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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bookish Quarantine Tag

Hey all! I'm fairly certain we're all a little stir crazy at this point so I thought it would be fun to do a Bookish Quarantine Tag with some of my favorite authors! Whaaaat? Yep, that's right. Lucy Score, Kathryn Nolan, Claire Kingsley, Jay Crownover, and Natasha Preston have all answered some questions for me and I hope you all enjoy their answers as much I do!

Major thank yous to Lucy, Claire, Kathryn, Jay and Natasha for taking the time to answer my questions. And to all of you I wish you the absolute best. I hope you're all staying safe and I want you to know I'm sending a ton of love to each and every one of you. We're all in this together.

Enjoy <3


What has been your favorite thing to eat while in isolation?

Tastycake Jelly Krimpets.

A lot of people have joined Tik Tok to give them something to do and make them laugh. What has made you laugh the most, and have you joined anything you thought you'd stay away from?
The only reason I know what Tik Tok is, is because of my super cool fake niece. The funniest Tik Tok I've seen is the wife working from home and her husband comes out in at T-Rex costume to dance up on her and then she hits him with a prosthetic leg. I haven't joined anything new during isolation. In fact, I've been moving toward simplifying, which is so overdue.


If you could only keep 3 books with you during this time which ones would you choose?

I'd keep The Lord of the Rings (and cheat by counting them as one, since J.R.R. Tolkien considered them one story), Pride and Prejudice (because I could read that a million times), and probably something either motivational or maybe meditative, so I'd have something positive to lean on.

Many of us have been binge watching tv/movies. Which shows/movies have you been obsessed with?
I should probably be ashamed to admit how quickly we binge watched Tiger King, but I'm not. It was a train wreck, but a highly entertaining one. Lately, though, we've been MUCH classier, and watching the hell out of Poldark.


What is your favorite "feel good" book?

My favorite "feel good" book is bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. It's an insightful book about writing, but it's also about life, dying, the power of books, the power of community, and all the ways writing can make you feel more alive and more attentive in a world just bursting to catch your attention! It's funny and deep and will make you cry but also clutch your chest at how perfect it is.

What have you been doing to keep your mind clear and your heart happy? 
I'm keeping my mind clear and heart happy with music, video chats with friends and family, fresh flowers, gardening, yoga and exercise, bike rides, and sitting with Walter in the sun on the back patio. Good books and good movies help, as does cooking and wine. Right now I'm just incredibly grateful that the people I love are as safe and healthy as they can be. That's all that matters <3


If you could isolate with any other author who would you pick?

The only person I could spend this much time stuck inside with is Cora Carmack. We traveled together through Europe for nearly a month and shared close quarters, so I think we could quarantine together no problem.

Which bands/singers are you currently blasting?
NCT 127 New Zone (a surprise to no one I'm sure)


What have you been doing to keep busy during this time?

I have an eight and a three year old so they keep me pretty busy. I’m also close to finishing another two books. When I have free time, I get in my hot tub (which is the only thing I panic bought a couple of weeks ago lol)

What's the best book you've read while in isolation?
I haven’t read anything new in isolation yet (deadline) but I have reread a favorite, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.

Which character from one of your books would you want to be quarantined with? 

I'm trying to figure out who's the best cook and who wouldn't hate doing all of the dishes and laundry. So Scarlett Bodine is definitely out. I'm going to say Marley Cicero from Rock Bottom Girl and Ally Morales from By a Thread. Between those two I'd be fed and endlessly entertained.

Claire: I'd have to go with Cooper Miles. His energy might be a lot to handle, but he'd make every day fun.

Kathryn: It's a toss up between Edward Cavendish III (obvi) and a giant slumber party with the Bluewater Babes (which I think would be epic.)

Jay: Do any of them cook? Lol...I can't remember if any of them are good cooks, but I'm so sick of my own food and cooking I could cry. Ohhh...AVETT from Charged is a good cook, she even gets a food truck at one point so I pick her.

Natasha: Oh good question.  Clover from The Cellar. He might be my character but I still have a lot of questions.

Any positive words of wisdom?

The world has never been more unified. Good people are doing truly selfless, beautiful things for strangers. And that's something worth focusing on.

Claire: Although this isn't an easy time, we're all in this together. Let's lean on each other in the ways we can, celebrating the things we still have. Love, friendship, connection, music, wine, good books, chocolate, cozy socks...

Kathryn: What the world is experiencing is unbearably hard and traumatizing and painful - the trauma and grief of this time is very real, as is the fear, the uncertainty, the longing for things to go back the way they were. When the world is burning, the smallest acts of kindness or generosity burn even brighter. And watching the strength of our communities coming together and lifting each other up is what gets me through every day.

Jay: If there was ever a time to get lost in a good book this is it. We might all be stuck at home, but there are a million words and wonderful words just waiting to be discovered right now when we need it most.

Natasha: This situation is tough on everyone and we all have a lot of emotions. But this temporary and we will get through it. We will hopefully come out stronger, kinder and more appreciative. Keep reading and visit dozens of worlds while ours is currently very small.

I hope you all had fun reading this tag! I also wanted to shout out that Claire, Lucy, Kathryn and Natasha all have new books out:
Claire: Love According to Science
Lucy: By a Thread
Kathryn: Under the Rose
Natasha: The Twin

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