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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Shelter by Jay Crownover

   A little bit back I reviewed Escape which is the third book in the Getaway series. In my review I told you I had yet to read the 2nd book Shelter. Well now I can say I have and oh man am I happy I did.
   If you haven't read Retreat (the 1st in the series) then I suggest you don't read this review) (Really just stop now) (I'm not joking guys I don't want to spoil things for you) (Alright you little rebel, don't listen.) (No but seriously if you haven't read it you should stop.)
   At the end of Retreat Sutton, who is the middle of the Warner brothers, and Emrys, who is Leo's best friend, are kidnapped by drug dealers and things get bad. Real bad. Sutton almost dies and Emrys almost has the ultimate violation occur. Once rescued Sutton wants nothing to do with Emrys which obviously hurts her because she thinks that he's mad at her. In reality he feels guilty for not being able to protect her.
   Flash forward and Sutton is drinking every night trying to chase away the nightmares that are unfortunately real life, and has his world turned around when Emrys walks into the bar he's currently getting his ass kicked in.
   Watching the two of these characters figure out their issues and realize the sizzling hot attraction they have for one another was incredible. Sutton is the kind of guy you want to hold onto and love and Em is the only girl who can break down his walls.
   I loved watching them find their way to one another and also reading about all of the characters we fell in love with in the first book. I will say it was strange reading this after Escape only because I knew what was going to happen with some of the other characters. This didn't ruin anything at all but it was a little weird.
   All in all though I loved it, which is no surprise considering it was written by Jay Crownover.

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