"What do you want to be?" "Happy," she says with a smile. - Colleen Hoover

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Because Feelings Matter Tag

1. What book made you feel confident, either about yourself or your life?
Hmm...this is probably silly but when I read the Hunger Games it made me feel like I could kick some serious ass just like Katniss. Of course I did not go out and act like Katniss but it made me feel like I could ;)

2. What book made you feel sympathetic or sympathise greatly with the characters?
The Fault in Our Stars. Hands down. You guys are probably so sick of that answer but lezbehonest this book gave us all crazy amounts of feels.

3. What book made you feel anxious?
Catching Fire! I'm surprised I didn't start hyperventilating while reading this book.

4. What book made you feel annoyed?
Ruby Red or Allegiant. Ruby Red because I really disliked the book and couldn't stand reading it. And Allegiant because...why Veronica Roth?! Why!

5. What book made you feel disappointed?
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. If i'm being honest though it didn't just leave me disappointed it also left me sad, hurt, confused and pissed the heck off.

6. What book made you feel confused?
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer for sure. I've read the first two books in this series and i'm still confused!

7. What book made you feel satisfied?
I'm assuming most people will choose the final book in a trilogy/series but i'm not going to do that. I'm actually going to choose Anna & The French Kiss because it's amazing and left me very happy and satisfied.

8. What book made you feel like you could really relate to the main character?
See now I want to choose Bella Swan from Twilight however that probably sounds silly because i'm not in love with a vampire and my best friend is not in fact a werewolf. Buuuut I always felt like our personalities were very similar and we both love Edward Cullen of course. ;)

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