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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Summer Reader Book Tag

Ahh how I love watching book tags on YouTube.
As I was spending my time watching many videos I stumbled across this one and decided, "Hey that looks fun, I'm going to do it."
If you want to watch the original video then click

Lemonade: pick a book that started off bitter but got better.
I finished Reason To Breathe recently and really did not like it in the beginning but it got a lot better. I even started the second book a few hours later :)

Golden Sun: pick a book that made you smile beyond compare.
Forgive My Fins made me smile a lot when I first read it. I'd like to read it again because I want to see if it still has the same affect.

Tropical Flowers: pick a book set in a foreign country.
Well one of the books in The Vampire Academy takes place in Russia - at least for a lot of it so I'm picking that.

Tree Shade: pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced.
Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments INSTANTLY came into my mind with this.

Beach Sand: pick a book that was grainy, and the plot barely developed.
It's not really that the plot didn't develop but I didn't think the plot was great in Isla & The Happily Ever After.

Green Grass: pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile.
My dear sweet Augustus Waters.

Watermelon: pick a book that had some juicy secrets.
Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines had some secrets, so did Rule by Jay Crownover.

Sun Hat: pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting.
I honestly have no answer for this one. I suck. I apologize.

BBQ: pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk.
A hunk hehe um Liam from Forever My Girl.

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