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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Bohemian by Kathryn Nolan

Last year I read the Bluewater Billionaires series which was a four part series a group of authors wrote together, one of them being Kathryn Nolan. I hadn't read anything by her up until that point and the second I finished Wild Open Hearts I knew I had just met a new favorite author.

I downloaded Bohemian and finished it the next day. When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it and that my friends is how you know you have been captivated by a book.

Calvin Ellis on the outside is put together, kind of quiet, and well, a little nerdy.

Lucia Bell on the outside is perfect. She's beautiful which is obvious by her profession of being a model. She's also funny and kindhearted.

The two of them don't make any sense, right? Wrong-o.

Calvin has just moved to Big Sur after inheriting his grandfathers book store, The Mad Ones. Once a wildly successful and popular bookstore, it's not what it once was. With the intention of selling the place, Calvin has no plans to stay. However, the idea of selling brings with it so many questions on the path of Calvin's life. Should he sell? Should he go back to his old boring life? Or should he stay and bring back the former glory of this magical store.

Enter Lucia.

A photoshoot is scheduled to take place at The Mad Ones and with that beautiful Lucia is now face to face with Calvin. Instantly taken by each other the two can't stop sneaking glances at one another.

I'm going to share a snippet from Goodreads:

"One night they share a passionate and frenzied kiss against a bookshelf. Outside the store, lightning strikes. Trees topple. And the world shakes beneath their feet.

As the storm tears its way through Big Sur, Calvin and Lucia share and explore their most secret desires. Hopes and dreams they once thought lost are recaptured. But inevitably, as reality roars back, they find themselves stuck at a crossroads."

You guys. Come on. Doesn't that sound phenomenal? I'm here to tell you IT IS. The chemistry between Lucia and Calvin is off the freaking charts. Nerdy little Calvin is hot. He's dominating and protective and kind and deeeeefinitely book bf material. Lucia is so funny and it's impossible not to adore her. They are one of those couples that you never want to forget. They leave you wanting to know what the rest of their lives will be. You want to see it all.

Kathryn Nolan is an effing genius.

I without a doubt in my big old head think you will love this as much as me. I definitely recommend.

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