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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Riverdale Book Tag

I'm a HUGE Riverdale fan so when I just saw that someone had made a tag I actually squealed. Loudly.
You can check out the original tag on Youtube by clicking HERE

1. Archie
A book with great side characters
All the side characters in Without Merit by Colleen Hoover are absolutely fabulous. I love them all <3

2. Jughead
A character from a broken home
Um, almost every character from New Adult books :P

3. Veronica
A character who very easily could have been one dimensional
Nan from The Rosemary Beach series. For a while she was but then Abbi had to go and make us love her.

4. Betty

A great sibling relationship
The brothers from the Getaway series by Jay Crownover.

5. Cheryl
A character who acts tough, but is secretly an emotional wreck
I don't think she's an emotional wreck necessarily but Rosalie from Twilight. She's pretty snooty and angry but then when we find out her reasons for disliking Bella it kinda makes sense.

6. Josie and the Pussycats
A strong marginalized female who is more than just their stereotype
I'm going to pick Katniss for this one because she is so much more than a poor girl from District 12.

7. Polly
A character who gets locked up (can be physically, emotionally, mentally etc)
Colin from See Me by Nicholas Sparks.

8. Kevin
A character who is LGBTQ
Jacob from Wait For You by J. Lynn.

9. Jason
A characters death that broke your heart OR a character death that made you cheer "finally!"
TFIOS broke my heart. You know why.

10. Riverdale
A world building win
I loved the world building in The Mortal Instruments, I've actually been thinking about rereading the series lately.

I tag anyone who loves this show! And if you do the tag please let me know so I can check out your answers :)

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