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Thursday, February 16, 2017

To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

I adore this book.
I love Lucy.
I do not at all hate Adam Connor.
Ella Maise is my spirit animal.
I read "To Love Jason Thorn" last year and adored it, so when I was sent this book I was the happiest little book nerd in all the lands.
I have actually had my greedy paws on this book for a while now but I've been holding it off for the right time.
Well the right time came my friends and once I finished it I almost went into a deep and serious book hangover. 
It was that good.
We meet Lucy in "To Love Jason Thorn" and grow to love her as Olives best friend but she's even better in this book!!
She's nursing a broken heart and since the boyfriend who took said heart moved away she's also homeless, so she moves in with the best friend and the bff's husband.
One day her and Olive decide to put a ladder up to the wall separating them from their new neighbor actor and super babe Adam Connor. After the peeping toms get down Olive makes Lucy promise that she'll never do it again. It's a promise Lucy somewhat keeps but not really because as soon as Olive and Jason go out of town she goes up the ladder to spy on her neighbor yet again. On one particular day Adams son falls into the pool and when Lucy notices that nobody is around to save him she jumps down and rescues the little boy. However when Adam comes out and sees a stranger with his son his instant thought is psycho stalker and he has her arrested.
Jason ends up going to talk to Adam and explains what happens and after Adam apologizes he ends up letting Lucy take care of his son who no longer has a nanny - since you know she wasn't around when he almost drowned and all.
Throughout the story we get to watch all the delicious tension between Lucy and Adam and it's so very good.
I really liked getting to see Jason and Olive again but I really loved Lucy, Adam and his son too.
This book made me laugh out loud in parts but it also gets a little crazy at the end which I did NOT expect and it was pretty awesome.
I loved this book and I most definitely recommend it. 
Ella Maise you are simply amazing.

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