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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Take A Chance by Abbi Glines

Alright so in case you don't know I am a big Abbi Glines fan and am in freaking love with the Rosemary Beach series.
Fallen Too Far started off my love last year and i'm still as in love with these characters as I was the first time I read about them.
If you haven't read the other books in the series then I suggest you stop reading this right this second and go read them...then please come back. ;)
I suppose you don't really HAVE to read the other books to read this one but it will make a lot more sense if you do.
This book follows Grant and Harlow.
The two met at Blair and Rush's wedding and since their first meeting they've had the googly eyes for each other...they just couldn't admit it.
Basically even though Harlow wants to jump on Grant she keeps telling herself that she's not into him because he dated Nan. Now again if you've read the other books then you all know how much Nan sucks. #NanHater.
Any wise girl would think twice about getting involved with a guy that dated the wicked witch because he clearly doesn't have good taste.
However Grant is actually a really great guy and has it bad for Miss Harlow.
The two of them get together and then of course drama ensues and as in every Abbi Glines book shit hits the fan.
I really love Grant and Harlow so I was super pumped to read about the two of them and their relationship. I also loved getting the chance to see Blair, Rush, Nate, Woods and Della. It's fun when you get to see how your favorite characters are doing.
My only complaint about this book is that the ending was horrible. I mean I really disliked it. I'm kinda ticked at the turn Abbi took with Harlow but I will say it makes me want to read the second book. So I suppose Abbi did exactly what she's supposed to do...she made me want to read more of her books. So kudos.
All in all I think this book was super sexy and a really fun read. I have been in a book slump for a month and this is the book that finally got me out of it.
Check it out!

Take A Chance Playlist
Must Be Doin' Something Right by Billy Currington
Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band
Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You by Kellie Pickler
Wasted by Carrie Underwood
Come A Little Closer by Dierks Bentley
Don't You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean feat. Kelly Clarkson
More Like Her by Miranda Lambert
Mean Girls by Sugarland

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