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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

   Back in August I went to the glorious Books A Million and I scored some really great finds, this being one of them. I've had them in a pile on my shelf since then and periodically pick through them. Last week I was having a great reading week, in fact I read about 5 books! Because I was reading so many New Adult romance-esque books I decided to spice things up with Vanishing Girls.
   Now, going into it I thought it was about 2 sisters who were in love with the same boy and then one girl goes missing. I thought the sister and the boy went looking for the other girl and in the process hooked up but then ultimately found her. I was wrong. Why I thought this was the plot I'm not sure but as I was reading I almost laughed at my self. There are two sisters and they are both in love with the same boy. Oh and a little girl does go missing. What I did not expect was how deep and twisty this book would be!
   The chapters go back and forth between Dara and Nick and also back in time before they stopped talking and then present day. Dara is spunky and a party girl who every one loves. She's beautiful and likeable and hard to resist. Nick is more put together and brainy and while she's beautiful as well she doesn't draw the attention that Dara does. One night Dara and Nick get into a car accident and Dara is hurt really badly. After that night the two won't speak and Nick goes to live with their father while Dara stays with their mom. Summer comes and Nick has to go back with her mom which she isn't thrilled about in the least. Her mom got her a job at Fantasy Land which is the local amusement/water park and Parker - the boy the girls are in love with and Nicks best friend - also has a job there. So add in that she gets to see his pretty face every day and the fact that Dara avoids Nick like the plague and also throw in a missing little girl and Nick is ready for an interesting summer.
   I did not think Vanishing Girls was going to throw curveballs at me the way that it did and obviously I'm not going to tell you what they were because I don't want to ruin anything for you. It was exciting reading it and being like whaaaaaaat?! And because I love you all I want that for you too :P
4/5 donuts!!

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