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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kiro's Emily by Abbi Glines

I don't think I knew how wonderful life could be until I picked up the Rosemary Beach series.
If you've been following my blog for a while then you know just how much I love Abbi Glines and her books--especially her Rosemary Beach series. It's simply fantastic.
I hope that you too love these books and have already read the others. If not...get on that...quick.
Kiro's Emily is a free novella that Abbi released a couple weeks back as the best Christmas present to her fans.
Did you read that part where I said it's free? What did we do to deserve such a wonderful gift?
Kiro and Emily are the parents of one of my favorite characters Harlow. We get to see a bit of Kiro in her books and in some of the others which is great because he's awesome. In Harlows book we also hear a lot about her mother and then get a brief glimpse of her mother now.
This book takes us back to when Kiro and Emily first met and shows us how they started their relationship.
I absolutely loved this novella. It made me love and respect Kiro even more and I finally feel like I know Emily. There relationship is tragic and heartbreaking but also beautiful and heartwarming.
Abbi Glines can do no wrong.

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