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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Exclusive Excerpt for Trouble by Gabrielle G.

Guys! Today I have an exclusive excerpt for you on Trouble by Gabrielle G. Are you excited? I know I am!

Trouble just came out TODAY!! You can order your copy on Amazon by clicking HERE

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Okay, okay, enough with all that, here's the excerpt!!

Just kidding, hehe. Before you dive in I just wanted to put a disclaimer out that this is definitely not a book for kids and if you're not of the appropriate age to read about s-e-x then I strongly encourage you to click off of here!

Okay all you naughty people who stayed, carry on.


   "What about this one?" Lars dangles the tiniest bikini he has found in the shop on his finger. It's more a fingernail than a piece of clothing.
   "Perfect, let me try it on first and walk around the shop to be sure everyone appreciates it."
   "No way, woman," he grunts, "I want you to wear it inside."
   "Why would I wear this inside when I could be naked riding your cock?" I quirk an eyebrow.
   "Because suggestive clothing is a veil to desire. I prefer to have a peek behind the curtain than being invited to a show with the curtain wide open," he shrugs.
   "I know. And that's because you're a man of the shadows, babe. Buy it if it rocks your world. I'll wear it for you tonight. But for the beach, I need something covering a lot more." I continue my search through the rack until I find a cute black bikini. I turn around to show Lars and find him scrutinizing me.
   "I need to try on my bathing suit," he says, zooming in on my breasts.
   "So stop looking at my tits and go." I point at the changing room. The shop is the typical surfer shop full of clothes and bracelets made from recycled plastic you find in the ocean. It's tiny and has a hippie beach vibe to it no one can resist. It even smells like monoi and coconut.
   "I can't." He smiles. I can see the glimmer in his eyes that it's nothing serious. Probably, one of his stupid ideas like how he decided he always needs a couple of beers or he will get an earache. To this day, he still believes that if he has only one, his ear will not hurt.
   "Why?" I roll my eyes not even waiting for his answer before knowing it's stupid.
   "I don't think it's a good idea to try on a bathing suit with a hard-on," he whispers.
   "Because you can catch HDD?" I smile.
   "I read it somewhere Lars. If you try on bathing suits with an erection, you might get Hard Dick Disease, and Mr. Selfish will stay in that state for your girlfriend to ride you whenever and wherever she wants. It's scientifically proven." I laugh at my own joke. Lars smirks.
   "You're a dork."


  1. Ohhh I definitely have to read this. This seems good.

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