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Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

If the Cheshire Cat and Cameron Diaz smiles had a baby you'd know how big my smile is right now.

I LOVED this book.

I've heard mixed reviews on The Statistical Probabilty of Love At First Sight so I was a bit nervous when I started this book.

To be honest I want to kick myself for not picking this up the DAY IT CAME OUT!

Why self did you not think smarter? Geesh.

This book is about Graham and Ellie.

One night Graham accidentaly sends Ellie an e-mail about his pet pig Wilbur (clever Jennifer E. Smith, clever) and then the two continue to write back and forth.

Through all of the e-mails the two start to really fall for each other. They get to be themselves while writing back and forth. Since they've never met they can say things and not worry their being judged.

The shocker of the story is that Graham is actually a famous actor and he's about to shoot his new movie in the same town Ellie lives in.

The two meet pretty early in the book which is awesome in my opinion. I would've hated to wait until I only had 100 pages left to see them actually meet.

Of course since he is famous their relationship isn't exactly easy. Ellie also has a secret that she has to keep hidden so that doesn't help matters either.

I adored Ellie and Graham as a couple. I thought they were super adorbs and I LOOOOVE them. Graham was also super crush-worthy. (BONUS!)

I would definatly recommend you check this book out. I used to be a girl scout so I can legally say scouts honor you will love it!

This Is What Happy Looks Like Playlist:

Happily Ever After: He Is We
Move Along: All American Rejects
Soundtrack To Your Life: Ashley Parker Angel
Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me): Blessed Union of Souls
The Great Escape: Boys Like Girls
You: Britt Nicole
Honestly: Cartel
Glad: Tyler Hilton
Almost Everything: Wakey! Wakey!
Enchanted: Owl City

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