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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Breathe by Abbi Glines

To be honest I almost don't think it's necessary to review any more Abbi Glines books. Why?
Well my friends the answer is simple-because I LOVE THEM ALL!!
I'm beginning to feel repetitive whenever I do a review because every time I do one I go on and on about how fantastic Abbi is and how her books are all simply wonderful.
However since I do love her and it's my blog I don't care if I'm repetitive, I'm going to do another review.
Going to this book I was actually worried. I know-that's just silly. You all know how much I love the Rosemary Beach series, it truly is one of my favorite series, so whenever I go into another Abbi Glines book I'm hesitant. Not because I think the writing won't be good but because I don't think I'll ever love any of her other books as much as my beloved Rosemary Beach.
While R.B. is still numero uno on my list this one did not disappoint-nor did any of her other books.
I've been putting off this series for a while so I thought hey it's the New Year and I'm going to start it off right. Boy did I nail that one right on the head.
This book was so good. Mhm. So. Good.
The story is told in dual perspectives-aka my favorite thing ever. This is great because we get to hear from both our main characters Jax and Sadie.
Jax is a highly successful musician who is on the road all the time. He's gorgeous and talented so of course all the girls go coo coo for coco puffs...or well...you know...Jax. Every summer Jax likes to take some time off and visit his hometown in Alabama. This summer however he's fed up with the music business so he plans to stay the whole season.
Sadie-who by the way I love-is a beautiful girl who doesn't know she's beautiful. Her mother is single and very pregnant so Sadie has to work to make money for the family. She takes a job as a domestic servant--little does she know the house she's working at belongs to Jax Stone teenage heartthrob.
When Sadie and Jax first meet it's obvious that there is an instant attraction and you want them together from the start. Unlike most girls Sadie doesn't bow at Jax's feet and unlike most teen rockers Jax is actually a kind and humble person.
I adored Jax and Sadie but I also loved a lot of the other characters. Abbi Glines has a way of making you not only love her main characters but the supporting characters as well.
I (as usual) definitely recommend this book!!

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