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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey movie review

Okay okay so I know you're thinking one of two things,
One being, "OMG why would you waste your time seeing that movie?"
and two,
"OMG you saw it?! Wasn't it awesome?"
Well let me just say if you're the kind of person who is thinking the first then you might as well exit out of this review right now.
I thought this movie was fantastic.
It was sexy duh but it also made me laugh. Ana's personality is actually really relatable and I don't know how you can't swoon for Christian.
I read the books about 3 years ago and I thought they were really easy and fun reads.
As soon as I found out that they were making the book into a movie I was extremely interested. Obviously I was intrigued to see who would play the characters but I also wanted to know how far they could push it without it being to naughty for theaters.
So of course I saw it the night after Valentines with a friend of mine who also loves the books.
While I loved the books I think I actually enjoyed the movie more. To be honest Ana drove me f'ing crazy in the book with all her "inner goddess" crap and I didn't have to listen to any of that in the movie. I also found myself relating more and laughing more (in a good way) at Ana in the movie.
I also think that Christian was wonderful. I love Jamie Dornan and I think he played the part perfectly.
Whoever cast the characters gets a double high five from me because they rock.
Now that I've told you how much I love the books/movie I'd like to get into something that's bothering me.
I watch a lot of BookTube videos and I've heard a lot of my favorite people say that Fifty is getting a lot of crap for "condoning rape" and "promoting violent relationships" Can I just say that I think that's ridiculous. Ana is always willing whenever they are sexually involved so I don't even remotely understand how that's considered rape. And yes Christian is a dominate and he wants Ana to be his submissive but how is that promoting violent relationships?
The whole reason Ana leaves is because he "punishes" her and she realizes she can't handle that--which to be honest she shouldn't. My point is that Christian starts to realize how not okay that is.
The other thing that's driving me crazy is the "Twilight" aspect. Yes I'm fully aware that this was written as Twilight fan-fiction but can we get over it? I mean let it go already.
And if you are in fact going to compare it then why are you okay with Twilight but not Fifty Shades? Edward was exceptionally controlling over Bella yet everyone loved him. He was jealous to a fault but it was sweet and sexy. Why is it that the character of Christian (who acts the same) is a rapist who abuses his girlfriend?
I guess it just doesn't make sense to me and probably never will.
Since I want to leave this on a happy note I just want to say that I think this was a great movie and I'd love to go see it again.

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