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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten
Most Memorable
Secondary Characters
9. Magnus Bane (Mortal Instruments)
I don't really know what you expect me to say for this one. Magnus is awesome. End of story.

8. Academy of Lies (The Kiss Off)
Yes I choose the whole band. Don't argue with me and say that doesn't count either because it does. And if it doesn't well rules were made to be broken. All of these guys crack me up! They are so cool and so funny. Love them!

7. Finnick (The Hunger Games)
He's freaking Finnick do I really need to give a reason why I chose him?

6. Patrick (Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Okay okay so i'm not going to lie. I choose Patrick from the movie not the book. I know he's the same but I felt like I got to see more of him in the movie and I LOVED him. Seriously he's one of my favorite characters ever.

5. Cinna (The Hunger Games)
I love Cinna so much! I think he is an amazing character and I wish that I could've read more about him.

4. Dawson (The Lux Series)
Technically i'm cheating with this one. I read the novella about Dawson and that's why I love him. But he is a secondary character so ha I win.

3. Alice Cullen (Twilight)
She can see the future people and she likes to make you pretty. I love her.

2. Cora (Rule & Jet)
I can't explain how much I love Cora! She is so funny and so badass! I wish we were best friends.

1. Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy)
I effing love him. No seriously I love him. I loved him from the second he came on as a character in the Vampire Academy. He's so wonderful and so sexy it's frustrating. I'm so glad I get to read more about him in the Bloodlines series.

I'm really angry with myself for not being able to think of ten characters! Agh! It's just so stinkin' hard!

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  1. Alice was my favorite character in the Twilight series too.