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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Payback Ep. 1, 2 & 3 by Taryn Bashford

In the words of most teenage fan girls around the world, "I can't even.!"
When I first started talking to Taryn about her new dialogue novel I was intrigued. A dialogue novel? Say what now?
She explained that there have been studies that show that people sometimes skip right over everything in the book aside from the dialogue. They want the juice.
I've never in my life ever even heard of something like this so of course I couldn't wait to get my greedy little hands on it.
I'm going to do a short review for each episode - as I don't want to give away spoilers and also each episode is pretty short in itself - but I want to give you an overall opinion right now.
I think this is fantastic!!
Like I said I've never even heard of something like this so for a minute I was a bit worried. I don't know what I was thinking!! First of all it's short so it doesn't take you long to read which I appreciate. Second it's like reading texts between people or a movie script and I really enjoy that. Third I LOVE that Taryn is letting her readers be a part of the experience. After you read an episode you can comment on where you think the story should go. She will be writing the story as we go through the episodes so nothing is set in stone. How stinkin' cool is that?!
Also there are pictures to show you what each character looks like -because as I said this is all dialogue, no descriptions.
Okay okay enough of all that, here are the reviews!!
Episode 1:
When I started reading this I'm like hmm okay this is interesting, I like it. Then I got to the last sentence and oh. my. gosh. My heart starting beating quicker, my eyes got wide and I HAD to hurry up and read the next episode.
I have never in my life been that hooked that quickly. You guys definitely need to check this out!!
Episode 2:
Sweet heavens it's like an episode of Pretty Little Liars!! I literally just finished reading this as I'm typing this because I want to be able to give you my honest reactions. These episodes are like candy for your brain, they're delicious!!
This episode picks up right where episode 1 ends and leaves you ready to devour the next episode.
Episode 3:
GUYS!! Again with the leaving me wanting more!!
So okay I'm loving this.
I don't understand how I can already love these characters after knowing them so little.
This is unlike anything I've ever read and I think it's fascinating.
You guys most DEFINITELY need to check this out.
Read the episodes on any of these Social Media platforms:
Taryn's Website
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  1. Wow, Kayleigh. Not it's my turn to be gobsmacked. I'm truly thrilled that an avid reader of novels like you loves the concept of a dialogue novel. I hope others will also be entertained. Thanks so much for an uplifting review - you should do this for the New York Times :) And then to top it off with a playlist. Genius! Thank you.

  2. A dialogue novel sounds interesting and fun.