alone in the woods and Laurent comes up and is all, "I'm going to eat you." Yeah...that scared the crap out of me.

3) If you could visit and explore any one scary or evil setting which would you pick and why?
Well since you said I could choose and not that I HAVE to choose, I choose none. I don't want to go anyplace scary people!

4) Which book was so frighteningly terrible that you almost fell asleep for eternity trying to finish it?
Ruby Red drove me nuts. I know that pretty much everyone thinks it's just fantastic but it literally almost put me to sleep.

5) Name one book you wish you could pull certain pages out of and swap for others to make it better?
Freaking Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Don't get me started.

6) If you could turn any 'bad or evil' character into a good character, who would you pick and why?
I wouldn't pick anyone because that would ruin the book. Geesh. HOWEVER, I did watch BethJune327's video and she picked Cole from Charmed and I tooootally agree. (I know it's a TV show buuuut it still counts, right?

Quick fire round:
1) Favorite vampire character?
Edward Cullen and Adrian Ivashkov. (Yes i'm picking two, don't hate)

2) Favorite werewolf character?
Jacob Black, hellur.

3) Favorite witch character?
I really like Sophie from the Hex Hall series!

4) Favorite monster character?
Uh. Hm. Psh. I don't know.

5) Favorite ghost character?
Anna from Anna Dressed In Blood. Ah she's so cool!

6) Favorite serial killer/murderer character?
Dexter. He's the only serial killer that I still love.

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