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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Purple Hearts by Tess Wakefield

When I was approached by Atria to review this book I had to say yes. See I'm an avid watcher of the show Army Wives so as soon as I read that this book was about a guy in the Army there was pretty much no way I was not accepting this book for review.
Purple Hearts follows Luke and Cassie and is told in dual POV. My fav. We all know this by now.
Luke has a troubled past - he was addicted to some seriously heavy drugs and got himself involved with some reeeeally sucky dudes - but he has now joined the Army to prove to his brother and dad that he's changed. Unfortunately the sucky dude that I just mentioned is now threatening Luke and his family. He wants money and he wants it now, problem is he doesn't have it.
Cassie is a singer in a band who has recently lost her main job and is now working at a bar and focusing on her music. Here comes the unfortunate part for her; she gets diagnosed with diabetes. Now she has medical bills and prescriptions on top of her student loans and she can't afford it.
One night while she's working her childhood friend Frankie comes into the bar with his Army friends, Luke included. The two meet and there's instant attraction but then things fizzle pretty quickly once Cassie makes it clear that she doesn't agree with the Army.
After realizing she can't pay for anything Cassie goes to her friend Frankie to ask him to marry her. Why? Because if they are married the Army will give them $2,000 a month and she'll receive the full medical benefits. Frankie gently declines her offer because he has a girlfriend and well...most girls aren't going to be alright with that. Luke however overhears and since he's also in need of extra cash he agrees to marry her.
Luke ends up getting injured overseas and has to return home to his loving wife and things aren't all rainbows and butterflies.
That's all I'm giving you. :P
What I liked about this book is the writing. I thought Tess did a beautiful job writing this story and I absolutely 100% LOVED the concept. I also really liked Luke most of the time and Cassie too. Frankie and Nora - Cassie's best friend and band mate - were probably my favorite characters.
Here's where I had a problem. Like I said, I wanted to read this book because I love Army Wives. For some reason I had it in my head that this book was going to be like watching Roxy and Trevor's love story and that's silly because it's nothing like it. So really my problem is my fault.
I really did like it though and it was an easy read. If you're looking for a good contemporary that is a little deeper than the norm then I definitely recommend Purple Hearts.

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