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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hayden Hill Interview

A few days ago I posted a review of the book Hopeless For You by Hayden Hill and now....

I've got an interview for you!

I know, I know-i'm excited too : )

She's been really fun to talk with and i'm really happy to be able to say I interviewed her. Many many thanks to you Hayden for being so rad!

Okay enough of my rambling here's the interview.

Enjoy :)

1. Has being an author always been a dream of yours?

It sure has! I've been writing on the side for a long time now, and didn't feel I could really publish anything with the old system that was in place, you know what i'm talking about, the agents/editors as gatekeepers system, which at the time felt like a lottery.

I remember reading so many stories about how people who were rejected by the traditional publishing houses went on to self publish on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc, and the books that were rejected ended up being big sellers. Then the publishers knocked on their doors saying "Hey this is so-and-so from Big 5 Publishing House No. 1 and your novel is fantastic can we publish it?" And the authors replied: "Well if it's so fantastic how come you passed on it two years ago???"

2. If you weren't an author, what would be your other dream job?

Traveling the world, roving from place to place, sampling the local foods and wines. I'm not sure what the official title for a position like that would be. Maybe Remote Epicurean Specialist? I'll have to get in touch with National Geographic and see if they can hook me up.

Hey, I just thought of something. I could probably do something like that while writing on the side. Hmm, no maybe not. The fans would kill me...already it takes me long enough to write a book as it is! : D

3. Which authors-living or dead-would you say inspire you the most?

In the romance genre, mostly indies like H.M. Ward, Jay Crownover, J.C. Reed, J. Lynn, Georgia Cates, Rachel Van Dyken. I'm also a big fan of some traditionally published rom authors like Nora Roberts, Brenda Novak and Nicholas Sparks.

Outside the romance genre, I really like Lee Child's writing style, and Wilbur Smith's. Those two know how to weave a suspenseful tale with some to-die-for alpha males! I also have a special place in my heart for Dan Brown novels. I mean come on, who doesn't like a little puzzle quest thrown into their books now and again? : )

4. If you could trade lives for a day with any author or book character, who would you pick?

I'd want to be Bilbo Baggins. I sooo could use a ring like that, you know, the one that makes you invisible to everyone else? I'd use it to sneak into the gym and get all my exercises done for free, and I'd go into bookstores and read all the books without getting kicked out, you know, fun stuff like that.

Well, I might do some naughty stuff with it too, play tricks on people and things like that, but hey, wouldn't you?

5. I love reading about boys with tattoos like Kade. You get to pick a book character to come to life and marry them, who do you choose?

Mmm that's tough. I want to say someone from my own books, but that's cheating isn't it? I suppose the people I put in my own books are the ideal people for me, which is why I wrote about them. So can I get away with that? (choosing my own book character? haha).

For me, someone has to be more than just hot. Sure, the eye candy is great, but I want someone who can talk philosophy and comment on Mozart and Baroque art and cook me some meals. Guess I can dream, right??

6. I adore the names Ash and Kade, how did you pick them?

Well, that was tricky. I tried to do Google searches on unique names but couldn't find any I liked. So then I started writing down a bunch of names I thought sounded cool, names that evoked character with just the sounds, and then I did Google and Amazon searches on those names to make sure they weren't popular or used in other people's novels. That's how I ended up on Ash and Kade.

7. I thought Kade and Ash were an interesting couple and enjoyed seeing their relationship develop. Who is your favorite book couple and why?

Mmm, I kind of actually loved the dynamics between Samantha and Alex in "Suddenly Royal," by Nicholas Chase. I love that whole billionaire/famous person meets and falls in love with the non-rich/non-famous person, and all the little intricacies of class that go along with it. Besides, who deosn't dream of being swept off their feet by an actor, musician or billionaire?

8. If Hopeless For You was being turned into a movie who would you want to play your characters?

Well, my first instinct would be to pick Jake Gyllenhaal for Kade and Megan Fox for Ash, but I guess they're getting a little old now. Honestly i'm out of touch with the TV and movie scene, I've been spending so much time in books these days. I guess i'm dated now : )

9. A band approaches you and wants to write a song for your book, which band would you want it to be?

Ooooooooooo! I don't know! There are so many good bands! Hmm hmm hmm.. Let me see... hmm, can I say "One Direction?" Or maybe "The National!" Haha, can I have one band do one song, and another band do another one? That way I get the best of both worlds/bands!

10. If Hopeless For You had a theme song what would it be?

Why is "Eye of the Tiger" running through my head now? Haha.

No, that wouldn't be the them song. I'd say.. hmm.. well, how about the Nicki French dance cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart?" That sums it up for me..!

"Turn around... every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you never come around... every now and then I fall apart... I need you now tonight..."

Thanks everybody for checking out the interview and if you think Hayden is as cool as I do then you should support her by picking up her book here

Barnes & Noble

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