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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Reading Goals

I did a post last year on my book goals and I think I did pretty good with them. I have (for the most part) put up two posts a week, I've read quite a few "new to me" authors, I created a Facebook page for my blog, I read a book that everyone has read, I re-read a book, and I read 55 books out of my goal of 60.
Not so bad, eh?
This year I'd like to set some more goals for myself so lets get started.

1. Read 50 books
Last year I set my goal at 60 (which you just read a minute ago) and while that shouldn't have been a problem it was. I started working at a new job which gives me NO time to read and I also had a busy year. So to not give myself anxiety I'm going to set my goal at 50.

2. Continue To Post Two Times a Week
I did really good at posting two times a week and it really helped with my views. Plus it was hella fun. So my plan is to continue with the two posts a week.

3. Reach 25,000 pageviews
This year my pageviews went up a lot and I am so grateful to you all for that. I'd like to continue that but I don't want to set my goal to high and get disappointed. Considering that I'm almost to 20,000 views now I think I can do it.

4. Interview 5-10 Authors
One of my favorite things to do on here is interviews with authors. I love getting the chance to ask them questions and talk with them. I hope that this year I can do more than 10 but I'd like to set a reasonable goal.


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