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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Benjamin of tomes Interview

You might recognize this fella
And if you don't well then you best be clicking the link to his channel at the bottom of this interview.

His name is Ben and he has a YouTube channel called Benjaminoftomes.

He's pretty awesome, super funny, and has an incredibly loveable accent.

Enjoy the interview!!!

1. How long have you been making YouTube videos?

I have been making YouTube videos since the 26th of December. It is a very special day for me. It feels like I suddenly had a burst of confidence to film and upload a video. My first video was a book haul.

2. What made you want to make book related videos?

I have always read books but in November I started to crave a good book. I was being recomended books by a lot of people and one book series that stood out was 'Witch and Wizard' by James Patterson. So I went onto YouTube and typed in 'Witch and Wizard by James Patterson Reviews'. Low and behold lots of results came up. I was amazed by the number of people talking about books. One video led to another and then to another and I stared buying lots and lots of books. This resulted in me reading a lot more and I wanted to start sharing my thoughts on books and reading. Then I got the idea suddenly on the 26th of December to make my Christmas book haul. That's how I entered into this wondeful community.

3. Who are some of your favorite authors?

I love books about witches and super powers so I will now list you a couple of my favourite authors.
The first one is L.J. Smith and she wrote 'The Secret Circle' series which is about witches and magic. Another one of my favourite authors is Gabriella Lepore who is known for writing the book 'Witches of Glass Castle' Which is amazing. I also love G.P. Ching as an author. He has written 'The Soul Keeper Series' this series is not as well known but it's a wonderful story. It's all about Angels and Magic.

4. If you could go to lunch with any author, who would you choose?

This question is awesome. I would love to go to lunch with Homer. Homer wrote a lot of ancient Greek mythology books. I would talk to him about ancient Greece and all the stories. That would result in the lunch being extremely long as I would ask so many questions...and hug him...

5. Who is your favorite singer/band?

This is a good one. I do not really have a favourite. If I hear a song that fits my mood at the time then I will listen to that song on repeat and no others. I primarily listen to songs that YouTube artists have covered. I love the Pentatonix on YouTube they are so dynamic.

6. Do you ever listen to music while reading? If so what kind?

I do not listen to music. I open my window and listen to the sounds outside. I do this because it calms me down and keeps me focused.

7. What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

THE HOST. I just came back from watching it and it was amazing. I do not normally like the adaptations as I feel like they miss out lots of the story. But with The Host it kept the story really similar to the book and I loved it...I cried...like a baby...

8. Have you ever met any authors? Who would you like to meet?

I have not met any authors but I would love to meet Gabriella Lepore. She's a lovely person and a brilliant writer. I have done an interview with her on my channel and she was so kind and collected. I really enjoy what she has to say. I would love her to write me a character in one of her books. It would be my dream.

9. What is your favorite book series?

My favourite book series is The Caster Chronicles. This is because it has magic and love in it. The story really makes me crave to live the same life. It's amazing. So unique and I really do feel as if the environment in the book comes to life. It's beautiful.

10. Would you ever want to write a book? If so what genre?

I would like to one day. It would be about Witches. I don't want to give to much away as I want to keep it as secret as I can until I complete it. But yes Witches and magic and NO LOVE.

11. Who are some of your favorite booktubers?

I really love LittleBookOwl. She's one of my very good friends and she makes amazing content in her videos, she is a stunning person. I also love SuddenlyLorna she's a lovely person and really interesting to listen to when she reviews books. I ALSO LOVE Geraldine from Starian72 she is lovely and has amazing video and she buys so so so many books so it makes me feel less like I have a problem.

12. You're going on a trip. Which 5 books would you bring with you?

The four books in the 'Beautiful Creatures series' and 'The Witches of Glass Castle'. Such amazing reads.

13. What's the best part of making YouTube videos?

I love speaking to all the other viewers. I love reading what they have to say and I love communicating with them. Everyone is so nice and I really think that they have all given me amazing amounts of support and love. So grateful.

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  1. Fun interview. =) I admire people who can do video blogs on youtube. I'm waaaaaay too shy to even think of attempting it.