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Friday, June 16, 2017

OITNB: Heathers Perspective

Hello friends, so as you know yesterday I shared my take on season 5 of Orange Is The New Black. Today my friend Heather, who you know from her DUFF story on Wednesday, has shared her thoughts. Enjoy!! Along with most of the planet I spent my weekend bingeing season 5 of Orange is the New Black and let me tell ya it was a weekend well spent. Okay so I must say that the last 2 seasons weren't exactly stellar in my opinion and I did struggle a bit to get through the last one but I still found myself wanting more. As the release date got closer and the previews started dropping the more excited I got. Now I've been reading a lot of people's thoughts about the new season and all I can think is did they watch the same show that I did because I thought it was brilliant. It finally got back to the same level of excitement and darkness as the first 2. It picked right up with Daya holding the gun on the guard and it didn't stop until it was over. I literally was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The acting was on point and the characters made us fall for them all over again. It was a constant rollercoaster of emotions that lasted the entire season. I both laughed and cried so hard in almost every episode and all my favorites were in it. There were a couple breakout scenes for me that made me feel these girls pain and love for Poussey so deeply that I seriously had to take breaks in the episodes in order to get through them. That's how good it was in my opinion. The character that really got to me the most and I felt was the real star of this season was by far Taystee, that girl took me to places I wasn't ready for and she left me screaming for more. So I completely disagree completely with all the negative Nancy's out there who say that this show has lost it's spark. I think it is the best season yet and Netflix did a great job with it. The only regret I have is bingeing the entire season in 3 days because now I'm crying about having to wait a year to find out what happens to my girls.

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