"What do you want to be?" "Happy," she says with a smile. - Colleen Hoover

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello 2018

It's 2018! Whaaaaaat?
I for one I can't believe it but boy am I ready to embrace it.
Every year I do a post like this thanking all of the wonderful people who help make my blog what it is. This year I want to thank David Jolly for giving me the time to interview him, Heather for being so open in her DUFF article, all the people I work with at Atria who hook me up with ARCs, Loot Crate, Turo and mostly every single one of you who take the time to read my posts. Every single one of you mean so stinkin much to me and I will never be able to express to you how thankful I am.

I have a post going up Thursday for my Bookish Goals so you'll see those then, but before I close this post I want to tell you all that I'm hoping to make 2018 a great year on my blog and I hope you all are as excited as I am.

Please leave comments letting me know what you're most excited for in 2018. Also if you have any ideas on what you'd like to see on my blog please leave me suggestions. I love hearing from you all :) 


  1. Happy New Year! <3

  2. Happy New Year! I can't wait to read all the new content on your blog for this year. I think it would be awesome if you did a book recommendation post.

    1. That's a great idea, I'll definitely do that! And thank you so much, you've made my day!