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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Tag

As many of you know I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan, shock. I saw this tag on Heather's channel aka Bookables on YouTube and I decided right then that I had to do it. I know it's not book related but Rory loves books so I think I can get away with it ;)
Check out Heather's video by clicking HERE

Basic Questions:
How did you discover the show?
I remember seeing previews for it all the time but we didn't get the WB so I started watching it when the reruns first started on ABC Family.

Do you own the collection?
Sure do, all 7 seasons.

Favorite season?
I really like season 4 because I like when Rory first goes to school.

Least Favorite Season?
Probably 7 just like most people.

Favorite Episode?
I like the episode where they have the dance marathon, the one where Luke kisses Lorelei for the first time, and the one where Rory graduates from Chilton. My absolute favorite episode though is the one where Dean comes over for the first time. I could watch that episode a million times.

Luke's Diner Dash (Lighting Round):

Favorite Character: Lorelei.
Least Favorite Character: Nicole or Anna.
Dave or Zack? Dave (I love Adam Brody) but I do love Lane and Zack
Luke or Christopher? Luke, geez.
Dean or Jess? Team Jess.
Lorelei or Rory? Lorelei hello.

Do you think Lorelei over-reacts with her parents?
Sometimes I do, sometimes - like at the vow renewal - nope.

Do you think Emily & Richard over react with Lorelei?Yes, I think they instantly think she's trying to hurt them and they lash out.

In the big fight that Rory and Lorelei had, whose side were you on?
Lorelei, 100%.

In a fight between Taylor and Mrs. Kim who would win?Mrs. Kim.

Who would spread the fastest rumor Babette or Miss Patty?
Miss Patty.

How much do you dislike April?
I actually like April in the episode where Lorelei helps Luke with her birthday party. But other than that she pretty much drives me crazy.

Revival Round:
How excited for the revival are you?
I'm late doing this tag so I've actually already watched all 4 episodes of the revival, but I was sooo excited for them.

If you could have dinner with any cast member, who would it be, and what kind of questions would you ask them?

Lauren Graham no doubt. I don't think I can list all of the questions I'd want to ask her. Maybe I'd start with, "What's it like to be a Gilmore girl?"

How do you want it to end?
Not the way it did.

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