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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Price of Scandal: Bluewater Billionaires Book 1 by Lucy Score

I've read 9 of Lucy's books now and I have to tell you guys a secret.

Have you seen Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt? You know how they go on that ship and get sent away to another planet? I think Lucy came here on that ship from a planet far far away. A planet known for their comedy, ability to write (like really freaking well), and for their extreme love of tacos; not just on Tuesday but literally every second of every day.

The Price of Scandal had me laughing out loud.

Emily is a gorgeous and intelligent CEO who is also a billionaire. While she prefers to spend her waking moments focused on work she agrees to go out on a blind date with a man her coworker sets her up with. Oh boy. Big mistake. After a tad misunderstanding with law enforcement that paparazzi captures on film, Emily finds herself messed up in quite the scandal. Enter Derek Price who makes a living helping the rich and famous clear their image and generally make people like them again. Oh and did I mention he's naked in a tub when the two meet?

Ha, gotcha now, don't I?

Watching the two of them bicker and then begin to care for one another made my life happy. I mean it, my whole entire life was made happier because of them. Not only did I love Derek and Emily but meeting Emily's BFFs and watching their friendship got me so excited to continue on with the series. 

Basically I'm telling you guys that you have to read this. It's that simple.

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